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Beany in Oz


History: This privately printed book appeared in 2006 after the discovery of this novella and the lengthier Mrs. Pickering Goes to Oz, written by Vincent Ward in 1976 and 1975 respectively.  Accompanying them was a letter to then president of the International Wizard of Oz Club, Fred Meyer.  No further information is known about the author.  Beany is the first recorded black child to find his way into Oz.


Story: 12 year old Beany Johnson's life turns upside down when his aunt Abigail comes to pull him from St. Joseph's Home for Boys, where he lives and has friends, to live with her and his uncle Oscar.  His aunt proves to be a stern woman, and when the taxi drives them to the train station and she's approached by an unusually clean and educated panhandler, she brushes him off, taking Beany to the train where she explains there will no longer be play, but lessons in piano and dance, and daily tutoring. 


After she falls asleep on the train, Beany goes into a neighboring car to change into more comfortable clothes, and finds the car full of chicken coops.  There he sees the panhandler from earlier.  He introduces himself as Patches the Hobo, and explains that he's on his way to visit his brother in Philadelphia.  The boy decides to return to his aunt before she wakes up, but the train car suddenly derails and the rest of the train goes speeding off.  They think to wait for help to come, and opening the car door find themeelves in the midst of a beautiful countryside.  Suddenly, a green rooster emerges from one of the broken coops and begins conversing with them.  He explains that he's long been avoided by his family due to his green coloring, and as he couldn't get a mate and was frequently picked on, he decided to leave.  Another farmer soon spotted him, though, and put him in the coop on the train, though one of the railroad workers liked him and called him Paddy.  Only now he discovers he can speak human words and reasons that they must be in a fairy country.


Determining to go find a town, the three follow a trail leading through a forest into a clearing where a peculiar tree sits at the center.  Entering into it, they find stairs leading down to a dark tunnel.  Paddy, who can see, leads the way to a circular room where the only exist is above where a light shines down.  The Green Rooster flies up and finds himself in a lovely garden.  There he meets a friendly girl, who tells him he's in the Royal Gardens of Zomeek and helps his friends escape the tunnel by making a daily wish on the Wishing Well.  She introduces herself as Princess of Holly, the Silent Princess of Zohumble.  King Zomeek and Queen Zomild arrive and prove to be anything but meek or mild, and act as if they can't understand what their daughter is saying. 


When they depart, she escorts them through the castle, explaining that years earlier Mombi had traveled to Zohumble by means of the Magic Dishpan that she'd borrowed from Cayke the Cookie Cook.  Cayke had given her a pearl necklace to give to Queen Zomild in exchange for her famous recipe for gingerbread cookies.  Being mischievous, however, the queen gave a fake recipe, and when Cayke learned of it, she flew to Glinda's palace to report the king and queen's treachery.  Glinda informed them that until they gave Cayke the correct recipe, or returned the necklace, they would be placed under a spell of delusion.  After dinner and tasting the famous cookies firsthand, Beany suggests bringing the recipe to Cayke, but Holly says the queen keeps it locked up.


After everyone goes to bed, Beany sneaks into the queen's room, unlocking the door with a plastic hotel card, and begins searching for the recipe.  After failing to locate it, he sees on her headboard a drawer that contains the recipe for the "world famous gingerbread cookies," but as he begins to pick it with his knife, the king catches him, and accuses him of trying to murder his wife.  The whole castle is awakened, as the king proclaims that instead of beheading the strangers, as he'd intended, he'll feed them to the Deadly Drolls!


Down to the dungeon Beany, Paddy and Patches are taken where they're dropped through a secret passage beneath them, dropping them into a large cavern where they land upon soft earth.  But soon they hear a growl and find themselves surrounded by the seven-foot tall Drolls, who have the bodies of gorillas, but the heads of lions with long manes.  As they cannot decide whose turn it is to eat the prisoners, they withdraw to hold a council.  Beany calls up to the trapdoor, in case Holly is there, and she opens it, grateful to see her friends are still alive.  She tells them she'll go to the Wishing Well to get them out, but Queen Zomild overhears her and pushes her daughter into the trapdoor, where she lands in the cavern.  Knowing he's the only one who can help, Paddy flies up through the trapdoor and disappears.  The Drolls, meanwhile, decide who is to eat and send three of them to partake.  Beany, Patches and Holly try to run and hide, but they are soon caught.  As the creatures prepare to devour them, they suddenly find themselves safe in the Winkie Country of Oz thanks to Paddy who made it to the Wishing Well in the nick of time!


They spot a nearby giant tent and walk over to the tent town of Hurvyville, which is northwest of the Black Forest (from The Wishing Horse of Oz).  There they're greeted by the friendly Bowzuv, their leader, who is tall and brown-skinned like Beany.  He explains that their community serves as a haven for people who are no longer happy living where they were born.  They are fed well, and Holly soon grows to fall in love with the community and its leader.  But trouble comes in the form of the Bonyo, a 30 foot long winged creature with a serpentine face who lives in a cave in the Black Forest who harasses and terrifies the Hurvies.  Bowzuv and Holly go to confront it, but the Bonyo picks them up and takes them to his lair.  Having witnessed this event, Paddy goes and tells everyone what he sees, but the Hurvies are too scared to do anything, so Beany, Patches and Paddy set off to save them.


En route, they're greeted by the Hungry Tiger and Patchwork Girl, who had been at Glinda's when she saw in her Book that there were new visitors to Oz and sent them to greet them.  Beany and his companions take a liking to them and explain what's happened to Holly and Bowzuv.  So off they go to the Black Forest.  In the Bonyo's cave, Beany angers the creature, who tries to smash the boy.  Beany is quicker, though, and stabs his knife into his claw, as the Hungry Tiger jumps on his head and takes a bite from his ear.  The Bonyo's roar and commotion causes a cave-in, which buries the creature and allows the heroes to free his captives.  They return to Hurvyville, where they celebrate for days, and Holly announces that she's going to marry Bowzuv.  Her friends are happy for her and depart for the Emerald City where Dorothy and Ozma await them.


At the gates of the Emerald City, the Wizard, Cap'n Bill, Trot and the Sawhorse are there to greet them.  But when Paddy hears there's a Yellow Hen, he grows nervous.  But Billina proves welcoming to the Green Rooster, and the two are soon fast friends.  Ozma and Dorothy happily greet Beany and Patches the Hobo, and offer them permanent rooms in the palace, and the pair are overjoyed to stay.


Continuity notes:

Beany and the Question of Color: What's notable about Beany Johnson is not the fact that he's one of the few black children to come to Oz, but the fact that his skin color is a complete non-issue to those in fairyland.  He is merely an adventurous and likable boy with a big heart and loyal spirit.  Not only is Dorothy excited to meet him when he arrives, but Ozma prepares permanent rooms for him and his hobo friend.  While Beany may be the first explicitly black protagonist to be recorded as coming to Oz, it's clear from this narrative and others that there are people of color living in Oz (and have been for years), from Bowzuv the leader of Hurvyville, to Hurly Burly from The Hidden Prince of Oz.


Dating: The story occurs over the course of three days.  The year is not explicit, though it is set in what would then be modern times, and must take place prior to its copyright date of 1976.


Hurvyville: A significant community in the Winkie Country, the tent town of Hurvyville provides haven for any resident (of Oz or beyond) who no longer wishes to live in the place where they had been living.  It is an egalitarian community led by Bowzuv, and built on the principles of love and friendship.  They are located northwest of the Black Forest (from The Wishing Horse of Oz).


Mombi: This is one of the few instances where the actions of Mombi are not shown to be mischievous or malevolent, and in a surprise twist, she appears to have been a friend of Cayke the Cookie Cook (from The Lost Princess of Oz), who lends her the Magic Dishpan to travel with, and entrusts her with a pearl necklace in which to trade for a famous recipe from Queen Zomild.  The queen proves to be the traitorous one in the tale. Although it is admittedly uncertain why Mombi sought to travel to Zohumble in the first place, Mombi often traveled great distances to obtain magical herbs and formulae, as well as books of magic.


Zohumble: It's uncertain where exactly Zohumble lies, whether on the continent, or in an island in the Nonestic.  What is known is that their queen's gingerbread cookies are famous, even in Oz, where Cayke has heard of them.  Mombi is also able to fly there and back with the Magic Dishpan.  There is a magic Wishing Well in the Royal Gardens of Zohumble which grants a wish a day.  In the underground, beneath the dungeons of the castle roam the Drolls, seven-foot tall creatures with the bodies of gorillas and the heads of lions with long manes.  No other flora or fauna are known, though it is speculated that Mombi may come seeking after some herb necessary for magical formulae in the Royal Gardens.








The Flying Bus in Oz


History: The cover title, The Flying Bus of Oz, is in error.  The actual title of this book is The Flying Bus in Oz, or, more specifically, The Flying Bus in Oz: Joy Marie and the Noyzy Boyz.  It's original title in 1974 was, Morrises in Oz.


Story: When Joy Marie gets on her school bus, it takes off into the air!  Tante Jeanne, the driver, is terrified, as she had just overhauled the engine herself.  Yet no matter what she tries, a different and disconcerting effect is produced and she's forced to let the bus to fly off by itself.  Joy's parents call the police and Canadian Air Force, but by the time they arrive, the bus is long gone.  Joy's siblings, Peter, Corinne and Doug reason that magic must somehow be involved.  This is confirmed when they pull the string of Joy's old doll Shrinkin' Violet and it begins speaking, telling them Joy's gone to Oz and become captive of a Quadling tribe known as the Noyzy Boyz.  She doesn't know how she knows this, or how she even came to speak.  The kids try other dolls, but she alone can talk.  Suddenly, Joy's blanket begins to grow and Peter gets an idea, commanding it to take them to Oz.  The blanket wraps itself around the kids and Shrinkin' Violent and takes them to Oz!


King Tyrone, leader of the Noyzy Boyz, is concerned about his son Prince Robin.  Robin doesn't shout well, and prefers music and the songs of birds to the raucous behavior of their tribe, such as wrestling and raiding neighbors, like the Antiquettes.  There are no mothers in the land, so infants explode out of popgun flowers.  King Tyrone consults the Magic Firecracker, which once a year answers three questions.  It reveals that Robin was different from birth because a passing fairy gave him the gift of music and tranquility.  To undo this, he must have their magician Edgar bring Joy Marie Morris to their land, keep her prisoner for 30 days and have Robin visit her alone each day.  So it is that the four-year old girl from Quebec was brought to Oz.  Edgar had first enhanced the enchantment already upon her doll, so that Joy would be transported to Oz if she pulled the string eight times, but when the king grew impatient, he enchanted Joy's tricycle.  This failed too, so finally, he enchanted her school bus. 


When the bus arrives, Jeanne is left alone, but Joy is arrested and put in a locked playroom filled with noisy toys.  Robin enters and the two get to know each other, as he likes hearing about her world.  The enchanted blanket, meanwhile, flies Joy's siblings and doll over the Deadly Desert to the Munchkin Country.  After determining to head south to rescue their sister, Shrinkin' Violent (Shrinky) discovers she can move and speak on her own without the string.  They stop for water by a lake, and spot a tiny elf water-skiing behind goldfish.  Friederick the elf is friendly and invites them to Rippleton, a beautiful crystal city on an island in the lake, complete with grasshopper airport, school, library and hospital.  They're given a tour and are met by King Roderick, who tells them that he must depart to search for the Magic Motto of Elfville, which his son had brought with him to help a community of ants.  After losing it in a brush, a squirrel had picked it up and carried it away, until a fox startled him and he dropped it.  Peter offers to help, explaining that they're on their way to rescue their sister.  The king says that if found the Magic Motto can help them and describes it as a small silver stick with an elf motto on it that Lurline had gifted to them to help others.  Hearing its description, Doug pulls it from his pocket, having recently come across it.  The elves are overjoyed and throw a banquet for them.  The king gives them the Magic Ruler, which can twice give them the best advice if they find themselves in trouble.  He then summons the Gold Oak Leak, which answers a question a week and tells them that Joy is trying to escape Noyzy Boyzville.  Though they don't know it, this came about when Prince Robin came to realize his father wouldn't release Joy, and determined to set her free himself.  His sparrow friend Chirrup agreed to help and gathered the other sparrows.


The next evening, it begins.  Using a blowtorch, Robin cuts open the bars in her window.  Joy exits the window and climbs aboard a large hammock held in place by hundreds of sparrows.  But Robin drops the blowtorch by mistake and the explosion brings out the loud residents who can only watch as their prince and prisoner escape. 


With her bus no longer working, Tante Jeanne, meanwhile, hikes across the fields looking for a place she can get help for Joy.  When she crosses a brook, she wades into dozens of frogs who begin leaping in and upon her.  She's even more shocked to hear them speak English (and to find out she's also speaking it and not her native tongue French).  The frog captain, Ferdic, tells her she's trespassed in the Winding Waters of Federated Frogland and must be brought to their emperor.  They are concerned about the Stream Snakes, who play tricks on them and hide their babies in hollow logs.  In retaliation, the frogs invade and destroy their homes.  Jeanne tells Ferdic that she'd harass him him too if he did that. 


Suddenly a fog rolls in and the frogs find themselves being stung and paralyzed by hundreds of red-eyed Stream Snakes led by Sevryn, who neutralizes the paralysis and has Ferdic taken away, assuring Jeanne that he's being brought back to the Sticky Swamp, where the frogs lived before moving into their stream a few years ago, disrupting the peace that each had.  Unlike their non-magical relatives, the Stream Snakes don't eat frogs, but the frogs fear them anyway.  He suspects they moved in because their King Croak got bored and envious of the snakes' splendor, and as they got their new uniforms filthy in Sticky Swamp, they moved to Snake Stream and renamed it, harassing the snakes who lived there, who had to retaliate, but they never did any real harm.  Tante Jeanne argues that if the frogs knew this, they could talk over their issues, especially since the stream is big enough for both of them.  Brought before King Serpentine, Jeanne explains her situation to the large and beautiful monarch, advising that they send over an emissary to settle their differences with the frogs.  The king agrees, and chooses her. 


Though surprised, she goes off to frog headquarters with a delegation.  Greeting King Croak, she explains who she is and why she was sent.  He tells her they can't help but have a mistrust of snakes.  She recommends moving, but they've had no time to explore beyond the immediate area and won't return to Sticky Swamp.  She proposes that if they have any mechanics to help fix her bus, she'll take all 326 of them on a tour of the country while she searches for a way back to Quebec.  Croak agrees and they send Ferdic to inform King Serpentine of their plans.  Jeanne goes out with a team of frog engineers to inspect the bus.  She's dismayed to see it's been damaged by the Noyzy Boyz, but when a large group of snakes appear, the frogs panic.  Yet the snakes have come to thank Jeanne and to help the frogs with their own team of engineers.  The frogs return and the two teams begin working together on the problems.  Concerned about the Noyzy Boyz' return, they move the bus together out of sight.  Even the two kings help in this endeavor, and they each return to their homes on friendly terms. 


The next day, Peter, Corrine, Doug and Shrinky enter the Quadling Country.  A redbird gives them directions to Noyzy Boyzville, as the Quadling Federation of Feathered Friends have deemed it a menace to birds.  They first come to Scrabbleton, a neighboring town surrounded by a wall and made up of a giant Scrabble board, and whose citizens are two-feet tall Scrabble letters.  They invite the kids to play, but are concerned they might be from the dreaded neighboring town.  Corrine confirms that they're not, as there are no girls there.  The Scrabbletonians ask them to concede to a game, as their Noyzy Boyz can't sit still long enough to play (and in the past had destroyed their board and pieces).  So they play an exciting game and are invited to spend the night.


The next day they depart, but Douglass becomes invisible.  Anxious, they consult the Magic Ruler, which tells them that Douglass touched a magic bush, and the effects will wear off in three days, but will come in handy in the meantime.  This proves true as the party are arrested and imprisoned by a troupe of Noyzy Boyz, who the king intends to keep hostage.  Joy and Robin, meanwhile, say goodbye to the sparrows, though Chirrup opts to stay and guide them on their way south to Glinda's.  When a search party of Noyzy Boyz arrives, they veer off down a narrow path and find a place to eat and sleep. 


In the morning, the local birds tell them the nearest town is ahead and they enter Raisinville.  The suspicious raisin guards bring them to their judge, but he's paranoid about being eaten and fears the travelers will tell others about them.  Suddenly, Tante Jeanne and her bus of frogs and snakes come bursting through Rainsinville's wall.  Overwhelmed by what he thinks is an invasion, the judge offers his life in exchange for his people.  Robin assures him that no one has any intention of harming them.  Relieved, he admits they've lived in fear of outsiders for a long time since first building their city to hide from those who might want to eat them.  Doug, meanwhile, follows Peter to his cell after he's separated from Corrine and Shrinky.  Peter uses the Magic Ruler one last time, and it tells him to find the girls, and that noise will be the key to their liberation.


The next day, Doug makes his way to the girls' cell.  Corrine makes earplugs for them while Doug scouts around for explosives and soon finds a fireworks storeroom.


After a day, Doug manages to steal a key from the guards.  Bringing fireworks to the girls and Peter, they hatch a plan for that night.  When the explosives go off, Corrine and Shrinky escape their cell with the key, as Doug frees Peter, but despite the chaos that ensues, King Tyrone and Edgar try to head them off.  The invisible Doug then lets out an ear-splitting howl that terrifies them and allows his family to escape. 


