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3/18/17 Fat Babies on the Menu

Thanks to Nathan DeHoff, who brought to my attention the excellent short story "Fat Babies, or The Temptation of the Hungry Tiger," I've added that to 1906.  I've asked the author if I can post the story here, as I like to keep Oz stories together where possible to make your lives easier (though there's a few more on that site that I'd like to gather, and when I have time again I'll ask the authors).  I'll see about posting a plot synopsis and continuity notes when I get time again.  I'm slowly endeavoring upon providing that for the Emerald City Mirrors, but don't expect much progress until the Spring!


2/21/17 More Daughters

Cory in Oz has been moved to 1985 and now has a plot synopsis and continuity notes section for your enjoyment!  In it, another of Glinda's sisters is revealed, this time a Fabia, who left Oz in 1972 to marry a mortal in the Outside World.  To reflect this, Glinda's history has been updated again in the Appendices, along with some more info on John (Doctor) Dee.


2/14/17 Daughters of Gaylette

With the inclusion of The Enchanted Gnome of Oz, there are new facets of Glinda's life that are brought to the fore, including the existence of a younger sister, Belinda.  See Glinda's entry in the Appendices for the updated version of her biography.


2/13/17 Gnomes, Goblins and Good Witches

The Enchanted Gnome of Oz, by Greg Hunter, has for the first time been placed in the Mainline Timeline.  There are some discrepancies, but not enough--I discovered--to consider it part of a parallel continuity, particularly as it deals with the next entertaining disenchantment/revenge plot of Ruggedo!  Plot synopsis and continuity-notes, along with the historian errors, are now listed here.


2/11/17 Princes, Pachyderms, and Pernicious Poppets

Ploy synopses and continuity notes are now up for Prince Pompadore in Oz and The Malevolent Mannequin in Oz.


2/7/17 Beaches and Blue Witches

Plot synopses and continuity notes are up for Beach Blanket BabylOz and The Blue Witch of Oz, with the latter moved to 1978 and the former 1985.  More still to come!


2/5/17 Bashful Bakers and Fashion Designers

The Oziana 1991 short story "Fairness" has a plot synopsis and continuity notes, and has been moved to the Parallel Histories section.  The Bashful Baker of Oz has a plot synopsis and continuity notes, and has been moved to 1989.  More to come!


2/4/17 Macaroni Penguins and Polit Burros

Plot synopsis and continuity notes are up for Greg Gick's Bungle and the Magic Lantern of Oz

Also, the 2016 news has been put in the Royal News 2016 section, and I touched up the Appendices.

More plot synopses and continuity notes on the way, plus a few timeline adjustments.


1/24/17 Ozma's Duty

Added another very good short story from Archiveofourown, "To Do One's Duty," by BookGirlFan.  I have to be frank that I don't understand the anonymity with these stories.  I'd understand it if they were X-rated, but as these stories aren't, and it's not illegal to write fan-fiction (and especially not Oz since it's in public domain), I can't see the purpose.  At any rate, if any author would like to give me her real name so I can add it to the timeline, drop me a line as I'd appreciate it.


1/6/17 Button Bright and Polychrome

No major updates, save that I added a recently released short story online called "Twin Properties," by an anonymous author named Aurilly, which details how Button-Bright ended up in the popcorn field when he met Trot and Cap'n Bill in The Scarecrow of Oz. Polychrome plays a role in the story and we learn a bit more about her. You can read it at the link above.



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Potential Future Releases



The following list includes titles that have been listed online or by their authors as purporting to be published in the near future.  If you know of any additional information, or of titles that are not included, please write me (Joe) here 



TITLE/ DATE (subject to change)


Aaron Solomon Adelman

???? The Missing Tin People of Oz


Aaron Solomon Adelman


???? Whatever Happened to Oz

(or, The Disenchanted Cactus of Oz)


Aaron Solomon Adelman

2005 The Great World Outside of Oz (or The Wizardess from Oz)


David Anthony

???? Dorothy and the Wizard's Wish

J. L. Bell

2001 The Magic Book of Oz


Margaret Berg

1994 The Reading Tree of Oz

????  The Blue Dog of Oz and Other Stories

Coming soon from The Royal Publisher of Oz

Michael J.M. Conway

1902  Jinjur of Oz

(final chapter takes place after Ozma of Oz)


