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The Royal Publisher of Oz strives hard to not only present exciting and creatively artistic literary fantasies, but to maintain continuity with the series begun by L. Frank Baum, which has expanded to include the 60 books of canon and additional stories as delineated on the Mainline Timeline of The Royal Timeline of Oz.


We do not accept as true the corporate entertainment industry's claim that continuity stifles creativity, a stance that we believe is rooted in crass commercialism, apathy and the betrayal of fans.  As evidenced from our books, we know the opposite is true.  Continuity encourages and promotes creativity.  It also rewards its fans, new and old! 


Irrespective of the many re-imaginings, reboots and alternate perspectives that Oz has seen since it first debuted in 1900, Baum's original Oz series that we present here and on The Royal Timeline of Oz represents the single longest-running series in the history of fantasy fiction and literature!  Along with expanding Oz and its environs, that is a legacy we intend to honor and preserve.


The Law of Oz and Other Stories, by Paul Dana

The Magic Umbrella of Oz, by Paul Dana

Queen Ann in Oz, by Karyl Carlson & Eric Gjovaag

Adolf Hitler in Oz, by Sam Sackett

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The Law of Oz

and Other Stories


By Paul Dana

Illustrated by Patricio Carbajal, Teresa Jenellen & Gabhor Utomo

464 pages


   Join Button-Bright and Ojo as they travel back to the time when Lurline first enchanted the Land of Oz! Three novellas and one bonus short story comprise the ancient history of Oz, as old friends and villains arise to threaten the very Law of Oz.


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Interview with the author

The First Two Chapters

The Magic Umbrella of Oz


By Paul Dana

Illustrated by Jaun Raza

262 pages


The intrepid heroes, Button Bright and Ojo return, only now with mysterious powers.  When they discover an ancient evil spirit--the catalyst for the Phanfasms--has joined forces with the Yookoohoo Mrs. Yoop, they're forced to travel back in time, this time to aid the Wicked Witch of the East to regain her Silver Shoes!


Available in trade paperback everywhere.  A hardcover deluxe edition with exclusive dust-jacket and six color plates is available exclusively from Lulu.com.

Queen Ann (& Jodie) in Oz


By Karyl Carlson (and Eric Gjovaag)

Illustrated by William Campbell and Irwin Terry

Cover art by Jaun Raza

262 pages


Picking up where L. Frank Baum left off, would-be conqueror Queen Ann of Oogaboo is on a quest for her missing parents, lost for decades!  Accompanying her are the dragon Moretomore, the Shaggy Man and a group of rambunctious volunteers.  Their journey through the mists of Oz to the mysterious city of Forgetville may prove their undoing!


Available in trade paperback everywhere, and as a deluxe hardcover edition with 15 color plates (only available on Lulu.com).  Both editions contain all the illustrations from the out-of-print version, plus never-before published artwork, revised text, the sequel novella "Jodi in Oz" and the lost-skit "Another Adventure with Ann"!


Adolf Hitler in Oz (Revised and Expanded)


By Sam Sackett

Illustrated by Patricio Carbajal

At the end of the Second World War, Adolf Hitler fakes his death and boards a machine intended to take him into the future, but which lands him instead in Oogaboo in the Land of Oz!  Hitler's surprise is soon surpassed by his desire to take over this ripe world, depose Ozma, and become Fuhrer of Oz! 

Along the way, Hitler encounters Queen Ann, the King of the Winged Monkeys, Stan and Ollie, General Jinjur and others, who he tries to recruit in his bid for power. 

As Oz faces its greatest threat since the Nome and Phanfasm invasion, Ozma is determined to stay true to her principles of non-violence, culminating in the ultimate clash between fascism and pacifism!

Available in trade paperback everywhere, and as a deluxe hardcover with exclusive "stained-glass" cover (only on Lulu.com) with seven full color interior images!

Very limited edition signed deluxe hardcovers with one added illustration by Patricio Carbajal now available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Contact me here for availability and ordering info.


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The Yookoohoos of Oz

(The third book in the Button Bright and Ojo Adventures series)

By Paul Dana


The Immortal Longings of Oz

(The fourth book in the Button Bright and Ojo Adventures series)

By Paul Dana


The Haunted Castle of Oz

(Expanded and Revised!)

By Marcus Mebes

Illustrated by Patricio Carbajal, Diana Karounas & Alex Garcia


The Lost Tales of Oz

An Ozthology

By J.L. Bell
Margaret Berg
Joe Bongiorno
Mike Conway
Paul Dana
Jared Davis
Nathan M. DeHoff
Andrew Heller
Marcus Mebes
Michael O Riley
Sam Sackett
Eric Shanower
David Tai

Illustrated by Eric Shanower



The Reading Tree of Oz & Other Stories

By Margaret Berg


Death Comes to Oz

By Jeffrey Rester

Illustrated by Luciano Vecchio


The Lost Queen of Oz

By Glen Ingersoll


Fionna Freckles, the First and Foremost

By W. Randy Hoffman


Eureka in Oz

The Magic Carpet of Oz

By David Hulan


More to come!



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Hungry for more Oz?  Here's a small sampling of books that The Royal Publisher of Oz recommends from other publishers. The following maintain continuity with the timeline of events as found on The Royal Timeline of Oz, and also happen to be great stories.


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Little Adventures in Oz: Vol. 2


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Beach Blanket BabylOz


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The Giant Chinchilla of Oz



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