Robin, Joy and Chirrup, meanwhile, get to know Tante Jeanne's new frog and snake friends and they all play games on the bus.  They stop by a farmhouse and tell the farmer their story.  She feeds them and invites the amphibians and reptiles to dine on her lawn.  Afterwards, they follow her directions to Glinda's castle.  As they approach it, however, the bus starts to fly again.  But Glinda appears in her window and halts its flight.  Landing it, she greets each guest with a smile and invites them inside where a repast is prepared for them.  Joy is surprised to hear her siblings are in Oz and that the magician Edgar had brought her there.  Having anticipated Glinda, Edgar had also cast protective spells to resist her usual methods.  Glinda has even bigger news, though, and informs her that Shrinkin' Violet is actually an Oz princess from Viola, a place near Mombi's old hut.  Mombi first practiced the enchantment she would use on Ozma by testing it on Viola, transforming her into a doll and sending it to the outside world where she couldn't give away what she'd done.  To make it even more difficult to return, she enchanted the doll so that she'd first have to come through Noyzy Boyzville.  Glinda further tells them that they've already escaped and uses a spell to bring them to her palace, and to make Doug visible again.  After very hearty greetings, Glinda hitches the school bus to her chariot and they all fly to the Emerald City


Dorothy, Betsy, Button-Bright, Ozma, the Wizard and Cowardly Lion all happily greet their guests and hear their adventures.  The first order of business, Glinda and the Wizard put a protective spell on Raisinville, along with a bitter smell and taste to protect them.  Via the Wizard's new Ozmagic Delivery Service, they send an Airmail message to them, informing them they're now safe.  They then prepare to disenchant Shrinky.  Joy is sad, but wants to see her restored, and before long she's once again Princes Sharon Violet of Viola.  The party attend a banquet where they meet Tik-Tok, the Yellow Knight, Em and Henry, Billina, the Wogglebug, Hungry Tiger, Shaggy Man and his brother, Woozy, and Ojo, who along with Button-Bright, befriend Robin.  King Croak and King Serpentine tell Ozma they'd become such good friends that they'd like to return to living together in the Stream Swamp. 


Robin proposes to go back to try to be a better son to his father, but Ozma suggests it's their community that needs a change, not him.  She expands the Spell of Tranquility that had been placed on him to all of his people, so that they're still fun-loving, but also considerate to the rights of others and able to enjoy quieter things.  Edgar's powers are removed and the town is renamed Bouncy Boyzville.  At the banquet, the Tin Woodman and Scarecrow make speeches while Pigasus and Scraps put on a skit.  After long and hard goodbyes, Ozma uses the Magic Belt to send everyone back to their respective homes.


Continuity notes

Dating: Takes place over the course of six days in the fall.  1974 year is based on the fact that Ruth Morris's protagonists are her own children, who were the very same age as the Morrisses of this story at this time when she wrote it.


Mombi: It's here revealed [129] that before casting the spell on Ozma, Mombi tried the spell out on Princess Sharon Violet of Viola, whom she abducted from the neighboring village of Viola.  It's not revealed why she chose Sharon specifically as her test-subject, and there's likely a story there, but the text indicates that the spell was cast on her when she was given Ozma, but that's too late (1892) as Mombi had long been transforming people before then.  It must be that she practiced on Viola the specific switcheroo spell that she wanted to use on Ozma when she learned of the child's existence.  She did the switcheroo spell on Ozma in 1887, so it would be some time before then.  The Royal Timeline of Oz places this in 1871 when Pastoria II is still king. She remained a doll for 103 years until 1974, indicating that Shrinkin' Violet was likely passed down in the Morris family for two generations.


Noyzy Boyz: Now known as Bouncy Boyzville since Ozma placed the spell of Tranquility on them. There is a strong cultural similarity between the former society of Noyzy Boyz and the Bad Lads of Brookville, from The Glass Cat of Oz, both of whom are relatively nearby, the former in the Quadling Country, and the latter in the southern Winkie Country (near Herku).  Though the former grow from enchanted plants, the latter are born in the customary way.


Rainsinville: The judge and raisin-people of Raisinville did not always live in the city, which they built at some point years earlier.  It seems likely they initially came from a place like Bunbury (The Emerald City of Oz), Cookry Land or the Gelatin Isles (from Thompson's Royal Baking Company stories).  Why they left there for their own community is unstated to build their own is unstated.







The Cowardly Lion of Oz


Despite assertions to the contrary, this record album from 1969 is NOT based on Ruth Plumy Thompson’s story of the same name, nor any story she ever wrote.  The actual author (as well as the artist) is un-credited and may either have been an employee of Walt Disney Studios or a hired freelance writer.











An Ozian Odyssey


Story: Manuscript details the further adventures of Captain Salt whose sea-journey with Dorothy, Toto, Jellia Jamb, Trot and Cap'n Bill ends in near-disaster when they become stranded in a completely alternate universe, and all the magic-workers in Oz can't bring them back. 


As Edward Einhorn's Paradox in Oz showed the existence of various alternate Oz-universes, this tale demonstrates the connection Nonestica has to numerous other fantasy universes in history, including Alexander Volkov's Magic Land, J.M. Barrie's Neverland, Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and even George Lucas' Star Wars galaxy. 


The exact date of this adventure is unclear, but the Wizard seems to indicate a possible time-frame when mentioning the events of Peter and Wendy (commonly known as Peter Pan) taking place sixty-years prior to the current date.  An expanded version of this story is being prepared for publication by The Royal Publisher of Oz, but no date has been indicated as to its release.







Wooglet in Oz


Story: When Wooglet's uncle Chris takes her and four other girls on a camping trip in the New Mexico mountains, Wooglet gets annoyed and bored by the other girls and decides to go exploring with their burro Cosmo.  But with snow falling, Chris is vigilant and wakes up at dawn to catch his niece departing, but when he slips on the ice and catches onto Cosmo's leg, they all begin sliding down the icy incline until they land under the snow in an enormous bird's nest.


Mary Becque, Beth Simpson and the other girls use the ham radio to contact Mary's father Henry to come and get them.  Chris, meanwhile, digs out a small cave under the snow, and hopes the rescuers will follow their trail as they have very little food.  Wooglet begins rummaging in the nest and finds money and jewels. She gifts Chris with a gold ring that has a strange sigil. When she finds a small pepperbox, she begins to suspect they might be in the same jackdaw's next that Tip, the Tin Woodman and Scarecrow found themselves in (The Marvelous Land of Oz).  Recalling they had only used one of the Wishing Pills and left without the box, she opens it.  Two silver pills pop out.  She retrieves one, but the other falls into the nest.  Not wanting to get her uncle's hopes up, she doesn't tell him, but asks what the right way is to use the pills.  Having read her the book when she was younger, he explains that one must count to seventeen by twos starting at minus one.  And that's what she does!


They find themselves on a strange beach where Cosmo is now talking!  Wooglet explains what she did, and they begin gathering coconuts to eat.  Staking along the beach they find fresh water as well, but a man approaches, telling them they're trespassing.  Introducing himself as Wilberforce, he explains that he's one of the original Takers, and wonders how they got there if Glinda or Ozma hadn't sent them.  Wooglet's amazed to find she's in Oz, though he corrects her, explaining that they're on an island where the Takers have been exiled, along with the wizards Dr. Nikidik and Braxus, who refused to stop practicing magic.  The Takers had refused to live by Ozma's honor system that was in place by the time of the Nome King's invasion (The Emerald City of Oz).  The system comprised working only half a day to fill the Royal Storehouses and then take whatever's needed as it's needed. The Takers just took, and when Glinda discovered they weren't contributing, got Ozma's permission to cast a spell on Oz to catch them and exile them to Taker's Island.  If any wish to return to Oz, a platform in the center of the island exists where they can proclaim they believe in the system.  Several have come and gone in the years since, but no one's arrived in the last five years.  Some of the Taker's turned to pirating, such as Captain Blaggard and his band.  After learning about the Taker's way of exchanging services (as they don't yet have money), he agrees to work for Wilberforce for two hours a day in exchange for food and the use of his property to build a house.


The next day, they meet Ethelred the carpenter who requests Cosmo's help.  Chris informs Cosmo that he's now his own person, though the burro realizes that he's now required to think and be responsible, which Wooglet equates to growing up.  They all get to work and at lunchtime visit the village where they stop at a tea shop.  Wilbeforce introduces them to Dr. Nikidik, who upon spotting the ring on Chris's finger inquires about it.  Chris tells him of its discover in the jackdaw's nest.  Nikidik invites them to his home on Pal Ave, insisting that Chris keep the ring hidden. 


Once there he tells them of a plan to conquer the kingdom of the Mer-folk and Oz by the wizard Braxus and pirate Blaggard, who discovered the underwater palace of Zog, where they intend to take the magic left behind in his store rooms after he was destroyed.  Although Braxus was once his equal, Ozma had had Nikidik's magic destroyed when they were exiled.  Braxus, however, can still perform illusions and transformations on himself.  When Wooglet tells Nikidik what she knows of the Wishing Pills and Powder of Life from the Oz books, he explains that he'd traded four of his wishing pills to the crooked sorcerer for the Powder of Life.  He can't remember the sorcerer's name, but recalls that he was so afraid to use his real name that often used aliases.  He likely put the pills in the pepperbox with the Powder of Life.  So frightened must he have been of Mombi, a "very wicked woman," that he used Nikidik's name when he traded her the Powder of Life.  When he hears that Dyna took over his house, he says she wanted to marry him and told everyone he fell off a cliff because it was more respectable than getting exiled.


Nikidik tells Chris his ring is a seal ring of the Mer-folk, reading "Aquarus, King of the Mer-folk."  King Aquarus is Queen Aquareine's father.  It's used to keep anyone from drowning, and they wonder if it's Cap'n Bill's ring that he may have lost.  While the others gather food for their trip, Nikidik uses a memory spell to remember his summoning spell which he can use to summon the Mer-folk.  He reasons that after they conquer the Mer-Folk they'll travel from an underwater tunnel to the Bottomless Lake of Hidden Valley in the Munchkin Mountains, which he first discovered while living in the Munchkin Mountains.  That night they head over to the storage shed of the Tiger Shark, Blaggard's ship.  Nikidik can't unlock the door magically, so Chris picks it.  Once inside Nikidik determines that Braxus made a magnetic arrow and cast a direction spell on it to lead them to Zog's cave.


The next day, they bid farewell to Wilberforce, and they wade out into the water where Cosmo ferries Nikidik to a sandbar.  Nikidik requests the ring to help summon the Mer-folk, but which he then flings into the sea.  Not long afterwards, the sea fairy Princess Clia appears.  She confirms the ring was the one given to Cap'n Bill years before.  Nikidik warns her about Braxus's plot, and she agrees to take them to Queen Aquareine's palace.  After turning their legs into dolphin tails, she explains that part of the spell includes their ability speak and comprehend the language of the undersea inhabitants.  Wooglet asks why the ocean is brighter underwater than theirs at home, and she explains that the fairy seas draw light from the Radiant Mountains.  The Queen's palace was built near three such ones.  Other sea inhabitants prefer the darker sea bottom.  Zog's cave is there, as is the Golden Goblin, who thinks he rules the sea and is unaware that King Anko is intelligent.  King Neptune's queen had a run-in with him early in the century (The Golden Goblin).  Clia confirms that the myth of Davy Jones' Locker is true and exists on the borders of the fairy seas.  Some have left to die, while others like the Ancient Mariner have been there for centuries (The Pearl and the Pumpkin).


They go to Davy Jones' home to spend the night.  They meet the Ancient Mariner, Captain Jinks, Davy and Bridgett.  They haven't seen the Mer-folk in nearly a century.  Clia uses a shell send by messenger cod to warn Aquareine about Braxus's plot to steal Zog's magic.  Davy, meanwhile, shows them the pumpkin vines Joe Miller had brought and taught them how to grow underwater.  They even trade pies with the Great Goblin.  When they go to eat, they meet Lieutenant Yamamoto and Ensign Yancy, who each think their side won the war until Chris explains what he believes happened.  The pair determine to keep on fighting, albeit in the games Go and checkers, which they play every night.  Chris wants to teach them the card game Bridge, so with the help of Wooglet (who envisions each card in the deck), Clia (who summons the image for the Mariner to see) and the Mariner (who then conjures it), they soon have a full deck.


In the morning, Bridget informs Wooglet over breakfast that they're surrounded by the octopus-like devilfish, who once served Zog, but now serve the Golden Goblin.  Guardsman pass through the blockade to greet Davy Jones, and the Goblin ambassador explains that his master heard of the arrival of two mortals and wants each to marry two daughters.  As each princess rules one of the four winds, they've brought harm to their suitors (ending their last engagement), so he's determined to put two opposite princess together to solve the dilemma.  But Dr. Nikidik transforms himself into an old, feeble mean, so the ambassador decides that Chris will have to marry all four.  Chris refuses, but that doesn't matter to them.  When Cosmo swims by with a school of groupers, Chris grabs hold of him and escapes, but the ambassador considers this an act of war and determines to level their home until the mortal is given over to them.  Davy quickly sets plans in motion and takes the Goblin ambassadors prisoner so that the devilfish can't harm their home.  Jinks uses cannons to repel any who try, while Clia and Bridget cast a spell of protection over it.  Clia gives Cosmo her wand to lead him to Aquareine's palace, and when Yamamoto shoots a hole through the devilfish net, Cosmo swims out. 


Some time later, Cosmo returns with an honor guard of sawfish, who win the day.  Davy gives the Goblin ambassadors some pumpkin pies along with a note for the Golden Goblin explaining that the mortals he seeks had already left for Aquareine's.  He knows none of them will tell the truth about their defeat. Clia then leads her party to the Queen's palace where they await King Anko.


Blaggard and Braxus, meanwhile, had used the enchanted arrow to locate Zog's old cave.  With diving suits purchased from Mr. Smith's grandson, who'd restarted the company in Ev, Braxus, Lieutenant Snarge and seaman Lummox dive down into the water with the intent of putting the inhabitants to sleep. Braxus knows if they kill them they'll face King Anko's wrath.  After releasing the flagons of sleep poison into the cave, they enter to find many of Zog's former servants asleep in the gardens and palace, including Captain Joe on the throne with the young Prince Sacho.  They find the bronze door to the magic room, but picking the lock sends Snarge and Lummox sailing across the room, knocked out.  Now accessible, Braxus spends the next two days studying the magic hiding in the room.  Snarge and Lummox awaken hours later and return to the ship, where the paranoid captain determines to ensure that the wizard doesn't cheat him.  The next day Snarge descends with Blaggard.  They find everyone still asleep.  Hearing the commotion outside, Braxus reemerges and heads for the door.  Angry at being ignored, Blaggard fires his harpoon at Braxus, who turns, points his finger at the missile and sends it back at the captain, who ducks just in time.  Braxus sets the record straight that he is now in charge, and will destroy him if he disobeys.  Back on the ship, he takes Blaggard's quarters, giving the angry captain instructions on where to go.


The giant squids of King Anko discover, along with the killer whale Oryx, that something emanating from Zog's cave is putting fish to sleep, and they go to inform Anko who is on his way to Aquareine's palace to discover in detail the news of Braxus's plot.  Anko goes to Zog's cave and tells his Sergeant Squid to summon the Puffer Fish Brigade, who can flush out the poisoned water with fresh water, while the killer whales and dolphins, who breathe air and won't suffer the effects of the poison, are to rescue the people in the palace and gardens.  Oryx is sent to spy on the Tiger Shark, and reports back that it's indeed the ship of those exiles plotting to conquer Aquareine and Oz.


At Aquareine's palace, they wonder at Zog's failure to appear, and the Queen posts sentries for the night.  That night, the Tiger Shark drops twenty barrels of sleeping potion over the palace, but the sea fairies and their guests, who draw breath from the film of air around each of them, are unaffected by it, and awaken the next morning to discover their underwater friends are asleep and cannot be woken.  As the Queen instructs Cosmo to bray and summon the whales and dolpins to aid them, Braxus's magic chant causes a lightning strike to reduce Queen Aquareine's palace to rubble!  By the time Mer-folk dig themselves out of the ruins, the pirate ship had sailed away.  Aquareine sends a group to pursue, including Uncle Chris, Wooglet, Nikidik and Cosmo, along with Oryx and King Anko, who show up, and follow the ship northeast to the mainland of Ev.  By the time they find it, it's abandoned.


With the help of her wand, Aquareine discerns that Braxus had taken the tunnel to Oz and suggests sending some of her people after them, but King Anko thinks this will only encourage land folk to invade the sea, but he allows her to accompany Chris, Woogle, Nikidik and Cosmo, explaining that she can no longer transform mortals again without his permission.  Cosmo asks if he can stay, but Anko says the fairy kingdoms are not and cannot become a refuge for mortals.  He grants Cosmo human speech, even in the civilized worlds when he's with his companions, as well as long life so long as Chris and Wooglet are alive.  He also gives all of them the ability to enter the water without drowning, but they are prohibited from entering the deep ocean under pain of death.  Aquareine explains that their peace depends on isolation.


On the shore of the Bottomless Lake, one of the pirates attacks Braxus, but he freezes him and gives him a second chance.  When he attacks again, Braxus freezes him permanently.  He creates a smoke which hides them from Glinda's Book and Ozma's Picture.  He will invisibly enter the palace, seize their magic and allow them to take possession, with Blaggard as king and he as High Wizard.  Before Glinda can discover what's occurred, he'll fly there and defeat her.  Turning the chest with Zog's magic small, he pockets it, turns into an eagle and flies off.


A few hours later, his plan goes off, and although it takes him five hours to open the magic safe, he succeeds, puts on the Magic Belt and places all the magical items in his chest.  With the Belt, he commands it to take him to the Wizard's lab, where he steal his Black Bag.  Entering an empty guest suite, he enchants the door so that no one will want to enter it, then adds a magic lock and alarm.  Behind the closet he stores the chest, then magically locks the closet door and places it behind the illusion of a blank wall. Then, with the Belt, he appears in Glinda's laboratory and starts a fire while Glinda is in her garden having a discussion with her gardener Potawee.  Invisible still, Braxus watches from the throne room as Glinda casts an umbrella spell to protect the gardens, before going to her parlor to consult the Great Book of Records. Noting nothing, she returns to her ruined laboratory in search of clues.  Realizing the intruder may yet be there, she goes to the throne room and waits.  Seeing an indentation on the carpet, she casts a spell to undo invisibility and stands before Braxus.  Uncovered, he rushes into the garden and transforms into an eagle, but Glinda is quicker and her soldiers fire a volley of arrows at him, three of which pierce him, causing him to crash on the balcony, resume his own shape and command the Belt to carry him back to the hidden suite in Ozma's palace.  Ozma then appears before Glinda, having used her fairy wand to travel there, reporting that all the magic in the palace has been stolen.  In the morning, after learning nothing further, they take Glinda's stork chariot to the Emerald City.


