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The Royal Publisher of Oz is a small-press (or independent) publisher of books that follow on the saga begun by L. Frank Baum.



License Agreement

If you are an author looking to publish your Oz book, please read the following publishing guidelines, as well as the submission guidelines listed below.

As an author, your book receives the following:

  • Professional proofreading and editing for content, grammar and continuity with the Oz books.  The Royal Publisher of Oz utilizes a developmental editor to help strengthen the content of the work.

  • Professional layout and production of either a cloth-bound hardcover and/or trade paperback.

  • Black-and-white interior illustrations and color cover.  Deluxe editions include interior color.

  • An ISBN number and global distribution, which means availability from online retailers like and Barnes & Noble, and availability from brick-and-mortal bookstores.

  • One free copy of the book. You may also purchase up to an additional ten books at a discounted rate.

  • Promotion, which includes an online presence on The Royal Publisher of Oz and The Royal Timeline of Oz websites and Facebook page,,, Barnes&, a press release and advance notification of the book on Oz forums and fan sites.  Additionally, the book will receive a review in The Baum Bugle, the official journal of The International Wizard of Oz Club.

  • Support, guidance and assistance from the beginning to the end of the process.

Please note: There is no requirement to purchase your own books.  We are not a vanity press.  Be aware that the audience is made up of a small niche of fans.  In other words, this is a labor of love on the part of the publisher and author.  If you're looking to get rich from your Oz book, you're in the wrong era and field.


The Royal Publisher of Oz and you (the author) agree to the following guidelines regarding your manuscript (the work):

  • The author must be professional and responsive to any and all communication before, during and after the process of manuscript writing and/or book creation. This includes the editing process in which changes may be suggested to help improve the work, as well as to maintain consistency with the Oz series.

  • Royalties are 50% of net profits.  Profits are only accrued after first the publisher's and author's expenses are reimbursed. All expenses are upfront. The author incurs the cost of the illustrator. The publisher incurs the cost of the ISBN, global distribution, and all other costs required to producing and marketing the work. 

  • The Royal Publisher of Oz selects and utilizes professional illustrators only. Artwork will include a color cover, illustrated chapter-headings, and full-and-half page interior black & white illustrations. If you are an illustrator, send a sample of your work via link or email.  Any additional arrangements should be first discussed with the publisher.

  • The Royal Publisher of Oz retains exclusive worldwide rights to publish print copies of the work for seven years, after which The Royal Publisher of Oz retains nonexclusive rights to publish print copies of the work so long as it remains in print.  Should the Royal Publisher of Oz cease to exist as an entity, all rights reverts to the author.

  • Licensing: As the copyright holder the author maintains the rights to his work, but grants the publisher permission to reference the characters, environments, objects and events from the work in auxiliary works.

  • Books are published as a print-on-demand model. This means that the printer produces copies of the books as they're ordered. Neither the author or publisher are required to house copies of the work in a warehouse or location.

  • As is true for most small-press publishers, our resources are limited, so marketing is a joint effort between the author and publisher.  This means that whatever efforts you can make towards promoting your book is beneficial.  Several means of helping to spread word of your book include blogs, websites, social media, and, if possible, attendance at local genre conventions. This is, of course, not mandatory, as we recognize that not every author is interested (or able to) promote herself.  If you should choose this route, note that whatever expenses you choose to incur in such ventures are your own. 

Any questions, concerns or comments, please drop me a line here.


Submission Guidelines for Authors and Illustrators

  • If you are interested in publishing your book with The Royal Publisher of Oz, and have not been first contacted by me, please drop me a line here.

  • You will be asked to submit a minimum of the first three chapters of your manuscript in Word.  If your manuscript is already online, you will need to send me an active link to the story. If you have not completed the manuscript, you must submit a writing sample of your current story or another.

  • The Royal Publisher of Oz is also looking for illustrators.  Send me a link to your portfolio (if online) or four or five sample illustrations.

  • The Royal Publisher of Oz is only looking for manuscripts that are consistent with the world established by L. Frank Baum and his successors as noted on the mainline timeline of The Royal Timeline of Oz.  Though you need not have full knowledge of these works, you should be open to creative ways of adapting to this history.  No MGM, Wicked, Tin Man or Oz the Great and Powerful fanfics or slash.

  • The Royal Publisher of Oz does not publish works that are overly violent or sexual, although dark fantasy and horror are acceptable, provided they are in keeping with the universe established by Baum and his successors.

  • Although the Royal Publisher of Oz does not publish the work of children, we are supportive of your endeavors.  If you are a young Oz fan that is serious about writing, check out these good tips here and keep on writing!


Contact Info

The Royal Publisher of Oz

1085 Frances Dr.

Valley Stream, NY 11580



Trade paperbacks are available from, Barnes& and other online retailers, and can be special-ordered at your local bookstore.  Deluxe hard-covers are available exclusively on*


Ordering books via check or money-order?


Please send the appropriate funds plus $2.99 shipping (for up to three books, or $5.99 for four to six books) to:


Joe Bongiorno

1085 Frances Dr.

Valley Stream, NY 11580



Please expect a 4-6 week delivery time for domestic orders. Email me for international orders.

If purchasing a large quantity of books, e.g., for a classroom or library, please contact me here to request a discount.


*Subject to change at any time.


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