Michael J.M. Conway

The Sky Family of Oz Trilogy

1916  The Passion Fire of Oz

1917  The Fallen Dragon in Oz

1927  Sparkx of Oz

(note: The prologue takes place in 1920 during ‘Kabumpo in Oz’)


Michael J.M. Conway

The Changing Beasts in Oz Trilogy

1938  Dreamkillers in Oz

1940  The Dream Wars

1950  Harper of Oz


Michael J.M. Conway

Invasion: Oz trilogy
1964 The Taking of Oz

           Exiles from Oz

           The Retaking of Oz


Michael J.M. Conway

2001  Incarnates from Oz


Michael J.M. Conway

2002  Emerald City After Dark


Heather Darrow 

1945  The Silk Maiden of Oz


Christopher Charles Douglas

1975  Mira in Oz

Chapters 1-12 available here

Dave Hardenbrook & Dave Hardenbrook/ Melody Grandy

The Dave in Oz Trilogy

2003  That Ozzy Feeling                         

Galde Press

Dave Hardenbrook

2000  Harry Potter and the Guest Lecturers from Oz

Private publisher

Cynthia Hanson

Mr. Wogglebug, the Frogman, and Terry: Volume 2: How the Truth Can Restore

Mr. Wogglebug, the Frogman, and Terry: Volume 3: How the Truth Can Triumph

The Wogglebug's Other Adventures in America: 1904

Coming soon from WogglebugLove Productions (of which these are the sole property of)

Robin Hess

1993  The Traveling Bag of Oz

????  The Spelling Bee of Oz

Coming in 2015

W. Randy Hoffman

????  Mixed Magic Makes Misery: The Life Story of J. Glegg the Wizard

Coming soon

Scott Andrew Hutchins

1994  Giraffic Park: An Adventure in Oz


Scott Andrew Hutchins

Tippetarius Trilogy

1991  Tip of Oz

1991 – 1995  Nikidik in Oz

1996  Queen Aubrey of Oz


Glenn Ingersoll

????  The Lost Queen of Oz

Forthcoming from The Royal Publisher of Oz

Jeffrey Rester

2013  Death Comes to Oz

Forthcoming from The Royal Publisher of Oz

David Russell

2007  Moja in Oz

Ozma Productions (Summer '08)

Scheduled for Release from Tales of the Cowardly Lion & Friends!

Aaron Almanza

1993  Sky Island of Oz

Nate Barlowe

????  Polychrome in Oz

Amanda Marie Buck

1999  Sunshine In Oz

Bruce Carroll

1990  The Magic Book of Oz

Lin Carter

????  The Enchanted Island of Yoom

Chris Dulabone

1928  The Forgotten Land of Oz

Chris Dulabone

1987  Summer Solstice in Oz

Chris Dulabone

1989  The Rubber Ostriches of Oz

Chris Dulabone

1991  Dunderheads in Oz

Chris Dulabone

????  Nick Wish in Oz

Chris Dulabone, Charles Dunn, Bob Evans, Marcus Mebes, Dorothy Meers, Kieran Miller, Carol Silva, Marin E. Xiques

1996  Fwiirp and the First and Foremost of the Phanfasms in Oz

Alexander H. Edwards

1954  Jubilee in Oz

Ryan Gannaway

1939  The Mystic Planes of Oz

Ryan Gannaway

1990  The Knock-Kneed Knight of Oz

Ryan Gannaway

1990  The Yellow Hen of Oz

Ryan Gannaway

1990  The Enchanted Cat from Oz

Ryan Gannaway

1990  The Enchanted Patchwork Quilt of Oz

Ryan Gannaway

1991  Gambu in Oz 

Ryan Gannaway

1991  Ruggedo in Oz 

Ryan Gannaway

1991  The Magic Talisman of Oz

Ryan Gannaway

1992  The Amazing Ozosphere of Oz

Greg Gick

????  The Flying Cab-Horse of Oz

Melody Grandy & Carolyn Dorow   

????  The Wise Ol' Owl in Oz

Gregory Hunter

????  Trubbles in Oz

K. Kline

1994  The Wogglebug of Oz

Carol Silva/ Marin E. Xiques

1992  The Fairy Wand of Oz 

Marin E. Xiques

1989  Land of Wonders: Land of Oz

Marin E. Xiques & Chris Dulabone

????  Moonstruck in Oz

Marin E. Xiques & Chris Dulabone

????  A Sure Cure in Oz

Marin Elizabeth Xiques & Carol P. Silva

1951  The Umbrellaphant in Oz