Cosmo, meanwhile, convinces Nikidik to try a flying spell on him.  When that works, he transforms all of them.  Two hours later, the spell wears off, and Cosmo crashes into an ant hill.  The ants protest and call him a vandal.  One soldier called Xkshch uses a spell to grow larger so they can see whose talking to them, and arrests them in the name of Queen Qxcht.  Using another spell, the soldier ant shrinks them to a size smaller than them.  He explains that the natural magic they use to protect themselves is allowed in Oz, and herds them along inside the ruined ant hill, where Wooglet and Chris are amazed at the skill and beauty of.  They finally come before her Supreme Acidity, the Queen, but unable to see anything, Chris lights a match, which disturbs the ants greatly.  Chris explains that it was an accident and that they're on their way to warn Ozma of an impending threat.  Xkshch says it doesn't matter to them who rules from the Emerald City, but Dr. Nikidik explains that the chief ingredient that the invading enemy uses in his magic is formic acid, which is made by boiling up thousands of ants!  With Braxus in power, no ant will be safe.  In a gesture of friendship, Wooglet gives her a gold chain she'd been wearing, and the Queen determines that they must proceed on their journey to save Oz (and the ants), but as it's dark, they stay as guests in their kingdom for the night.  She also has her ants gather the ingredients Nikidik needs for the flying spell.


At early dawn, the Queen gives Wooglet a note to give to Queen Ozma, and after restoring them to their normal size, the party are able to fly off with Nikidik's spell upon them. The Emerald City, meanwhile, has surrendered to the pirates, though the Wizard, Dorothy, Toto, her aunt and uncle, Jellia, the Hungry Tiger, Cowardly Lion, Omby Amby and Stovely the Chief Cook, are holed up in the Throne Room, which the pirates barricade.  The Wizard sends Jellia, who the guards ignore, to the Sawhorse to arouse the Winkies to their defense, and sends Toto to the Gillikin Forest to summon the elephant monarch King Magnus to send his animal forces.  Braxus, meanwhile, arrives in the hidden suite, and uses the Magic Belt's last remaining wish of the week to heal his wounds. 


After some sleep, he goes to find Blaggard who informs him of recent developments.  Braxus leads him to the Throne Room to deal with the resistors.  He commands the Belt to send them to the Deadly Desert, but it fails to work.  Angry at the mocking pirate captain, Braxus turns Blaggard into a hyena. At that time, Nikidik's party arrives, puts the encroaching pirates to sleep and turns themselves invisible.  Ozma and Glinda also arrive and enter the palace, where Braxus and a hyena are fighting.  Nikidik casts a spell, canceling all magical transformations while Cosmo picks up Braxus and Wooglet takes the Belt.  The Tin Woodman arrives, as does Toto, having flown upon an eagle to the forest, followed by King Magnus, the jaguar Nippur, orangutan Oran, the giraffe Topper, and wild turkey Gorble, who herd the remaining pirates.  With a magic wand, Nikidik leads them to Braxus, and they pass through a wall of illusory fire that he's set up.  They follow him to the enchanted suite, where Ozma and Glinda break the spells he's laid upon it to find Braxus in the room.  Before he can fly out the window as an eagle with the Black Bag, the Wizard casts a weight spell upon it, and Topper seeing the commotion from outside the palace, sends Gorble to stop the eagle.  Braxus falls to the ground, where he's knocked out.


Ozma has Magnus's animals bring the pirates to the Fountain of Oblivion to ensure they each drink, after which the Wizard will use his bubble machine to send them back to Taker's Island, where Wilberforce will teach them honest trade.  Wooglet gives Ozma the note from the Ant Queen Qxcht, who wishes to visit the palace.  The magic from Zog's cave will be sent by the Wizard to King Anko's palace.  Braxus is deprived of his magical abilities and sent back to his home on Taker's Island.  As to Dr. Nikidik, Ozma is grateful for his help, but he must decide to stay in Oz and forsake magic or return to Taker's Island.  He says he is happy there, so Glinda informs him that his library and magical appliances were not destroyed but stored in her castle's cellar. They will be returned to him along with Braxus' magical appliances on the condition that he only use them outside of Oz.  He is overjoyed.  Ozma then expresses gratitude to Chris, Wooglet and Cosmo, and explains that they can have an extended visit, after which she'll return them to the place and time of their choosing, where they'll continue to receive news from Oz, and may one day be invited to return. Glinda returns to her own castle to restore all the damage done, and Ozma throws a grand feast in their honor.


Continuity notes:

Dating: Story takes place in late spring.  The year is harder to ascertain.  Lime green lipstick (which Wooglet puts on) was introduced in the 1970s by Revlon, making this the earliest date this story can take place.  Given the absence of the giant electric sea slug, it appears to take place prior to Zim's visit to Aquareine's palace in The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 1 (though that is conjectural).  The Royal Timeline of Oz currently places it in 1975.


Devilfish: As per King Anko's account in "Polychrome Visits the Sea Fairies," most of the devilfish came to serve him after the destruction of Zog, though it's clear from this story that a few went on to serve the Golden Goblin, while others went on to serve Prince Rath.


Dr. Nikidik: Dr. Nikidik is here portrayed as a benevolent magician who after helping the mortals save Oz at the end of the story, is given back his library of magic and returned to Taker's Island, where he pores over it for the next three years.  Though not explicit, it's clear from the larger Ozian narrative that Dr. Nikidik was initially exiled to Taker's Island in 1907, as per Dagmar in Oz, and then snuck back into Oz where he got into mischief in various stories, before finally getting caught in the Magic Box in The Master Crafters of Oz.  He is shown at the start of this story to have a limited memory, as revealed by his inability to recall Dr. Pipt's name, and has some confused memories as to his role in events of Oz history.  Thus, one can conclude that Ozma or Glinda had made him drink from the Waters of Oblivion, after which they gave him a basic history of who he was.  He was again sent back to Taker's Island, likely as a precaution in case he resumed his full memory, where he's found at the start of this tale many years later.  The other interpretation is that after being sent back to Taker's Island, his memory returned; learning somehow that his magical implements were not destroyed, he feigns benevolence in order to return to Oz and find a way to retrieve them.  This interpretation, however, is negated by his brief appearance in Dagmar in Oz.


King Magnus: King of the Gillikin Forest, King Magnus and his subjects, Nippur, Oran, Topper and Gorble first appeared in The Crocheted Cat in Oz.


Magic Belt: At this point, the Magic Belt grants several wishes a week, and after they're used up will only perform transformations.  This is clarified in The Three Imps of Oz, in which it's made clear that the Belt stores up wishes.


Moon Queen: Polychrome's reference to the Moon Queen, although facetious, is likely a reference to the wife of the Man in the Moon, whose name is both Honey Moon and Chang'e (see the exclusive short story "From Oz to the Moon.")


Other Fantasy Worlds: Wooglet in Oz serves as a minor sequel to W.W. Denslow's The Pearl and the Pumpkin and directly references (page 39) the events of Curtis Dunham's The Golden Goblin, effectively bringing those stories and characters into the Oz universe continuity. The former also brings Coleridge's The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner and the legend of Davy Jones' Locker into continuity, whereas the latter brings King Neptune and the legend of the Flying Dutchman into continuity.


Ozma's Fairy Wand: On page 73, Ozma notes that her wand is very limited.  It can augment her natural fairy powers and protect her from being harmed by magic, but not much else.  The wand is, however, able to get her from the Palace to Glinda's castle, though whether she flies there or transports isn't specified.


Queen Aquareine's Father: It is here for the first time revealed that Queen Aquareine is the daughter of King Aquarus.  He confronted the Golden Goblin a few hundred years ago when he tried to interfere with the affairs of the Mer-folk.


Smith & Tinker: Although the original owners of this company are now living in Oz, Smith's grandson reopened the company in Ev, and is noted as being less imaginative and more practical than his grandfather. He invented the patented magical diving suits used by Braxus and Blaggard in this story.


Takers and Money: The Takers were thus called by Glinda because they refused to live by Ozma's Honor System, which was established by the time of The Emerald City of Oz. In this economic system, one works half a day, gives to his neighbors and the Royal Storehouse, and then takes whatever he needs.  This new economy was first expounded in the latter book as follows: "Each person was given freely by his neighbors whatever he required for his use... Each man and woman, no matter what he or she produced for the good of the community, was supplied by the neighbors with food and clothing and a house and furniture and ornaments and games.  If by chance the supply ever ran short, more was taken from the great storehouses of the Ruler...  Each one worked half the time and played half the time, and the people enjoyed the work as much as they did the play...  There were no cruel overseers set to watch them, and no one to rebuke them or to find fault with them."  Unfortunately, because Ruth Plumly Thompson chose to ignore this system and have her little kingdoms use money, this economic system was never explored in depth beyond its initial discussion, and it had to be retconned that Ozma allowed the kingdoms further from the Emerald City more time to gradually phase out money. 


At some point after the Nome Invasion, Glinda discovered in her Great Book of Records that some were taking advantage of the system.  Because many of the kingdoms further from the Emerald City were allowed to gradually do away with their money-based system, the Takers, therefore, had to have come from the Emerald City or nearby parts.  Most of them initially reformed when it was announced that they would be exiled.  Those that didn't were sent to Taker's Island.  This was in late 1905 (page 23 says that Nikidikwho arrived with the first exileswas deported when the "new queen outlawed magic").  Taker's Island is near another called Elkanee.


Ozma and Glinda's decision to exile the Takers was a wise one that essentially eliminated the greedy from Oz, allowing an economic system based on the principles of sharing and compassion to really work. Wilberforce discovers that the system the Takers have developed on the island is essentially the same one that exists in the Outside World that is called "business."







The Magic Dishpan of Oz


Story: While playing in a neighboring forest in their home state of Oregon, seven-year old Rebecca and her three year old sister Shoshanna are surprised to be greeted by a friendly frog, who appears to want them to follow him down the creek.  Shoshanna believes he's communicating to them, so they follow him to the roots of a large oak, within which is a surprisingly decorated interior.  The frog directs them to a large dishpan buried in the mud.  Together, the girls manage to pull it out and discover that it's made of gold and covered with precious gems.  They carry it with Froggie back home, but realizing they're filthy and wanting to hide that fact from their mother, they opt to bathe in the large dishpan, filling it up with soap and water.  When Rebecca wishes she knew where the dishpan came from, the tub rises up into the air, taking the girls and frog over the Pacific Ocean and Australia, as well as other unknown oceans and continents, finally landing them in a golden field.


Froggie leads them past a sheep pen, where the guard dog warns them not to go near his sheep.  They approach two children Wally and Holly, who are reticent to speak to them, though Wally tells them they're in the Winkie Country.  Holly summons her mother Polly, a stern type who asks lots of questions, but Froggie indicates they should keep secret the magic of the Dishpan.  Convinced the girls are liars and spies, Polly determines to take them to the Magician in the morning, and at her command the other children surround them, herding them into a barn for the night, and taking the dishpan.


The sheep comfort the girls, but they're puzzled why everyone in Oz is so unfriendly.  The sheep explain that things have changed since the Magician arrived.  Even the sheepdog has turned mean and distrustful.  Only they and a few others, like Wally, remain unaffected.  The sheep also suggest that Froggie can't speak because he's under an enchantment. 


In the morning, the sheep offer the girls their milk and tell them their plan.  Hiding them under their wool, they call out to the dog, claiming the prisoners escaped.  So the dog rushes off, leaving the doors open.  Giving them directions to the Yellow Brick Road and Emerald City, they instruct the girls to tell Ozma the situation.  As the girls escape, Froggie ribbets, and Shoshanna knows he wants the dishpan.  Seeing it in a window, they climb up to get it, but Polly's there waiting for them.  Thanks to the quick thinking of the frog, who jumps at her face, they escape with the dishpan, and as the sheep block the road, preventing the enchanted Winkies from recapturing them, they run out of town.


Along the Yellow Brick Road, they try to get the Magic Dishpan to fly again, but it doesn't work.  They stop to eat from a lemon three that produces whatever lemon-flavored items that you wish for.  They then come to an odd abandoned house, with an unidentified round object in the yard, a pile of straw and cotton next to the door, a strange looking chimney and stove, blue clothes and a patchwork quilt on the bed.  At night, Rebecca hears a moaning sound and discovers that the pillow is the head of the Patchwork Girl!  The girls re-stuff her with cotton, while she explains that the Winkies did this to her weeks ago when she came to get the help of the Tin Woodman after an evil Magician took over the Emerald City, and made the Wizard, Dorothy and Ozma vanish.  But the Winkies determined that she was a spy because she wasn't wearing yellow, and removed her stuffing and put here in the house.  Scraps realizes what became of the Tin Woodman, and tries to get up to the roof.  She falls into the yard, however, and discovers the head of the Scarecrow!  The girls help him regain his straw and clothing.  He explains that the Magician of Suspicion took over the Winkie Country.  Scraps, meanwhile, gets Nick Chopper's head from the roof and his body from the stove, and with a little oil makes him functional again.


When they go to leave, however, the old Magician is there waiting for them with a hundred Winkies.  He informs them that the Magicians of Mischief are taking over Oz, with only the north left to be captured.  The Winkies drive them to the Tin Castle, placing a guard at each entrance of the storeroom where they keep them.  Rebecca shares her story of how she, Shoshanna and Froggie arrived, and Scraps knows if they can retrieve the Magic Dishpan from the kitchen, she can get it working again.  The Scarecrow's plan involves using the guards' mistrust against them, and once that's successful, they retrieve the Dishpan.  Scraps fills it with soap and water, explaining that that's what's required to get it to obey.


Rather than go to Glinda, as they'd originally planned, they head to the Gillikin Country which is under siege from the third Magician.  They arrive at the castle of King Randy and Queen Planetty, only to find a battle underway as Sir Dynar and the elephant Kabina (Kabumpo's sister) hurl invaders back, while Planetty the Silver Princess and her horse Thun deflect hordes with her magic spear that turns whoever it hits into statues.  Snickwad, the king's valet, escorts the travelers into the castle, explaining that they were attacked last Thursday while Randy and Kabumpo were off exploring.  Scraps goes off and returns with an enemy combatant, who angrily tells them that the Gillikins are superior to those from the other quadrants, and that King Randy is a traitor for marrying a foreigner.  The Scarecrow then realizes that the Magician of this quadrant causes hate and intolerance.


Rebecca comes up with a daring plan to get to the Magician by pretending to surrender to Shoshanna, who they disguise as a Gillikin girl.  Planetty and Kabina play along, feigning capitulation to the superior strength of the Gillikins, but when one of the soldiers sees through the girl's disguise, chaos ensues, and Kabina carries her allies away to safety.  Together, they travel south to the road leading to Glinda's palace.  Stopping for omelettes from eggplant bushes, Froggie takes a shine to Planetty.  When he brings her flowers, she kisses him, and before their eyes he is disenchanted into the Frogman of Oz!


He greets and thanks everyone, especially the girls for saving him.  Weeks ago he and Cayke were invited to a banquet at the Emerald City, and using the Magic Dishpan, they arrived, only to discover a stranger in white sitting on the throne.  The Magician of Ignorance enchants Cayke, but upon the Frogman his magic has no effect.  So, shrinking him and robbing him of his speech, the Magician sends him and the Dishpan to the outside world.  The enchanted frog built a home for himself in the Oregon woods until the girls found him.  Scraps adds that the citizens of the Emerald City have been enchanted to believe that Ozma abdicated and appointed the Magician in her stead.  Even Trot believes this. 


The Scarecrow leads them south to a garden that Glinda made for him on his birthday, and in it, the party dine on magically cooked artichokes, with each leaf having a work of art on it, and sandwiches from the sandwich plant (which was first invented by a good witch who lived near the Deadly Desert).  There they sleep.


The next day, they make it to the Quadling Country, where they feel the oppression of the magicians lift off them.  A farmer and his wife invite them to eat and spend the night.


In the third day after walking through the Quadling Country, they make it to Glinda's castle, but to their dismay, the Captain of the Guard tells them that she went to the Emerald City weeks ago and never returned.  Rebecca remembers her Great Book, so pulling a key from around her neck, the Captain hands it to them so that the Scarecrow can get a clue as to what happened.  He asks the Book to show him what happened to Glinda and it turns to the appropriate page and reads that she'd been transformed into a jewel and placed on the Magic Dishpan before it was sent out of Oz.  Only a rose can disenchant her and the others.


Just then the Book of Records flips to the last page, where it reads the the Magician of Ignorance has arrived, enchanted Kabino and Glinda's guards, and is just now at the door!  Rebecca is also alarmed to see her sister chewing on one of the gems from the Magic Dishpan, thinking it's candy, but then has a revelation and encourages her to bite down hard.  At that, Glinda reappears and encircles the Magician with her Golden Thread, rendering him immobile.  The Magician of Ignorance invites her to rule Oz alongside him, but she tells him her only desire is to serve.  Recognizing that the Magicians of Mischief have long plagued the outside world, she deprives him of his cane, the source of his power, and sends him to the outside world.  Within him deposed, the other two Magicians lose their power and vanish as well. 


Glinda inquires how Shoshanna disenchanted her, and the girl explains that her name means "rose."  Going ahead and biting the other gems releases the Wizard, Ozma and Dorothy.  Several stories and grateful acknowledgments later, Ozma realizes that the girls' parents are worried and must go home now, but she gives Rebecca an Emerald Ring to use any time she and her sister wish to come visit the Emerald City.


