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The Magic Land Series





The Wizard of the Emerald City




Urfin Jus and his Wooden Soldiers




The Seven Underground Kings




The Fiery God of the Marrans




The Yellow Fog




The Mystery of the Deserted Castle





Dorothy & the Wooden Soldiers

Note: The story of this coloring book incorporates Volkov's Oorfene Deuce and his wooden soldiers and brings them into Baum's Oz.




Goodwin the Great and Terrible




Gingema's Daughter




The Fairy of the Emerald City




The Secret of Villina the Sorceress




The Sorcerer's Sword




The Eternally Youthful Stella




Parcelius the Alchemist




Battle in Underground Kingdom (or Battle Under Earth)




King Ludushka (or King Midgety)




The Sorcerer from Atlantis




The Knights of Light and Darkness







Return to the Deadly Desert