Continuity notes:

Alcohol in Oz: Confirmed here, as well as in The Rundelstone of Oz, A Murder in Oz, and "Colonel Cotton in Oz," adult citizens occasionally drink alcohol in moderation, with Sir Dynar noting that the best wine in all Oz is grown and produced in the Gillikin Country.


Colors: There is a minor discrepancy in that the narrative seems to suggest that the natural-born citizens of each quadrant bear that color in their skin and hair, and a plot point hinges upon Shoshanna disguising herself in purple dye to convince them she's a Gillikin.  An easy retcon for this is that the invading Gillikin army, or even the Gillikin citizens as a wholeto show off national pridehave begun painting their skin purple.


Dating: Story takes place in the summer over the course of five days.  The year is uncertain.  Ozma, Dorothy, the Wizard, Glinda, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Scraps have been missing for "weeks" prior to the start of this story, likely three weeks, putting the entire events of the takeover of the Magicians of Mischief at nearly a month.


Dr. Pipt: Scraps notes that Dr. Pipt is still not allowed to make Powder of Life, a fact that will change in the coming years.


Frogman: Though not stated, the Frogman at some point in time went back to the land of the Yips in the Winkie Country to live.


Great Book of Records: A little more information is provided as to how the Great Book of Records is manageable.  One need only ask it to show an entry on someone or something and it turns to the correct pages.  According to the Captain of the Guard, it appears that Glinda is not allowing others to read the Book while she's away.  While this appears to conflict with other reports that show she shares her duties with her handmaidens, and frequently allows her friends to read the book while she's elsewhere, it seems likely that Glindahaving read of the coming of the three Magicians of Mischiefchanged her policy to prevent any of their enchanted slaves from getting hold of the book.


Kabumpo's Sister: Kabumpo's sister, Kabina, is revealed here for the first time.  No other information about her is provided.


Magicians of Mischief: Save for their powers, not much is known of this evil trio, who for forty years wrecked havoc in the outside world from 1935 to the time they're defeated in this story in 1975.  The Wizard of Suspicion sows irrational mistrust and paranoia.  The second Magician (unnamed in the text, and possibly called the Magician of Intolerance, the Magician of Pride, or the Magician of Hate) sows pride and hatred.  The Wizard of Ignorance, upon who the other two are dependent for their powers, is the most powerful and uses his white staff to sow ignorance and gullibility.  Only a few are immune to their powers, though it's not known (even by them) why.  The author appears to suggest that the events of World War II, as well as the subsequent conflicts in Indochina, were exacerbated by these powerful magicians.


Randy and Planetty: Some additions to their household include Sir Dynar, a valiant knight, and Kabina the elephant (who may or may not make their castle her residence).







The Blue Witch of Oz

Story: As Ozma is off dealing again with the Hoppers and Horners, Dorothy and the Scarecrow drop in on Glinda in her castle to ask a question.  Since there were four Wicked Witches in Oz, one for each quadrant, why have there only been two Good Witches, one for the north and south? 


Glinda reminds Dorothy of Gloma, the Queen of the Black Forest, who served as Good Witch of the West.  As for one in the east, she recalls there had been one before the Wizard arrived.  Curious, she consults her Great Book of Records to find out.  It reveals that long ago in the Munchkin Country, Abatha and Dash were married and moved to the northern Lonely Mountain, where he could practice to be a sorcerer.  A year later, they had a son they named Star, inspired by the subject Dash was most fascinated by.  One day, Dash developed a spell that would take him to the closest star, and with his family he climbed to the top of the mountain.  Promising to return in ten days, he cast the spell and flew off in a bright white light.


By the fifteenth day, however, Dash hadn't returned, and a Munchkin woman advised Abatha to study magic herself to find out what happened to him.  Abatha took her advice and proved to have a talent for it.  In time the Munchkins christened her Good Witch of the East.  Abatha learned that in order for her to cast the spell Dash used, the stars would have to be in the same configuration, which would take hundreds of years. 


A year after Dash was gone, Abatha's son Satar disappeared.  Even with the help of friends and neighbors, the boy couldn't be found, and Abatha began to suspect magic was involved.  Traveling the Munchkin Country for answer, she consulted every magic user she could find.  Five years after his disappearance, a soothsayer sent her to the Great Gray Gillikin Swamp to locate Flinder, Dash's younger brother who'd married Abatha's sister Morna and moved to a neighboring mountain.  Flinder was never as good as his brother, though he loved him nonetheless.  When his wife died in childbirth, he and his son Javen moved to the Gillikin Swamp.  His own son had disappeared once, but was later recovered.


When Abatha appeared at his door, an enchantment overcame all of them.  The Great Book of Records then went silent on them, noting only that Star had been taken away by magical vines.  The Scarecrow exclaims that Abatha and her brother-in-law must still be under the enchantment, and Dorothy determines to go break it.  As Glinda must join Ozma, she offers them magical supplies and tells them the swamp lies in one of the wildest portions of the land and is not on most maps.


The next day, the Sawhorse takes them as far as he can go, and Dorothy and the Scarecrow continue on foot.  At long last, they locate the Great Gray Gillikin Swamp below, but as they try to navigate a safe path down the cliff, Norman the Fox warns them away from his pups.  Though he thinks them crazy for wanting to venture into the swamp, his wife Ophelia tells them to wait for one of the islands to float by, and then jump onto its tree branches when it does.


After a long while, a slow-floating island comes by and they jump on, but Dorothy loses her knapsack which sinks under water.  They explore the island, but all they find are unusual bush-tailed birds, and realize it'll take them forever to search the whole swamp if they have to wait for the islands to pass by.  So Dorothy gets the idea to cross across logs to the next island.  The Scarecrow inspects them to make sure they're not alligators, and they cross.  But halfway across, Dorothy notes that they don't roll like logs normally do, and suddenly she discovers one of them has a crown!  As the wooden alligators close in, Dorothy falls in the water and grabs the back of the wooden alligator king, who flips her off into the arms of the Scarecrow, who both fall into the king's mouth.  He spits them out unto the island, where they're surprised to find the Glass Cat is there.  She tells them not to worry as the wooden alligators have no legs.


Bungle explains that as no one in the Emerald City appreciates her, she prefers to explore Oz to find someone who might.  They tell her of their quest and she tells them she arrived yesterday and came across a ruined castle.  By nightfall, they reach it, but when they enter it, a strange scene plays out before them.  Abatha greets her brother-in-law as if she'd just arrived.  Neither she nor Flinder can see or hear them, and Dorothy realizes this is the effect of the enchantment. 


Abatha explains that she's been looking for her son for five years and needs his help.  Flinder's son Javen comes down to see what the commotion is, and Abatha is shocked to see that he's her son Star.  He even has the scar to prove it.  Flinder says it's a superficial resemblance as he has the same mark on his face.  But when Javen says he knows her voice, Abatha uses a spell to determine the truth.  Flinder responds with a counter-spell, after which everything flashes, and when next the travelers look, Abatha, Flinder and the boy are covered in vines.


The next morning, the Scarecrow finds a bush-bird and inquires about the castle.  Before it flies off, it says that it's haunted by ghosts every night.  Dorothy concludes that Abatha's spell to replay the past mixed with Flinder's spell to freezer her.  The Scarecrow suggests they simply prevent the spell from being cast.  That night, they try to move them, but they can't be moved.  Suddenly, Bungle jumps into the middle of them as the spell is cast, deflecting the rays away from them.  The enchantment breaks, but Abatha and Flinder bitterly argue over the identity of the boy until Dorothy interrupts and tells them Glinda can help.  Flinder rushes out with Javen and crosses the waters of the wooden alligators by means of a magical vine.  The others follow, but when Abatha tries to stop Flinder, the boy falls into the water.  Before the wooden alligators can get him, she conjures a magic thread that pulls him out towards her.


Flinder crawls back and admits he's not the boy's father, but is indeed her son Star!  In his attempt to succeed at reaching the stars before his brother could, Flinder studied hard and became a great sorcerer.  But the night he was to depart was the same night Dash cast his spell, though he was then unaware of this.  Flinder intended to bring Javen with him, as there was no one else to look after a two-year old boy, but something went very wrong, and the spell took the boy and left him behind.  In bitterness and grief, and after learning Dash had succeeded where he failed, he abducted his son Star.


Dorothy explains that Ozma now rules Oz and is kindhearted and will help them.  Abatha agrees to get them off the island and invites Flinder to join them.  After the delegation of Hoppers and Horners departs, Dorothy brings the sorcerers before Ozma and Glinda.  Ozma explains that it was to prevent this very kind of misfortune that she passed the law prohibiting magic, except for Glinda and the Wizard.  Abatha responds that she's a good and trusted witch, and that if she cannot practice in Oz, she must leave it.  Ozma says that as she'd grandfathered in the Good Witch of the North before she retired, she agrees to the do the same for him.  She also comforts Star, explaining that a hard truth is preferable to a comforting lie.  Yet the boy proclaims his love for the man who raised him as his father.  Flinder despairs, but Ozma appoints him Royal Wagonwright, in charge of the Red Wagon.  She promises as well to use her power to bring back Dash and Javen if they still live.  As Star has made his choice, Ozma suggests Abatha spend time getting reacquainted with her son, and Star agrees to this.


Continuity notes:

Dating: That Ozma brings up the law prohibiting magic, and lists only Glinda, the Wizard, and Good Witch of the North as exceptions, indicates this story takes place prior to the time Ozma began allowing individuals to petition for magic licenses, which occurs in 1982.  This story has thus been placed in 1978.


Good Witch of the East: As of this story, Abatha is again the Good Witch of the East.  It is not known how long she and Flinder had been under the enchantment, save that it was prior to the coming of the Wizard.  How long prior is not stated.  Because Glinda says it's before the Wizard arrives, it may indicate that it was a relatively short time before he arrived, and possibly during or even shortly after the time the Wise Woman of the East (Wicked Witch of the East) was put under a sleeping spell (The Magic Umbrella of Oz), as it would take her some time to re-establish power in her domain.  Abatha recognizes Glinda, though she hasn't met her, also indicating she and Dash had practiced magic after the time Glinda was established as Good Witch of the South. 


Great Book of Records: It's here noted that the Great Book of Records tells the "complete history of the world from the beginning to the present." Yet, when Dorothy flipped to the beginning of the book, in The Witch Queen of Oz, it appeared to begin with the story of Queen Enilrul and Oz.  What may explain away this discrepancy is the Book's sentience.  If Dorothy mentioned what she was looking for, the book's "first page" might have revealed the beginnings of Oz for her, whereas if someone asked for the beginning of the world's history, the first page might have revealed that.





The Rundelstone of Oz

Book 49 in the Sovereign Sixty!


History: Eloise (Jarvis) McGraw's final foray into Oz was initially published for Oz-story Magazine #6 and later released posthumously in hardcover. The story was first begun in 1980, but became an excised portion of her and Lauren McGraw's The Forbidden Fountain of Oz, until Hungry Tiger Press encouraged the McGraws' to tell another Oz story, which brought back the excised cast with The Rundelstone of Oz, which is the final book from one of the original authors of the original series.


Story: In the garden at the Royal Palace, Ozma has tea with two of her ladies-in-waiting, the final of ten.  Her guests include the elderly Lady Pernilda and youthful Countess Magriata.  Pernilda tells of her important husband Sir Nevilard, who first brought her to the Emerald City from the Gillikin Country (where she comes from a very old Gillikin family), and her important cousins, who haven't written in recent times.  Ozma tells her she can look into it.


On a cold winter day after two weeks of wandering the Forest of Gugu in the Gillikin Country, the Troopadours finally come upon a town where they can perform.  Presto and Pronto, the two donkeys pulling the wagon, head into the town of Whitherwood, where a small crowd gathers.  The wagon's driver introduces himself as the owner and director of the Troopadours, Maestroissimo Signorissimo Pizzicato Furioso, and his company of thespians.  Opening the side of the wagon, he reveals the living marionette Poco (or Signore Pocotristi Sostenuto), third comedian and flute player.  He plays "the Jittery Jig" from their play Pirnce Polygon's Ball, followed by "one of the best loved old Ozzish dances," the Quadling polka.  Furioso then introduces the rest of the troop, comedian-trumpeter Largo Doloroso, comedian-drummer Scherzo Con Brio, character actress Dame Andante, ballerina Signoretta Allegra Arpeggia (nicknamed Tutti), and the handsome principal actor Signore Bravado Solo.


As the town clamors for a performance, their leader Slyddwyn, the Whitherd of Whitheraway offers his castle for the performance.  The townsfolk inform them that the royal family had moved away, leaving only the Whitherd, who is like a wizard, though he does only tricks.  Inside the wagon, the marionettes wonder if the Whitherd is performing illegal magic.  Poco hopes Slyddwyn's tricks won't send Furioso into a tantrum that he usually takes out on Poco.


The Whitherd's servant Bickers irritably moves them into the courtyard, where he and Furioso begin arguing over small things.  After tending the donkeys the Whitherd appears to Poco, praising his performance and wondering why he never left the abusive Maestroissimo.  Dame Andante and Largo wonder the same thing, but Poco doesn't know what else he'd do if he quit.  The show that evening goes well, and the Gillikin crowd enjoys the comedy and music as much as their counterparts in the other quadrants.  After taking their final bow and leaving the stage, suddenly everything goes black!


Poco then finds himself in a dark box alone.  Suddenly, he's thrust out shrieking and goes back in, realizing he's a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock!  Slyddwyn takes him out, and disenchants him, explaining that it was all a mistake that he got lost, and that his companions departed after searching for him weeks ago.  The Whitherd says he'd intended to enchant someone in the first row, but to Poco none of it makes sense.  Slyddwyn offers him the position of Major-domo and says that life in the castle will be much easier than life with Furioso had been.  Bickers is glad to take his leave, claiming it's better than waking up as a doorknob.  Poco's duties are as that of an upper servant, and includes learning new songs to play for Slyddwyn.  Above all, he's not to allow any foreign visitors into the castle, only the butcher, baker and truffledigger's boy Rolly.  Although the work is easy and Poco enjoys the magic tricks Slyddwyn performs and games of Sticks & Stones, Poco doesn't trust the Whitherd, and becomes convinced that he turned him into a cuckoo so that he could have a servant who was used to being subjugated and wouldn't be too missed.


Poco soon meets Rolly, who praises Poco's playing abilities.  Rolly plays a tin whistle so Poco asks him to play a duet.  They soon become fast friends and begin practicing in front of the rabbits, raccoons and sheep.  Rolly is fascinated by Poco's former life and longs to escape his Pa, whose not really his father, but a drunk.  Years ago, the Gypsies had visited the town and left behind Rolly, claiming his father couldn't take him along.


The next day, a man in a multicolored coat, who Poco notes is clearly a foreigner, comes to the door pretending to sell muffins.  Recalling Slyddwyn's strict instructions, he turns him away, but the man says he wants his Rundelstone back, but as Poco knows nothing of any old stone, he shuts the door.  On another day, Slyddwyn turns him into a bookend.  When Slyddwin disenchants him, Poco scolds him and threatens to leave, but the Whitherd says he was only practicing.  Poco catches a sly smile on his face, though.


After lunch, Rolly asks Poco what the shining blue/green thing is in front of the castle, which appeared the day Poco arrived. As Poco only goes out to get the Gillikin News, they go look at it.  It's a plaster peacock, and Poco hears an inner voice telling him it's actually Bravado Solo, and he realizes then that all of his friends are enchanted.  Poco asks Rolly how long after the play that they met.  The boy confirms that it was only a few days, and Poco now knows Slyddwyn lied.  The pair search the kitchen and courtyard, but there's nothing new there.  Poco finally tells Rolly the whole story of his deception, and despite being frightened of the Whitherd, Rolly determines to help Poco. 


The next day, when Slyddwyn goes up to his tower, Poco begins searching every drawer, closet and room.  He comes upon a wooden fan and realizes it's Tutti.  At lunch, Slyddwyn hints at how good Gillikin oak would burn.  The next day, Poco searches the grounds, but to no avail, as there are hundreds of ordinary stones.  Rolly and Poco work on making a hutch for the rabbits so they feel safe from the neighborhood dog, though Rolly insists he's friendly.


A few days later, the muffin man returns, only now disguised as an herb lady.  Poco asks him of the Rundelstone and enchantments, but the man accuses him of being a spy.  Poco explains who he is, noting that he was carved by old Angeletto.  The foreigner introduces himself as Shmodda-ab-Fyordi-cum-Aximok.  Poco explains that he only wants to disenchant his friends, the Troopadours, who were tricked by the Whitherd.  Shmodda tells him he'll give him three days to find and disenchant his friends, after which he must have the Stone and return to Fyordi-Zik five days from now. 


Shmodda explains the history of the Rundelstone.  Fyordi-Zik is an isolated, insular community in the Gillikin Country, north of the Stayaway Mountains, and hemmed in by the Deadly Desert.  Since earliest times it was ruled by the Seven Spellbinders whose chief was the Loremaster.  Their power lay in seven Spellstones, with the Rundelstone the most powerful, entrusted to the Loremaster.  The Aximok Clan had always chosen the Spellbinders, who ruled wisely and well in the olden days.  Then a hundred or so years ago, the Tremm-nun clan stole the Spellstones and became wicked rulers, turning the commoners into slaves.  But the people rose up, took back the Spellstones and restored them to those appointed by the Aximok clan.  The wicked Spellbinders were driven into the Stayaway Mountains and the Trumm-nun clan stayed in their keep as the realm was restored. 


Many years passed, and a few months ago, the Spellstones began to disappear.  With them gone, their ability to move the mountains and sun (they have an artificial sun due to the dimness of their environs) was diminished, as the Rundelstone didn't work as well without the Spellstones.  They suspected Bloa-ab Ditherdum, the head of the Trumm-nun clan, but they don't know how he could have gotten past the sentinels, the Three-Eyed Hounds at day and the Black Non-Sleepers at night.  Several days later after more of the small, but fierce Never-Fear dogs were trained to ride the Hounds, they went to Trumm-nun castle, only to find the family locked in a closet for two days unaware of Blo-ab's whereabouts.  Then, two weeks ago, the Rundelstone vanished.  A purple finch informed Shmodda, whose great grandfather was a Loremaster, that Slyddwyn had the Rundelstone.  He'd spied a slinker (a cross between the body of a squirrel and head of a snake), carrying a package to Blo-ab's castle.  Keeping watch at the castle, the finch saw one of the servants appear on a balcony put out food for a Giant Hawk of the Gillikin Hills, who took the package sitting there and flew off to Slyddwyn's tower. 


With his great grandmaster fallen into despair and sleep, Shmodda is now Loremaster, and though he doesn't know how to use the Rundelstone, he does know that the words carved on it are rundels (rhyming runes), written in flarns (the marks that spell it out), which were filled with the rarest metal ever known, glittarium, which glows like stardust.  In five days, the sun of Fyordi-Zik goes out for good, and it's a two day journey.  Shmodda gives Poco instructions for transforming and un-transforming, which his great grandfather gave him before he left for Whitherwood. 


That afternoon, Poco searches high and low for the Rundelstone, but when he looks into the purplefish pond he notices amongst the stones that one of them glimmers.  He pulls it out, confirming its identity.  Putting it back exactly, he waits till nightfall to spy on Slyddwyn, but the Whitherd fails to stir.  The next day, Slyddwyn prattles on about the family portraits.  Poco suggests he could better dust them if he had a long-handled feather duster.  Poco's plan works and that night, accompanied by the dog and rabbits, he spies on Slyddwyn again, and this time he appears, takes out the Stone and utters eight words, which Poco commits to memory. 


The next morning, Slydwynn presents him with a new featherduster, though to Poco's horror he realizes it's one of the Gillihens that roam the property.  He vows to disenchant him.  Later that night, he gets the Rundelstone out and transforms a fish into a monkey and back again.  With only that night left and still unsure where two of his friends are, he tells Rolly his plan.  When the Whitherd goes to bed, he disenchants Scherzo from a game piece.  After a happy reunion, Scherzo tells Poco that Largo is the jester piece, and they disenchant him, Bravado, Tutti and finally Dame Andante, who was a darning egg in the laundry room.  Scherzo reminds them they need their donkeys and wagon, and that they aught to be in the same form.  Rolly says to consider the animals.  Inspecting the rabbits, they see that two of them have the same markings as the donkey ears, and they disenchant them.  Poco, Largo and Scherzo go to detain Slyddwynn, but he's not in his room and has bolted himself in his tower room.


Shmodda arrives, needing the Rundelstone to find the other Spellstones, so Poco threatens to expose Slyddwyn to Ozma and Glinda.  Soon enough, Ozma, Dorothy, the Wizard, Cowardly Lion and Lady Pernilda, who once lived in Whitheraway Castle, arrive via Wishing Pill.  Ozma thinks Poco's been doing illegal transformations, but his friends come to his defense.  Lady Pernilda demands Slyddwyn tell her what happened to her family, but Rolly explains there's been no one there since he arrived.  Shmodda worries they're running out of time for Fyordi-Zik, but Ozma informs him that Glinda has restored their sun and has rendered the power of the Spellstones obsolete, as the Stayaway Mountains will no longer shut them off from the rest of Oz.  Poco then tells his story and Ozma realizes he was only righting the wrongs that had been done to him and his friends.


After the Wizard disintegrates the door knob and brings out Slyddwyn, Lady Pernilda recognizes her cousin, but he refuses to tell the truth.  Watching him carefully, Poco figures out that Blo-ab was transformed into the nearby suit of armor, and disenchants him.  Blo-ab confesses that Slyddwyn tricked him with a promise of partnership, but then used the Rundelstone against him.  He gives the Spellstones back to Shmodda, who gives them to Ozma.  The Wizard suggests the two villains be handed to Omby Amby until he finishes his "character-repairing" and "mischief subtractor" powders.  The Wizard departs by cane, while the remaining group search and discover the 14 family portraits, which Pernilda had never before seen.  Poco asks a portrait what happened, and it responds "Gillihens," of which Poco knows there are 13, plus the one turned into the feather duster, who once disenchanted, becomes Cousin Mal.  He then tells him which Gillihen is which relative.


Shmodda bids goodbye to everyone, especially Poco who he invites to perform in his realm.  Poco acknowledges that he's not the troop leader, but the Maestroissimo, who all but Tutti thinks should remain enchanted.  Ozma says she can't do that.  Rolly thinks he might be the dog, who he named Blackie, but Poco says their personalities are nothing alike.  Since the dog can't seem to speak (like the rabbits didn't), Ozma's convinced it's him.  Poco uses the Rundelstone one final time to disenchant the Maestrossimo.  He promises to mend his ways and curb his temper, especially now that he has his son back.  Rolly, whose name is Molto Rallentando, is thrilled to discover that this is his father. After goodbyes and promises to perform at the Emerald City, the Maestroissimo places his son besides him on the wagon, and the Troopadours go off to new performances and adventure.


Continuity notes:

Alcohol in Oz: One of a few stories to confirm alcohol consumption in Oz, along with The Magic Dishpan of Oz, A Murder in Oz, and "Colonel Cotton in Oz." On the BCF Pumperdink forum, Nathan DeHoff notes that: "The reference to Rolly's Pa "sitting over a mug of plum wine with a couple of vagabond friends" is probably the most blatant mention of alcohol in Oz. It's not at all unlikely that the 'courage' the Cowardly Lion drinks in WIZARD is an alcoholic beverage, but it's never specifically stated."


Dating: Late winter into early Spring.  The narrative appears to take place around the course of 13 or so days.  The year is not explicit.  It cannot be after the author first discovered the living marionettes in 1980, but is clearly after the Wizard invented his version of the Wishing Pills.  The Royal Timeline of Oz places it in 1979.


Forbidden Fountain Draft: An early draft of The Forbidden Fountain of Oz included Dorothy and Ozma in the main part of the narrative. After the girls had lost their memories (due to drinking from the Forbidden Fountain), they winded up in Whitheraway Castle, where they meet Poco.  Slyddwyn played a role as well.


Fyordi-Zik: In the north Gillikin Country, and formerly cut off from Oz by the Stayaway Mountains, this village had created an artificial sun due to the oppressive darkness of the mountains.  There is a question as to why they would have settled there in the first place if the valley was so shrouded in darkness.  The mountains appear to be mobile, as the Spellstones not only activate their artificial sun, but move the mountains, and it may be that at one time, the mountains did not block out the sun. 


Gillikin News: This story reveals another newspaper in Oz, this one specific to the Gillikin County.  It seems likely that every quadrant has its own newspaper.


Italian Musical Terms: Each of the Troopadour's names are Italian terms for music direction in classical and opera. They translate as follows:

Maestroissimo Signorissimo Pizzicato Furioso: Grand Master Lord Plucking Tempestuously

Pocotristi Sostenuto: Little Sadness Sustained

Largo Doloroso: Very Slow and Mournful

Scherzo Con Brio: Playful with Vigor

Allegra Arpeggia: Cheerful with Broken Chords

Bravado Solo: Swaggering Alone

Dame Andante: Moderately Slow (Dame is not Italian, but an English word for matron)

Molto Rallentando: Slowing down a lot.


The carver of Poco (and presumably all of the marionettes) bears the name Angelotto, which means Angelic.  He was said to have some renown, but who he really is, and how he brought the marionettes to life is unknown.












The Glass Cat of Oz

Story: When the Glass Cat gets bored, Trot suggests she help someone.  So Bungle leaves to join Ozma and Betsy who are discussing Betsy's 75th anniversary in Oz.  Betsy would like to see her Oogaboo friend Queen Ann, Jo Files  and Princess Ozga, so Bungle offers to travel there to invite them.  Ozma tells her it's in two weeks time from tomorrow.  The Glass Cat arrives by sunset.  Queen Ann is pleased to get the invitation, as she's never yet been in the capital, and Bungle agrees to lead her. 


At dawn, Bungle goes to a mountain stream and waterfall to clean off, when she meets a bullfrog who warns her to jump.  She does so, just missing a musket ball shot at her by a group of malcontent youth.


In California, meanwhile, Barry Klein and his sister Becky are having trouble adjusting to their new life with their aunt and uncle following the deaths of their parents.  Barry comes across an old bottle, and hoping it might hold a genie inside, opens it up.  A genie indeed pops out, and Barry asks him if he could wish his parents had never been killed.  The genie admits he can't do that, so Barry asks if there's a real Oz like the one in the books.  The genie notes that while some of the details are off, there is.  Barry then wishes himself and his sister there, and then wishes to know the true pronunciation of the world PYRZQXGL. 


The siblings magically appear in the Munchkin Country where Barry explains to his sister what happened, and uses his newfound magic word to give her a new outfit for exploring.  He tells her that if they want to stay they're going to have to do something to deserve it, as that's how it usually works in the books.


Bungle, meanwhile, escapes her 13-14 year old assailants by walking along the bottom of the lake, emerging unto a  hiding spot where she recognizes them by their ridiculous clothing as the Bad Lads of Brookville, which is a small town in the Quadling Country.  She follows the leaders Torko and Moosko as they sneak into Oogaboo and enter the farm where the musket trees grow.  They each pick one and its associated bullets.  Bungle continues following the Bad Lads to the west side of the valley where they go into a hidden cleft, leading to a clearing in the valley at the side of a mountain.  There, near its center, spouts a fountain where two dozen Bad Lads loiter.  Torko tells them there's enough guns for them all.  To prevent Ozma finding out their plan, they prepare to keep anyone from leaving, and since neither she nor Glinda have stopped them before, they feel emboldened to take over.  Bungle learns that they had fled because the Herkus started dipping any Bad Lad they caught in the Truth Pond. 


Bungle determines to warn Ozma and Queen Ann, but is spotted and shot at.  The Glass Cat escapes to warn Ann who tells her sister Salye Soforth to gather Jo Nails, Jo Apple and Meli Cone at the gun tree.  Ann goes off to find Jo Files.  They're all too late, though, as the Bad Lads reach the gun trees first and arm themselves.  Although they have no experience with firearms, Bungle advises Ann to warn her citizens to hide.  She and Salye know of a campground in the north beyond the woods.  Bungle determines to contact Ozma in the meantime, and has Jo Files create a diversion so she can escape.  


The next day, Queen Ann's team ambushes four Bad Lads and ties them up.  Queen Ann learns there are 26 Bad Lads.  Salye leads most of the citizens up north, while other parties stay behind to watch. Barry, meanwhile, unsuccessfully fails to fill their hunger when he tries turning rocks into food, so they determine to find some place hospitable.  He teaches Becky how to pronounce the magic word, and the two transform each other into peregrine falcons.  Enjoying their flight, they spot a Munchkin cottage.  After turning back into themselves they met Tosc and Dirna who feed them.  Departing, they turn back into falcons and follow Tosc's directions to the Emerald City.  Once there, they turn into sparrows and alight upon the dome above the throne room, where they watch as Bungle races into the room to warn Ozma of the Bad Lads invasion of Oogaboo.


Ozma agrees to send Cap'n Bill, Trot, Button Bright, the Glass Cat and Hungry Tiger to Oogaboo by means of boat that Cap'n Bill will sail up the Winkie River.  Ozma gives them amulets that will protect them from bullets, along with extras for the people.  She also gives them an ever-refilling basket of food, a magic tent, and magic tangle ropes to tie people up with.


The party set sail, and as it's the Hungry Tiger's first time in a boat, he gets seasick.  Becky and Barry decide to follow behind as crows, taking a detour to get food from a Winkie cottage.  But when Barry tries to get news from other crows, they detect he's not real. Knowing that magic is forbidden to all but Ozma, Glinda and the Wizard, the crows think he's an evil magician and begin plucking his feathers.  In the form of an eagle, Becky rescues him.  Later, they sense a storm coming and turn themselves into river dolphins. Cap'n Bill, meanwhile, makes landfall at the Scarecrow's tower and the party are greeted by his major-domo who gives them lodging and food.


The next morning they set sail again, only without the Hungry Tiger who determines to run along the bank.  They pass by the Trick River before arriving at the Tin Woodman's castle where they give food to the Hungry Tiger and agree to meet north of Cowville, where Trot wishes to visit at lunchtime.  Cowville proves a friendly place, as they meet various cows, including the Grand Dame Elwanda, and get cheese.  Elwanda tells them that she knows of the United States from the cows Elmer and Elsie, who were restless and went to the Emerald City and convinced the Wizard to send them to America.  There they went into advertising. 


Deleted Chapter (Begins on page 72, paragraph 1): Sailing up north as far as they can they disembark and pitch a tent in a clearing.  Trot notes that it's the first time the three of them have gone on an adventure together since they first came to Oz, and they share their adventures in Sky Island with the Glass Cat and Hungry Tiger.  The next morning, Button Bright awakens early and walks along the river where he's accosted by the Bookmaker, who insists he must make a bet in order to pass through his estate.  For every time he loses, he must work a day in service to him.  They race wogglebugs, but Button Bright loses.  They next play the card game Cassino, but he loses again.  Tiring of the games and the Bookmaker, Button Bright takes out his magic rope and instructs it to tie up the bookie.  Once complete, he returns to his friends, explaing that he was captured, not lost. (Resume at page 72, paragraph 2)


In the morning, Becky eats some fish, and although Barry is unsure if they talk, shrugs his shoulders and eats them as well.  Seeing the boat, they turn themselves into wood ducks and fly past the Tin Woodman's castle, where they spot some Ozian celebrities.  After feasting on minnows, they turn into hawks.  Concerned they'll be tempted to eat birds and rodents, they turn into goldfinches and eat apricots.  Finding rest in an oak tree, they're awakened at dawn by Bungle, who demands to know why they've been following them.  Barry tells most of the truth, leaving out the part about wanting to earn an invitation to stay in Oz.  He also acknowledges to having a magic word to transform things.  Bungle thinks it'll come in handy, but leaves it to Cap'n Bill to decide.


Salye's team, meanwhile, follows a group of Bad Lads.  But when Joli Cheese trips and sprains his ankle, Salye leads the Bad Lads away from him and gets caught in a clearing.  They take her prisoner, and on their way to camp, she notices that Lando is more mature than the others.  He tells her that growing up in Brookville left him not choice but to become a Bad Lad, but he let himself grow older and has always been smarter than they are.  The Bad Lads take her to the village, where Sayle is horrified to see the condition they left things.  Because she won't reveal where the others are, they force her to clean up after them.  But when the others leave, Lando helps to dry the dishes, and together they prepare food.


Trot meets Barry and Becky, who tell their story of the genie and the wishes.  They soon meet the others and Cap'n Bill who says they can travel with them, and they all continue north on foot to the road of yellow brick.  When they finally reach the pass, they find the post deserted by the impatient Bad Lads.


The next day, they discuss plans and head out.  Button-Bright disappears, but Barry goes looking for him.  When Trot is accosted by two Bad Lads, Becky knocks them to the ground and ties them up, explaining to the surprised Trot that knows karate and explains what martial arts are.  Bungle, Cap'n Bill and the Hungry Tiger, meanwhile, catch up to a part of Bad Lads.  Though their bullets can't hurt them, one of them shatters Cap'n Bill's wooden leg.  The Hungry Tiger leaps in, dashing the boys, capturing Torko, Moosko and the other Bad Lads, freeing Salye.  Barry offers to give Cap'n Bill a real meat leg, but he's so used to having a wooden one, he simply requests another.  The rest of the Bad Lads are soon caught by the Oogaboo citizens and Salye vouces for Lando, who they leave untied.  The Rest are marched back to the village to clean up their mess.  Salye's then appointed to lead them to the Truth Pond, while her sister attends Betsy's party.


The next morning, the Tiger takes the road while the others sail back.  Button Bright asks Becky if she could teach him karate.  They stop at Cowville again.  The next day, they reach Lake Quad where a storm arises, with wind and waves that knock Trot into the water. Barry turns himself into a dolphin to save her, but Trot has already summoned the mermaids, and Clia and her cousin Merla are there.  The mermaids greet everyone and explain there's an underground tunnel to Nonestica. 


At the Emerald City, Barry learns that the Guardian of the Gate retired years earlier.  In the city they pass by various drink fountains, and Trot introduces the twins to Dorothy and the various celebrities.  Jellia brings them to their rooms, explaining that the Wizard enchanted the baths so that it magically takes their measurements and prepares a proper wardrobe for them.  Finally before Ozma, Barry tells the whole story.  Ozma asks if they want to stay, and they agree.  She says that "only one mortal in the last 50 years has come to Oz and wanted to stay."  She also warns them not to use the magic word except in emergencies. 


Days later, the Wizard invites Barry to become his new apprentice, while Becky starts a fashion revolution with all the boys and girls wearing jeans.  On the day of Betsy's anniversary she goes to see Hank.  Polychrome comes down, not having been to Oz "in a long time," and Ozma begins the parade.  Quox makes a surprise visit and meets Ozma.   Ozma makes Bungle her Principle Investigator to the Throne and sends him to learn whose overthrown the High Cocolorum.


Continuity notes:

Bad Lads: A group of malcontent teenagers from Brookville, nearby to Herku.  There is a strong cultural similarity between them and the Noyzy Boyz of The Flying Bus of Oz, and the latter is located in the Quadling Country, whereas Brookville is in the southern Winkie Country.  Although the latter grow from enchanted plants and the former are born in the customary fashion, it seems likely that one group is an offshoot of the other.  The Bad Lads left Brookville when the people of Herku had apparently had enough of them and began taking Bad Lad prisoners south to the Truth Pond.


Barry and Becky Klein: Although orphaned children have become more common of late with kids coming to Oz, Barry and Becky have the distinction of being the first recorded Jewish visitors to Oz.  In 1945 when Hitler asked if there were any Jews in Oz (in Adolf Hitler in Oz), Queen Ann didn't know what they were.


Contradictions: Due to several contradictions, The Glass Cat of Oz is on the Mainline Timeline of Oz with the caveat that some aspects of it did not occur in the way it's told in its current form.  While some of the contradictions can be retconned (the use of the magic word pyrzqxgl after its disenchantment in Oziana 1986), others prove more difficult, including the state of Oogaboo, which has the exact same number of people living in it as it did 80 years prior (which seems to suggest there are no births in Oz, and contradicts Queen Ann in Oz and Adolf Hitler in Oz), people eating animals in Oz (several stories and Ozma specifically indicate this is not the case: see Beach Blanket BabylOz), Quox having never met Ozma (The Law of Oz and Other Stories, though in fairness that story was published later), and most egregiously Ozma and Cap'n Bill stating that no mortals have come to live in Oz in the last fifty years, except one (presumably Robin Brown).


Dating: The story begins two weeks prior to the 75th anniversary of Betsy Bobbins’ arrival in Oz, chronicled in Tik-Tok of Oz, which takes place in 1905.  While the anniversary creates an explicit date, the author's intent is based on his belief that the latter story took place around 1914 (Barry surmises they came to Oz then, but Trot doesn't confirm or deny it, claiming she didn't pay much attention to what year it was), and that his story would take place in 1989/90. To further complicate matters, there are aspects of the story that make it seem as if it should take place much earlier.  Trot says that she's never seen a girl wear denim jeans before and doesn't recognize T-shirts.  Yet, as Dorothy has been wearing casual clothes for some years, and there have been several youthful visitors to Oz in 1963, 1974 and 1975, this suggests an earlier date, however Cap'n Bill says no one has come to stay in Oz for 30 years. Ozma then says "only one mortal in the last 50 years has come to Oz and wanted to stay," which even by the author's chronology would allow only for Robin Brown (from Merry-Go-Round in Oz), a stance that needlessly restricts other told and untold stories.


Deleted Chapter: There is an unpublished 10th chapter of the book (synopsized above) in which Button Bright encounters the Bookmaker, whose a bookie.  Peter Glassman of Emerald City Press considered it inappropriate.  There is a continuity error in it, however, that needs to be discarded, and that is the Bookman claiming there are no horses in Oz except the Sawhorse (a claim Button Bright doesn't dispute despite having met or heard of plenty of horses in Oz).   


Mascots: Hulan indicates that the famous cow and bull mascots from the Borden's commercials, Elsie and Elmer, are actually emigrants from Cowville in Oz.  The Wizard had acceded to their request and sent them to the Outside World.  This would have to have been before 1936 (when Borden began using Elsie in its advertising).


Missing Belt and Wishing Pills: Given the threat of Oogaboo by armed teens, it seems more than strange that Ozma doesn't send her party to Oogaboo immediately by means of the Magic Belt or Wizard's wishing pills.  Similarly, she could use those magical items to stop the Bad Lads right away.  Although Ozma says she'd like to get the rescue party there quickly, she apparently doesn't view them as much of a threat since she doesn't (citing only that the Red Wagon is in use), and goes on to send two children, an old man, and a cat made of glass to deal with them, with only the Hungry Tiger as protection.  Trot calls it an "adventure," and Ozma wishes them "an enjoyable adventure." [pages 43-44]


Musket Tree and Moretomore: In Queen Ann in Oz and Adolf Hitler in Oz, the gun trees are guarded by Jo Musket.  It's 30 years since the latter story, and it may be that Jo Musket has grown up and moved on, perhaps with Jo Dragon and the dragon Moretomore.  Or it may be that they're on vacation.  It may have been thought that since everyone in Oz is so peaceful and there were no invasions in the years since Hitler, that it wasn't necessary to guard those trees.  Or it may that their guardian was away when the Bad Lads infiltrated Oogaboo.


Oogaboo: The narrative portrays Oogaboo as stagnant since the time of Tik-Tok in Oz, with the same amount of citizens (90) that there were in 1905 [page 34].  Apart from the unlikelihood of this, it's clear from both Queen Ann in Oz and Adolf Hitler in Oz that there have been normal births and arrivals in that community.  While possible, it may be that there was a mass exodus of people out of Oogaboo, but again it seems unlikely it would have left behind the very number of people there were in 1905.  These figures have to be taken as historian error and discounted.  In a similar vein, it's stated that Queen Ann has never been to the capital.  It seems to stretch credulity to say that in 75 years, she never once attended one of Ozma's birthday parties, or was never magicked there by the Belt to celebrate some of the many celebrations they have. 


PYRZQXGL: There is a discrepancy between the conclusion of "Much Ado About Kiki Aru," which purports to see the end of the power of the word, and this story in which the word is still efficacious.  See that entry for a possible continuity fix.


Quox: Quox is said to meet Ozma for the first time.  He first met her in The Mysterious Chronicles of Oz, but Tititi-Hoochoo made him forget that adventure.  Yet he met her again when Tititi-Hoochoo arrested Ozma in The Law of Oz.


Sally Soforth: Queen Ann's sister is still referred to by her maiden name, possibly indicating that she didn't marry the Winkie farmer she'd been in love with (or did and later divorced) in Adolf Hitler in Oz.


Talking Animals: The author portrays Oz as a place where some animals speak, and some don't, and in this milieu has his protagonists kill and eat animals.  In fact, the protagonist Barry notes that they might speak, but then shrugs his shoulders and determines he doesn't remember any "important" fish in the books, as if that's a determining factor as to whether or not to kill and devour them.  This depiction of Oz as a place where only some animals speak runs contrary to the vast majority of stories in which it's said that "all animals" (including fish) speak in Oz, and these scenes should, therefore, must be considered historian error and taken with a grain of salt.  Another dubious element is the idea, expressed in the deleted chapter, that there are no horses in Oz, except the Sawhorse.  See also the entry on Dating above and Ooogaboo below.


Trot: Trot notes that she lived near Laguna Beach, south of Los Angeles, California.  Barry and Becky comes from nearby.









The Silver Shoes of Oz


Story: Frustrated from a dream in which she ruled a large kingdom, the sorceress Vassilia, who lives just south of the Great Sandy Waste (north of Dunkiton), decides that to get rid of her boredom she must conquer a kingdom.


Riding the golden chariot pulled by the Hungry Tiger and Cowardly Lion, Ozma crosses the Deadly Desert by means of the Magic Carpet after settling a dispute between Foxville and Dunkiton.  She's anxious to see her friends again and relieve her father Pastoria from the duties of the throne.  With the help of a mirror to mark where she should head, Ozma traverses the desert through the invisible barrier surrounding Oz. But when the Lion stubs his toe on something sharp, Ozma uses her wand to retrieve the offending item, and discovers the long lost Silver Shoes!  Once she reaches the Quadling Country, she tests the Shoes, commanding them to  transport them to the palace of Glinda the Good.  Glinda tells her she knows of the Shoes' rediscovery in the Great Book of Records, and that she's not surprised they were recovered. 


Vassilia, meanwhile, reads about the Land of Oz from her book Fairylands of the World.  Deciding that it's ridiculous for only three people to lawfully use magic there, she determines that she'll conquer Oz.  Taking a gold cloth, she transforms it into a flyer, and flies across the desert to the Quadling Country.  After seeing Ozma's Golden Chariot ride by, she heads to the Emerald City.  There, Betsy is indoors due to the rain, but when Ozma arrives with the Silver Shoes on her feet, she summons Dorothy, Trot, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Scraps, Tik-Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead, Toto and Eureka.  Ozma tells everyone she found something as powerful as the Magic Belt: the Silver Shoes.  Since everyone knows they can be used for transportation, Betsy asks if she can take them to the Quadling Country and find out what else they can do.  Ozma concedes.


Vassilia, meanwhile, convinces the Soldier with the Green Whiskers to let her in to see Ozma and give her a gift.  In the throne room, she explains to Ozma that she's a sorceress from a land outside of Oz that has heard of their problems with those who practice unlawful magic.  To solve that problem she gifts her with two magic powders: a lavender one that brings things to life, and a yellow one that deprives magic from anyone.  Ozma accepts and shows her to her room for the night.  Once alone, Vassilia magically changes the colors of the two powders.


The next morning, Scraps joins Betsy, whose wearing the Silver Shoes, as they head into the Quadling Country.  There they come across Berrybury, a community that grows various berries.  The guardian welcomes them, explaining that they're devoted to growing the finest berries in all of Oz, and escorts her to meet King Barry the Eighth, who lives in a ruby palace.  He's fascinated by the Silver Shoes, and invites them to lunch.  As he feeds her, Betsy tells the story, and the king gifts her with a gold ring with a strawberry-shaped ruby, and Scraps with a patch of a strawberry.


As they pass by a beautiful field of wildflowers, Betsy wishes they were alive, and due to the power of the Shoes, they are!  A Primrose declares that only flowers are allowed in the meadow and asks them to leave, the Upsy Daisies begin tossing them into the air, the Daffy Dills make jokes and the Black-Eyed Susans argue amongst themselves.  But the Primrose, who declares herself ruler, demands Betsy and Scraps leaves.


They next come to Glassville, where the buildings, trees, flowers, water and people are made of glass.  Betsy slides and falls on the slippery surface, and the Glassglows laugh.  Scraps gets her up and they slide over to them.  They tell them that they're a sign posted warning people away.  Scraps becomes offended when they call her absurd, and does a cartwheel, accidentally knocking into a glass woman who crashes into a bush, both of which shatter.  Accusing them of murder, they summon forth Queen Gleamenshine the Seventh.  She orders them placed in their crystal river to make them as beautiful as they are.  Scraps and Betsy fight back as the Glassglows struggle to take her Shoes and push them in the river.  After the shoes are thrown off and land in the branches of a tree they can't reach, the Queen then orders them taken to the Prism Prison, within which is a pool.  The Queen orders them kept there until they bathe in their water.


Three days after they left the Emerald City, Ozma checks in Betsy and Scraps.  Seeing they're enjoying their trip, she checks in on Vassilia, and discovers her plot to take over Oz by switching the magic powders.  But when Ozma goes to the safe where she placed them to use the lavender powder on Vassilia, something comes over her.


Earlier, Betsy and Scraps remain imprisoned in Glassville.  But when Scraps sees a whistle around Betsy's neck that's used to summon the palace animals, she suggests blowing it.  She does, cracking the glass.  This brings out the queen and her guards, but Scraps and Betsy run to the edge of the city.  Unable to climb up the glass wall, they spot the Shoes upon the tree, and Betsy begins blowing, and with the help of Scraps who somersaults into it, she gets back the Silver Shoes and wishes them to the top of hill outside of Glassville. 


There, they overhear Vassilia plotting and reproaching herself for her hasty actions.  Angry, Scraps wishes all the magic workers in Oz were out of Oz just as Betsy wishes them to the palace.  Once, they find Ozma gone and realize that Scraps' wish came true.  Searching for Ozma, the Wizard and Glinda in the Magic Picture results in nothing, so Betsy takes the two powders that Ozma had been examining when she vanished, and determines that if she goes to where the Shoes came from, she might perhaps find the place they sent Ozma, the Wizard and Glinda.


Commanding the Silver Shoes to take them where the shoes came from, they appear in the Munchkin Country before an ivy-covered castle.  Entering the abandoned building, they discover magic books, and realize they're in the castle of the Wicked Witch of the East.  Examining her books, she discovers that the Shoes were molded from magic silver from the banks of a silver river.  They grant wishes and create visions.  Now that she knows they grant wishes, she wishes to know where Ozma and the others are, and she's shown a dry spot in the Nonestic Ocean where they and Vassilia are.  Wishing to go there, Betsy and Scraps greet their friends and explains what transpired.  Ozma realizes that Scraps' wish won't allow them to return to Oz until they find a way to break the spell.  As Vassilia had changed her mind about conquering, Betsy uses the Shoes to send her home.  They realize then that some powder might have gone on the Magic Picture.


As night falls, Betsy swims to the surface and sees the first evening star, which she then wishes upon, requesting a way to solve their dilemma.  Rising up out of the water, she flies up to the star of the Wishtakers, where she meets the queen and several other beautiful girls who fulfill wishes.  The queen notes that they were lucky to catch her wish before it got lost in a cloud or burnt up in the sun.  The queen suggests that Betsy use the Shoes to restore the magic powders to their original states.  Having done so, she adds that Betsy should remove the magic from Dorothy, the Wizard and Glinda with the one powder, and then restore it when they return to Oz.  Betsy concedes, and returns to her friends, spreading the yellow powder over them.  Then, with the Shoes she returns them to Oz, and they fly over the Deadly Desert to the Emerald City.  Once there, Betsy wishes magic users allowed to exist in Oz, and sprinkles them with the lavender powder.  Summoning Vassilia before them, she explains that she what she did was out of boredom and promises to leave them in peace.  Ozma gives her just enough water from the Fountain of Oblivion to enable her to forget how to get to Oz, and restores her to her land.  The Silver Shoes and the two powders are then put in the emerald safe.


Continuity notes:

Berrybury: One of the rare communities that sprung up in Oz that makes sense.  Berrybury likely began as a small berry farming community (or group of small farmers who grew berries) who consolidated under the first King Barry; the one in this story is the eighth.  That he's never heard of the Silver Shoes can indicate either an insular community, or a relatively young one, and given that they are so welcoming and produce their berries for Oz, insularity seems unlikely.  More likely is that they or the king elect a new "king" every few years to represent them.  They drink elderberry wine in their domain, one of several examples of alcohol in Oz.


Castle of the Wicked Witch of the East: Located in the Munchkin Country, there's a seeming incongruity with the fact that the witch's magic books were left behind, as Ozma and Glinda are known to have taken away any magical apparatuses or books.  It seems likely, however, that this castle was magically protected from detection.  It may not have even been her only residence.  The books are marked as property of W.W. East, which Betsy knows as the Wicked Witch of the East, though they were likely written by the witch as meaning the Wise Woman of the East, as that is the title she went by when she ruled (see The Magic Umbrella of Oz).


Dating: There is no explicit date given in the text, save that it must take place after Ozma's father Pastoria is restored (The Lost King of Oz) and before 1987 when the story was written.  Hurray for Oz, which takes place notes that this takes place a short time prior.  See that entry for more details.  The Royal Timeline of Oz currently places it in 1980.


Fountain of Oblivion: One of the earliest accounts which demonstrates that the water from the Fountain of Oblivion need not entirely remove one's memory, but can be selective.  This is expanded on in The Royal Explorers of Oz: Book 3, in which it's shown that the quantity controls the amount of memory removed.


Glassville: A glass community of glass houses, trees, flowers and people called Glassglows.  Ruled by Queen Gleamenshine, they are another of those cold-hearted communities who seeks to make others like them.  Likely they were brought to life through magical means, but by whom, and whether intentionally or not, is not known.


Scraps Wish: Scraps' wish that (p. 70) that "all the people with magic powers were gone from Oz" should have affected dozens of people, and not just Ozma, the Wizard, Glinda and Vassilia.  Either they were banished to a different region than the dry area under the Nonestic, and were restored later, or the Wishtakers chose to interpret it differently than the wording suggested.


Silver Shoes: While the Silver Shoes were created by Enilrul (The Witch Queen of Oz), Betsy's wish only asks the Shoes to take her to where they came from. She assumes that means where they were created, but the Shoes only take her to where they were previously, at the castle of the Wicked Witch of the East.  Her book indicates how they were made: molded from magic silver at the bank of a silver river, but not who made them.  The witch must have uncovered this information years later.  For more information on the History of the Silver Shoes, go to the Appendices.


Wishtakers: These wish elementals that inhabit the evening star appear to be some kind of fairy responsible for fulfilling the magical wishes made on the star provided they catch the wish.  It may be that they are also responsible for wishes made by objects such as the Magic Belt and others.  They also determine how a wish is fulfilled.







Hurray for Oz!

Story: When seven-year old Kelly gets grounded by her father for coming home late, she tries the next morning to convince him to let her go to her friend Heather's party. At school, however, she's upset to find out that her friend Charlie, a teacher's assistant, is being forced to leave his position.


At midnight, it becomes uncannily dark, and Kelly awakens to music and the sight of a tiny man with purple spiked hair in a leather jacket on a pink motorcycle.  He introduces himself as Spike (real name: Joshua), the new Assistant Tooth Fairy.  He explains there's no one Tooth Fairy, and he's not a fairy at all, just a helper for Ruthie Toothie, whose in charge of her region in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kelly informs him that she didn't loose a tooth, but has come to the wrong house. Her friend Kristina lost a tooth.


When Spike gets on his bike, it crashes, knocking him unconscious. After putting him to rest in her dollhouse, Kelly decides to take his list and complete the assignment so that he doesn't lose his job.  She heads to Kristina's house, but doesn't know how to get in.  When a police officer arrives, she flees.  She soon discovers that behind the list is a book: Incisors and Excisors: A Handbook for the Well-Taught Fairy.  From it she learns how to enter locked doors.  But at the next house she enters, she realizes she has no money.  The book tells her that in emergencies she can obtain money from the parents.  So, waking up the boy's parents she explains her mission.  They call the police and Kelly locks herself in their bathroom.  Consulting the book again, it tells her to turn to a certain page in the event of discovery.  She does and finds herself in a forest.


After spending the night in a cave, Kelly awakens to find a repast of berries in a clearing by a tree in a colorful forest.  More appear again that night and the next morning, when she meets a creature.  Unsure what to do, she offers it candy.  The creature then shrinks down to the size of a squirrel.  Over the next two days she learns that the creature (a Cuddlefuzz) had provided her the food, and that it understands her.  She calls her Effie.  In the next two days she learns the tree where the berries come from, and where Effie lives, is a geome tree.  She can enlarge herself as protection from predators.


The next day, Kelly meets an eight-legged skitterdo, a creature like a llama and a spider, named Stank.  He's friendly at first, informing her that she's in Flannigan Forest, but he grows upset when he tells her that on his 116th birthday he failed to capture a cuddlefuzz, the task his brothers gave him in order to become an Appouont Ranger.  It's an impossible task and he thinks they set him up to fail, but he decides that bringing a girl instead might work.  Stank abducts her and takes her to Skitterdo Scullery in the center of the forest.  Kelly escapes, but is caught by his brother.  Stank throws her into a dungeon pit, where she finds it's as filthy as the rest of their town.


Kelly awakens the next day to find herself mysteriously clean. But she worries when the skitterdos drop a large sack into the pit with her. Opening it reveals a female skitterdo named Acridette, who tells her she'd fallen from grace and is now an outcast.  Effie suddenly appears to rescue Kelly.  Upon spotting the skitterdo, whose been the enemy of the Cuddlefuzz, Effie shrinks her down to a small size.  This gives Acridette the idea to have Effie also reduce Kelly's size, while enlarging herself so that they can escape out the top of the prison-pit.


Miles later, they come upon a sign for Ohmy Gully, population 1 and a half. Finding a cave to rest in, Kelly awakens to the sight of a giant, who introduces himself as Cokuzima.  He believes everyone left the gully because of him.  As he proves friendly, they nickname him Coke.  He feeds them the dry leaves from the trees that he cross-pollinates, which taste sweet and delicious to Kelly.  She tells him her tale up till that point.  The giant directs them to the Emperor, and brings out a map showing Ohmy Gully at the edge of the western part, with the Emperor to the east.


They set off the next morning.  Kelly gets the idea of having Effie shrink Coke to human-size, but her powers are spent after the last time she effected them.  Coke decides its best to stay behind, and although sad at losing his new friends, is anxious to have them tell the Emperor about him.  The party come to a river, where Effie stumbles and hurts her leg.  Acridette suggests they go back, but Kelly tells her she can't, though she'll understand if the skitterdo needs to.  She agrees to continue with them and suggests spinning a web across the river to serve as a bridge.  After several tries, it works and they cross.


After dozing for awhile, Kelly awakens to find Cuddlefuzz's foot swollen.  Acridette bandages it with some webbing.  After several more miles, they come to another river.  This time, they meet the star-shaped Fallen Stars, Stanly, Stacy, Steward and Stephanie.  They shine only in fairylands and don't orbit the mortal lands.  Now that they're fallen, however, they're grounded.  Though they don't interfere with the affairs of LandTrodders (or LandTrotters), Stephanie is dismayed by the state of the Cuddlefuzz, and determines to use her stardust to heal him, even if it does break Celestial laws.  It works, and once Effie's better, they thank the stars.  Effie then enlarges and carries her friends across the river.  They come to a small community of humans who point them in the direction of the Emperor's castle.


Kelly is amazed that at the ornate palace, and the fact that it and its trees and bushes are made of tin.  The guardsman informs her that she's in the country of the Winkies in the Land of Oz, and that Nick Chopper is the Emperor.  Kelly remembers the movie The Wizard of Oz, but the story the guard tells of his origins seems unbelievable to her.  Kelly is happily surprised to find the Emperor is kind hearted and willing to help her get back to Albuquerque.  He tells her the story of Dorothy and the Silver Shoes, parts of which are familiar from the movie, though the details are different.  She asks about the shoes, since that's what got Dorothy home, and the Tin Woodman explains that they were discovered years ago, and again recently, but are now protected.  Effie tells him about Cokuzima the giant.


The next day, Kelly meets Glinda, who read of her adventure in the Great Book of Records.  She's come to reveal bad news, however.  The skitterdo Acridette, that she thought was her friend, had actually been deceiving her from the start.  She had traveled with them in order to find human settlements that Kelly could settle in, after which she would lead the skitterdos to attack.  She left in the middle of the night.  Kelly is glad, at least, to know that her friend Coke was offered citizenship and will guard the realm from the skitterdos.  Glinda then assures her she can go home any time, but a celebration in her honor awaits in the Emerald City.


At the party, Kelly is happy to meet all the celebrities, and especially to see Spike again.  Although he's been discharged, he's now at his normal height, and Glinda has asked him to stay on.  Kelly meets the Braided Man, the Wooden Gargoyle, Mr. Flint, a Viking, the Scarecrow and others.  Several days later, Ozma sends Kelly home, promising to see her again.  Kelly wakes up to discover a copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, signed by Spoke.  Even more surprising, Charlie shows up small and on a pink motorcycle, explaining that now that Ruthie Toothie's retiring, he's the new Tooth Fairy, and he needs an apprentice: her!  She agrees and they ride off together!

Continuity notes:

Chapters: Chapter 13 is named "The Hungry Tiger of Oz," though that character does not appear and is not mentioned in the chapter.


Cokuzima: This kind-hearted, three-legged giant appears again in The Giant King of Oz.


Dating: The story takes place over the course of 14 days. The year is noted as being after 1985, as Gorbachev is mentioned by Kelly, and a short time after The Silver Shoes of Oz.  Yet, because this story takes place a year prior to The Giant King of Oz, and because that story must take place several years earlier, either the Gorbachev reference must be ignored, or Kelly is a particularly bright student interested in Russia and Soviet politics.  It is possible that one or both of Kelly's parents is Russian, which would explain how she knows about a man who was then but a new member of the Politburo.


Silver Shoes: The narrative tells the story of the Silver Shoes' rediscovery in both The Braided Man of Oz and The Silver Shoes of Oz.  The dates it provides for when the former happened have to be ignored, however.  See that entry for more details.


Skitterdos: This unusual race of beings was later exiled, as per Lunarr and Maureen in Oz, in which they reappear.  Although not on the Mainline Timeline, elements of the latter that might have taken place there.


Stars: In Grampa in Oz, Ruth Plumly Thompson introduced the idea of stars that do not correspond to the nature of stars in the outside world.  The Fallen Stars explain this discrepancy by noting that they're fairy stars that only appear in fairylands.








The Giant King of Oz

Story: When the giant Goola the Glutton tries to capture and eat the Gillikin magician Kerok, the magician barely gets away, but the giant gets his magic Golden Dart, which can hit any target commanded.  Goola learns the incantation from the wicked giant Snufflegum, who had seen his brother killed with the magic dart, and becomes king of the giants on Giant's Peak.  He married the giantess Lazyliz, and has a son, Prince Kwa, who as he grows older he frequently beats.


One day, Nibble, the Littlest Giant (whose real name is Bignonthaurus), whose been mocked for being only 15 feet tall, came up with a plan to get his revenge.  He convinces Prince Kwa that in order to obtain the most delicious mince pies from the humans who made and coveted them, they must borrow his father's Golden Dart. The boy is unsure, so Nibble prepares for him a wooden dart crafted to look like the real one.  While his father sleeps, Kwa exchanges them.  Successful, they travel to the home of Xerok the Baker, where they take all his freshly baked pies.  While Kwa eats, Nibble secretly exchanges the Golden Dart for another fake replica, which Kwa unwittingly switches with the other one when he returns home. 


Several days later, when King Goola goes out on a hunting trip, his dart fails to kill a targeted rhinoceros. Trapped between it and a band of armed Gillikins, the giant king is killed.  Before his throne can be claimed, Nibble asserts his authority by means of the real Golden Dart, defeating his opposition, and forcing Kwa and his mother to move out and into Nibble's former cave.  En route, they encounter the giantess Diapaci, who the former queen deems a troublemaker.  Diapaci flirts with Kwa until she learns that Nibble now has the Golden Dart, and leaves to win him over.


For long years, Kwa reproaches himself for his foolishness and keeps himself secluded.  Then one day in the Purple Forest, he meets the giantess Kerwiss, who offers to share a doonabeast she caught.  He declines, but some time later, when she saves him from a charging rhino, she invites herself to dinner, which Kwa prepares.  His mother is thrilled her son has met someone, but dinner is interrupted by Queen Diapaci, who insists Kwa hunt a rhino for the king.  The next day, Kwa goes back to the Purple Forest and comes across the largest Doonabeast he'd ever seen.  His efforts to shoot it fail and the creature turns on him, but once again, Kerwiss is there to save him.  Though he's ashamed, she informs him that she can hunt, but can't cook.  She tells him to bring the doonabeast to the king and claim it as his own.  When Nibble sees it, he declares a banquet in Kwa's honor, but Kwa later learns that the queen has told all the guests that it was the king's kill.  Unable to sleep that night, Kwa goes in search of Kerwiss in the Purple Forest.  When a giant rattlesnake attacks him, she saves his life for the third time.  This time, he proposes to her, and she accepts.


Since Goola's death, most of the giants have ceased eating humans, and the humans of the Second Valley no longer live in fear.  Xerok tells his son Zerok of the time two giants stole his mince pies.  Zerok wishes to see the Giant's Peak and asks to borrow the car (a Phebani).  Xerok declines, but his mother Querok gives him the keys anyway.  The next day, he goes to the Giant's Peak, but upon his return he drives into a ditch, ruining the car and breaking his legs.  An old man approaches him and throws a dart at his head.  With that, the boy is healed.  The wizard Kerok explains that he used a Healer's Dart, as his specialty is Dart Magic.  He points out that the hole is an impression of a giant, and promises to work on a dart to fix his car.  In the meantime, he uses a dart to bring him and the boy to his home.  There Zerok meets his daughter Terok, who serves them dinner. Terok stays with the wizard and his daughter for some time until Kerok makes a magic dart to repair the car, after which their two families become friends. 


While his wife helps get him intoxicated, King Nibble ponders the state of affairs since the coming of Mr. Yoop, who was freed by Terp the Terrible years ago, and came to Giant's Peak, where he became the military commander of the army.  At the same time, Kwa gets an idea, and goes to Nibble's home, gives him his father's Gagnemar coat to wear, and pretends there's a hunting contest scheduled at this time,.  Intoxicated, Nibble agrees to go.  Kwa then tells his wife there's a hunt on for Gagnemar.  Obliging, she uses her slingshot to fell one, but it turns out to be Diapaci, who insisted on wearing the coat.


In the College of Art and Athletic Perfection, the Wogglebug learns from the three-legged giant Cokuzima about his cross-pollination experiments in Ohmy Gully and his adventures with Kelly the year prior (Hurray for Oz), which saved him from the loneliness he'd been feeling.  Yet, he still longs for companions his own size.  The Wogglebug informs him that giants are not uncommon in Oz.  Unaware of this, Cokuzima is given a lesson pill by the professor, which teaches him Oz history.  With it, he discovers Giant's Peak and the unique enchantment of Second Valley, and although no one knows where it is, Cokuzima determines to find it.  After much searching, Coke comes upon a two-headed giant, whose names are Long and Hardtopronounce.  They tell him the way there, but insist he demonstrate his wit.  He departs from the disagreeable giant and escapes across the bridge, where he notices that this section is different from the Gillikin Country and other parts of Oz. 


Kerwiss's shot had crippled Diapaci, leaving her bitter and in pain.  To make Kerwiss pay for what she's done, he has Kwa drafted in his army.  Soon, Cokuzima comes upon Kwa's cave, and hears all about them and their lives.  Their gathering is interrupted by Mr. Yoop, who arrives to draft Kwa.  Afraid to displease Nibble, who still wields the Golden Dart, he concedes.  Before he leaves, though, Kerwiss announces that she's pregnant.


Zerok and Terok, meanwhile, fall in love, marry and move into a cottage provided by Xerok.  After spying Cokuzima's ascent upon the mountain, Xerok arrives at their house to report the strange giant's arrival, and his fear that the giants are preparing to resume their human-eating ways.  He suggests they get some magic darts and ascend the peak to kill them first.  The human army ascends the mountain and enters Kwa's cave.  Kerwiss has already escorted Kwa to join Yoop's army, leaving Diapaci interrogating Cokuzima.  When the humans arrive, however, she runs to put on Kwa's armor. The giant Nutherun shows up with Nibble to ensure that Kwa has left for the army, and because she's wearing his armor, they mistake her for him.  She's unable to shed the helmet in time, and her belligerence and refusal to go causes Nibble to chap her head off, after which the giants feast on her cooked body!


Kwa later goes to visit Nibble, who doesn't know what became of his wife.  Seeing Kwa, he grows terrified, thinking him a ghost.  Unsure why he's behaving like that, but determined to put it to his advantage, Kwa demands the return of the Golden Dart, which Nibble procures, after which he exiles him off Giant's Peak.  With possession of the dart, Kwa becomes king, Kerwiss queen, and their daughter Ooenemm princess.  Both the giants and humans celebrate.  Cokuzima returns to his cave in the Winkie Country, content to leave the company of other giants.


Continuity notes:

Dating: The main portion of the narrative takes place a year after Hurray for Oz.  The appearance of Mr. Yoop means that this story must take place before 1983, in which he's again imprisoned and then later transformed into a green monkey.  The Royal Timeline of Oz places this story in the previous year of 1982 (thus necessitating the placement of Hurray for Oz and The Silver Shoes of Oz in the prior year). The first chapter appears to take place not very long prior to that, and must be after the invention of automobiles.  Yet, it seems incongruous that Ozma would allow the giants to continually harm humans in any part of Oz without intervention on her part.  Thus, the first chapter is placed prior to her reign in 1900.


Deletion: The Royal Timeline of Oz considers eight pages (77 to 85) from chapter 6 non-canonical.  The content within these pages not only grinds the story to a halt for the sake of incessant jokes, but break the bonds of credulity.


Kerok the Wizard: A wizard or magician (both terms are used here) that specializes in Dart Magic.  Not much is told of Kerok, save that he is goodhearted, lives in the unusually enchanted realm in the Gillikin Country known as the Second Valley


The Littlest Giant: The first chapter of this book is an expanded retelling of the Baum short story "The Littlest Giant." The subsequent chapters provide a sequel to it.


Mr. Yoop: The history of Mr. Yoop and his Yookoohoo wife Mrs. Yoop was first told in the pages of The Patchwork Girl of Oz and The Tin Woodman of Oz.  Their marriage and transformation into giants was told in The Law of Oz and Other Stories.  On page 52 of this book, it's noted that Mr. Yoop escaped his cave prison by means of the assistance a terrible giant, who took pity on him.  This unnamed giant was said to have later been reduced to average size and became a farmer, after which Mr. Yoop no longer bothered with him.  This is clearly meant to be Terp the Terrible from The Hidden Valley of Oz, which would place Mr. Yoop's escape from prison prior to 1930. Years later, he sought the partnership of another terrible giant, hinted as being Badmannah (Yankee in Oz), but this did not work out, and he left his company, finally coming upon Giant's Peak.  Announcing himself as Kambullz Yoop (a play on Campbell's Soup), he was brought before King Nibble, who made him military commander of the army. The name is clearly unlikely.  Perhaps he gave a false name for some reason.  Mr. Yoop's actual given name was revealed in The Law of Oz and Other Stories as Ogram.  Five or six years later, the giant Odarodle tried to take the throne from Nibble, and Mr. Yoop met him on the battlefield and soundly defeated him.  After Nibble's exile by King Kwa at the end of this story, it appears that Mr. Yoop challenged the new king for the throne, something he intended to do to Nibble initially, and failed, but rather than kill him with the Golden Dart, Kwa had him exiled and imprisoned in his original cave, where he's later found in the Oziana 1983 story "The Fate of the Yoops, or The Yookoohoos of Oz." 


The Purple Forest and Second Valley: It is noted in the text [p. 41] that the animals of the Purple Forest in the Gillikin Country lie under a very different enchantment than the rest of Oz.  Two major factors are present: 1. They don't appear to speak (though this is inconclusive), 2. They regenerate after being killed and eaten.  Although the Second Valley is also under an unusual enchantment, they don't regenerate, though they do drive automobilesnot Scalawagons (which are explicitly noted on page 40 as being different), but traditional cars.  How they got to Oz, whether they were made in the Second Valley (independent of, or imitation of, automobiles in the outside world) is unknown.  Also unknown is how and why the Second Valley, Giants' Peak (which is atop the mountain in the Second Valley) and Purple Forest, where the giants hunt, are under so unusual an enchantment.  It may be that a fairy (or wizard) changed the nature of the enchantment in Oz to allow for the giants to hunt, ensuring that the animals living there--although killed--would reconstitute upon the moment of their deaths.  This may have been done in order for the giants to have a source of food other than humans (though they continued to hunt humans anyway).  Other, less violent means, have been taken to ensure the giants' survival in other areas of Oz, such as what Zim the Flying Sorcerer accomplished in The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3, for example.  The Giants' Peak, Purple Forest and Second Valley are accessed through a guarded bridge located in the Gillikin Country. 








The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 2: Tippetarius in Oz

The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz trilogy is considered a deuterocanonical work


Story: When 19 year old Aleda flies off of Grandfather Mountain in Morganton, North Carolina, on her hang-glider, she finds herself over an unknown landscape, passing through noxious smog and then getting tangled in a tree.  The next morning, a sixty-foot tall, eight-fingered giant gets startled by her when he knocks her from the tree.  She finds out he lives in the Winkie Country of Oz and is frightened of small people.  Anxious to get away, she prepares to take off from the desert, but the giant grabs her before the sands can destroy her.  Aleda awakens the next morning, feeling better after being given water and berries.  He explains that as a boy, the little people in the neighboring village shot him full of arrows.  Afraid to leave due to the little people, who he believes are cruel, he determines to keep Aleda, whose the most interesting to happen to him in 50 years.  He's lonely since his mother stopped visiting him 25 years earlier for unknown reasons. For her part, Aleda tries to get him to overcome his fear, and names him Orlando. 


One night, she sneaks out of the little house he'd made her and walks to the chasm that surrounds his valley.  Though too steep to climb down, she hides from Orlando for the next week until he catches her again.  She tells him he must let her out or let her go, but he refuses, so she stops speaking to him.  Three days later, he relents and brings her into his house, where she discovers many books on Oz, which grow on his book tree.  Orlando doesn't know how to read, so she reads to him, starting with The Lost Princess of Oz.  She spends the next few weeks reading books like The Four Wicked Witches of Oz and The Red Sorceress of Oz, amongst others.  Though Aleda longs to get to the Emerald City, Orlando is ashamed at the behavior of his fellow giants. 


Dinny tells Zim he'd like to travel to Oz on his own and asks Zim to surprise him with a place that's safe.  After exploring his Perpetually Updating Geographical Factual Atlas of Oz, Zim gives Dinny a tin pail that when planted will grow a tin pail lunch tree, and a magic treehouse that will grow and ungrow.  After a leavetaking party at Maggie's, Zim casts a spell ensuring Dinny will remember him only when he's by himself.  Zim opens a portal to the Winkie Country, and Dinny finds himself in Townsville, where everybody is named for the work they do.  Mr. Derry Farmer gives him a ride to the castle where Amadin introduces himself to the royal couple and an afghan hound named Royal, and applies for the position of gardener's assistant.  The Royal Hound, a gift to Mr. King from the Wizard Wam, explains that he has a magic nose that can sniff out whether one is wicked or good.  Determining Amadin honest, he tells him of their giant who they make tools and utensils for.  Their foundry also makes things for other Oz kingdoms.  After Wam left their town, along with the giant plants he'd cultivated, a female giant moved into the next valley asking for tools.  A year later, she had a son, but she's since been taken by the Herkus.  Several boys dare Dinny to go see the giant, so a short time later, he follows the men who bring him a new knife that they leave at the canyon.  There, he spends the night.


After the death of King Whippetarius (who ordered someone pushed into the Deadly Desert, a fate that was reversed unto him), his thieving son Slippetarius is due to come into power.  Yet before he can, his mother gives him a quest to fulfill first.  She explains that the boy they mistreated years ago was really their brother.  He had formerly been their sister Amalea.  They must find and bring him back to Lostland.  They set out for Brown Bleegum's house, knowing Dinny had worked for him.  Not home, they're directed by a neighbor to Maggie's, who discovers that Slip has no conscience and tells him only that Dinny left Bleegum's service.  After they leave she remembers she has a spare conscience that she'd gotten from a man who had one too many.


When Dinny awakens he sees Aleda across the canyon and they discuss the misconceptions Orlando and the residents of Townsville have of each other.  Orlando arrives and snatches Dinny, bringing him home for Aleda.  The next day, they read Speedy in Oz and Orlando becomes enamored of the idea of the wizard making him human-sized like he did to the giant Loxo in the book.  Aleda tries to convince Orlando to let one of them go to the Emerald City; Dinny suggests the Wizard could shrink him and the Wogglebug's pills could enable him to read.  He says he'll think about it, but Aleda thinks his fear will override common sense.  Dinny writes a note for Royal, and in the morning, Aleda slings it over the chasm, where the Royal Hound spots her.  She explains their situation and he tells her to be there with Dinny at midnight.  They show up and are met by three men who aid them across the chasm.  But when Aleda discovers they've called the Herkus to come and take away Orlando, she grows incensed and guilty, and determines to go back and warn him to take her to the Emerald City.  Dinny agrees to meet her there.  Waking up Orlando, Aleda explains the situation, and at last the giant agrees to leave the valley.   Announcing for everyone to get out of his way, he runs through Townsville.  Dinny sees and follows them, but is stopped by Royal.  He explains to the dog that the giant is harmless and only wants to be shrunk down to human size.  The hound concedes and Dinny invites him to accompany him to the capital.


Orlando and Aleda arrive at the Scarecrow's mansion.  The Scarecrow hears their story and joins them.  At the Emerald City, many run away, but the Scarecrow assures Ozma that all is well.  Aleda asks the Wizard if he could shrink Orlando.  The Wizard asks for Ozma's crown and fashions a ring of it.  Aleda and Orlando meet the various residents of the palace. When Ozma repairs her hang-glider, Aleda demonstrates how it flies.  She asks Ozma to send her home, but Orlando pleads with her to stay, explaining that she'll grow old and die in the outside world.  Ozma extends the invitation and the Wogglebug offers to make her instructor of hang-gliding.  Overcome, she agrees to think about it.  The Wizard arrives with the gold ring, which shrinks Orlando down to the size of an ordinary man.  If he removes the ring, which he can three times a day, he'll shoot back up to his original size.  When the Wizard sees the anklet around his leg, he realizes he's from Huge Mountain (Big Top Mountain) and may be a prince.  Ozma suggests they need a good king, but Orlando's not interested.  The Scarecrow knows he just needs experience and adventure first and offers a guided tour.


Dinny gets information on the Herkus from Mr. Messenger.  The Czarover had come, but when his party spotted Orlando leaving Townsville, they turned around, deeming him too big for even them to handle.  That night they're awoken by a Yellow Weech (a Winkie wildcat), but Royal's barks scare it away.


The next morning, Dorothy takes over rule as Ozma takes the chariot, pulled by the Hungry Tiger and Cowardly Lion, to visit her people.  Hitched to the Red Wagon, the Sawhorse leads the Scarecrow, Scraps, Aleda and Orlando to the Seven Blue Mountains, as Aleda wants to see where Dinny grew up.  Their first stop is Jinjur's farm.  The women become friends and catch a peculiar orange flower that can run.  They next head to Sapphire City, where they lunch with King Cheeriobed and Queen Orin, and Prince Philador takes Aleda horse riding.  The king tells Scarecrow that the Fairy Ferry came into existence five years earlier, breaching the Jaggedlands.  The Seven Blue Mountains are known for their unequalled sapphires and blue gemstones.  When the Scarecrow learns there are practicing wizards and witches, he determines to inform them of the prohibition.


Next morning, the party pass through the Munchkin Mountains into  the Jaggedlands and Jagged River, where they summon the Fairy Ferry, a crystal swan boat captained by three sea fairies, which navigate the river's constantly turning gears by hooking the boat's rubber notches into the gears, which propels it along until reaching the lake of the Seven Blue Mountains.  The travelers venture to Noth, Lonlee and the Kingdom of Trope in Mount Azurite.  In each, the friendly people tell how they were helped by a good wizard against a mishap or wicked magic user, and the Scarecrow tells each that they must inform their wizards that it's illegal to practice magic.  They feel that the Wizard and Glinda are too far away to help them.  The Tri-Rulers of Trope admit they never posted Ozma's decree because they need their good witches and wizards.  Finally, the Scarecrow says they can get a license to practice magic, but they must go before her.  While the Scarecrow posts a note on Brown Bleegum's hut, Aleda goes hang-gliding around the mountains.  She lands at the base of Mount Azurite and is met by Ganalan, who identifies the orange flower and asks for it in trade for a Magic Star, which lights up the dark.  She agrees and he kisses her with a protective kiss on the forehead.


The next day, Orlando is happy to have taken the Wogglebug's reading pill, and Scraps returns from exploring to announce she's found a cave (which is the very cave Amadin explored years earlier).  The party go spelunking and are amazed by the crystal formations.  Hours later, they come to a tunnel leading to Rimmersden.


Ozma, meanwhile, comes across Amadin's nine brothers, who think she's their long-lost sister Amalea.  Hoping she'll remember, they introduce themselves: Slippetarius, Hippetarius, Clippetarius, Zippetarius, Skippetarius, Lippetarius, Chippetarius, Flippetarius and Shippetarius.  Ozma only remembers that she was once known as Tippetarius, and tells them to go to the Palace so the Wizard or Dorothy can show them the Magic Picture to find their brother.  The brothers determine she's under a spell and must be saved.  Slip goes to the Emerald City, but his brothers don't trust him, so Ship follows behind.  The rest follow Ozma and grab her while their horses ambush the Lion and Tiger.  Slip waits til night to sneak into the palace and Ozma's suite.  There he unlocks the safe (having learned how from a master thief) and steals the treasures, including the Magic Belt, which he uses to turn his brother Ship (the rightful heir to the throne) into a stone.  Shrinking the Magic Picture, he departs, throwing his brother's stone it into a river.  When he meets with the rest of his brothers, he turns Ozma into a gold ring, which he puts on his finger.


Aleda and the others emerge in an underground forest where they enter a hexagonal kingdom of hexagonal houses (with lunchbox and supper trees in every yard) and a palace capped by seven sapphires.  They meet Arly.  She's never seen a dark-haired person before, save in books, and believes they're cursed.  She explains that the Rimmers once raided Oz from the north and fought battles with the Mudgers in the south.  The jester Summer Saltin dances over to greet them.  As she speaks in rhymes (forced to by their Queen Celestia), she makes fast friends with Scraps.  Aleda isn't sure about this queen, though Scarecrow says most fairies are good.  Past the mirrored great hall, they're brought before the beautiful Celestia in a silver sapphire throne room.  She wears a silver circlet with a daisy chain of sapphires.  Celestia acts as if she's never heard of Ozma, and when the Scarecrow says she needs a license to practice magic, she grows angry (and resentful that Lurline gave Ozma a larger kingdom and made her subject to her).  Ganalan's protective kiss prevents Aleda from harm, but not from being sent to prison with Orlando.  Scraps and Scarecrow are stuffed into tiny crates where they can't move.


The fifth day after Aleda arrived, the Guardian of the Gate tells Amadin and Royal that Orlando's been shrunk, and Omby Amby tells them their friends left on a tour three days earlier.  Dinny's shocked to see a portrait of Ozma, as that is the face he used to wear as Amalea.  Dinny insists on seeing Ozma, but discovering she's been abducted by his brothers, he and Royal head to the Munchkin Country, where they encounter the Sawhorse, whose shocked to see Tip!


Aleda picks the cell lock and escapes with Scarecrow and Scraps, promising to come back for Orlando (whose lock she can't pick).  She hang-glides to the forest, and though she must leave the glider behind, the jester Summer meets them and leads them to an illusory wall that hides a passage to Zim.  Discovering their escape, Celestia has Orlando brought to the tunnel, but it closes up after he enters it, and he joins his friends who are magically provided books and beds.  The next morning, the floor of the tunnel rises up into Zim's palace.  He welcomes them and explains that he provided the beds and closed the tunnel so the guards wouldn't find them.  The Scarecrow complains that magic is illegal in Oz, but Zim promises to apply for a license and tell his associates, which mollifies him.  Zim says that Celestia is only half-fairy.  Her mother had married a mortal, who died when Celestia was young.  Her mother was later re-admitted to Lurline's band after a century.  As a young girl, Celestia was made ruler of the Rimmers, but she never forgave the fairies for the perceived slight.  She now transforms anyone who annoys her.  Zim was once her advisor, but when she came of age, she appointed Corfon her adviser and made Zim court wizard.  When she began copying his magic, he left Rimmersden and made his home on Mount Azurite. 


The dragon Hadasse lights Zim's pipe as he listens to the origin stories of Scraps and Scarecrow, and then announces he's going to deal with Celestia.  Exploring his palace, they enter a room of categorized seashells, rocks, coins, art, a labyrinthine library, conservatories and arboretum.  The red paths are lined by carnivorous plants.  After turning himself invisible, Zim flies to Rimmersden and discovers the palace empty.  Inquiring of his old friend Andrus, he learns that Celestia has taken her army and Aleda's glider through the passage Aleda came through.  Zim returns to his sanctum, knowing he must go to the Emerald City for the first time in a century to warn them that Celestia will use her fairycraft (half fairy magic, half witchcraft) to conquer them. 


With the magic of the palace stolen, Glinda, Dorothy, the Wizard, Betsy, Trot, Button-Bright, Omby Amby and Herby are joined by Jinnicky whose brought anti-transformation magic, but before he can use it, they all begin shrinking.  Zim surrounds Celestia's army with a wall of thorns ten feet thick, but when he enters the palace, he too begins shrinking.  Celestia spots him, but he flies away terrified into Ozma's Council Room, where he's tackled by the men and passes out.  The group puzzle who and what he is, but Herby awakens him.  The Jim asks if he's from the Isle of Zimba, and they wonder if he's a Hilander, Hightowner or Nome.  He explains and says he's come to warn them.  Zim confides to Herby alone that he's got gigantophobia, and he prescribes anti-panic panacea pills.  Flying out a fireplace, he flies back to the Seven Blue Mountains.


Dinny learns from the Sawhorse that not only had he worn Ozma's form, but she wore his, reasoning that Mombi switched their forms when they were babies, and switched them back when Glinda captured her.  The Sawhorse rides them to the Ferry Fairies, who take them across.  They go to Maggie, who brings her spare conscience along to the Withy Woods, where the fairy Etwiri, Truro and her band of tomboys join them as they proceed to the tunnel leading to Lostland.  The Royal Lockup tells them that Slip is to be made king.  Etwiri puts the guards to sleep and returns home, as the Sawhorse and Royal break into the palace, where they find Slip transforming Hippetarius into a hippo and demanding his mother Jolanna crown him immediately.  Maggie puts an anti-transformation powder over them, and Royal attacks Slip.  Tip's allies prevent his brothers from interfering, while Slip transforms all those unprotected into worms.  Maggie stops him from speaking and Tip gets the Belt and turns him into a rat, which Royal grabs.  Truro collects the stolen magic and Tip disenchants everyone.  At last, he and Ozma meet face to face.  Ozma's ears grow elfin, her truest form, though she agrees to let Maggie bob them (wishing to resemble her people).  Maggie pulls out the spare conscience and sends it into Slip through his ear.  Slip admits he transformed his brother Ship.  Ozma, reclaiming her Belt, restores him.  Tip's brothers apologize to Ozma and to the Lion and Tiger, who Ozma summons. She and Tip get acquainted.  In the morning, Slip admits he stole his father's scepter and put it in Ship's room so that he'd lose his claim on the throne.  Jolanna proclaims Shippetarius king of Lostland. 


Zim barely escapes being eaten by several birds and keeps swallowing Herby's pills.  He's caught by Bartolo, who mistakes him for a butterfly that he'd collects for his garden, but he frees him.  In the morning, Zim convinces a hummingbird named Whizzer to fly him to his garden, where he eats the berry that restores his normal size.  He tells his guests all that transpired and prepares anti-shrinking flowers for them, and other magic to deal with Celestia.  From his portal room, Zim renders them all invisible, and flies each into the city.  Orlando is fearful to act, and when the invisibility wears off, the Rimmers taunt him.  Taking off his ring at last, he scares them away and helps Glinda's soldiers gather up prisoners.  Zim leads his group to the throne room, where Aleda sneaks up to Celestia and removes her sapphire crown, taking away her protective powers.  Zim gives her an opportunity to repent, but when she refuses he throws a bouquet at her and unfurls a magic scroll.  She then becomes a picture in the scroll.  Zim then releases Summer from the rhyming spell and frees Glinda and the others from the gold replicas they were turned into. 


The Rimmer's defeated, Dorothy is asked what to do, so she summons Zim.  He and Summer explain that while many reformed over the two centuries, many refused to turn from violence.  Dorothy concludes there's no room in Oz for such like ones, and they're banished to Coregos, where the dark-haired inhabitants hate blondes.  While healing Glinda's soldiers and Orlando, he learns of the giant's fear of small people. 


The next morning, the palace and gardens are restored as Ozma arrives with Tip and an entourage, shocking everyone who knew her back when she was Tip.  They all welcome the boy and are happy to learn that he's real after all.  Ozma then introduces Tip's family and court, the Geldamom's, Blue Mountaineers, Maggie, Truro and the tomboys, Faraq and Queen Jolanna.  Jinnicky introduces Ozma to the man who saved them, Zim.  Tip asks who Zim is, but Summer reveals he's worked for him for decades.  Zim then removes the spell that made Tip forget him in public.  But Tip gets back not only his memories, but all of Ozma's early ones as well.  Mombi had exchanged not only their forms, but some of their substance as well.  Jack wonders who his actual father is, but Ozma declares that they're both his father.  Jinnicky then credits Summer for convincing Celestia to keep them as trophies, and not destroy them as she'd intended.  Ozma sends the scroll with Celestia to Lurline in Burzee.  As the magic treasures are unpacked and put back in the vault, Jinnicky shows Zim the Wishing Necklaces of the Wizard Wam.  Holding them again, Zim's full powers are restored, and the necklaces are rendered inert.  Maggie, meanwhile, is pleased to see the Silver Hammer amongst the treasures.


Ozma wants to reward them, so Zim and Maggie tell her they'd like a license to practice magic legally.  Ozma learns that Zim's picked and harvested enough six-leafed clovers to land him in prison for 2000 years.  Glinda's Pearl of Truth confirms his honesty, so Ozma forgives him and is convinced he's passed the Test of Character.  In two days, Glinda will administer the Test of Skill.  Maggie wonders why she's never heard of him, but Zim tells her he's the leader of the other wizards in the Seven Blue Mountains.  The others soon discover that the Wishing Necklaces no longer function, and wonder what happened.


Faraq befriends the Glass Cat and tells Ozma how Zim saved his life and goes off to thank him.  The Hammer Elf is summoned from the Silver Hammer to help clean up the Emerald City, and Summer is made the new Queen of Rimmersden.  She asks Zim to be her advisor.  Ozma asks them all to stay for the celebration and testing.  She wonders if Orlando might be the rare fourth son of Enormous II, the wicked giant of Huge Mountain, but Glinda says he only had three, all of whom were destroyed because of their evil ways.  His wife turned him into a dwarf, and he was killed by wild beasts.  Orlando doesn't want to even consider being king.  The next day sees a Victory Parade, but Zim downplays his powers when they ask him to do a double haumennan with his fingers, as he doesn't wish to around suspicions.


The next day sees the Test of Magical Skill.  Maggie and Glinda face off in the Testing Chamber in the palace, hurling and blocking waterballs.  Glinda wins, but her test for Zim is to see who can reduce the other to six inches.  Zim pales and tries his utmost to get her to change the test.  Even Ozma is puzzled, as the Wizard's test was merely to turn her green.  The test begins.  No one has ever seen anyone last so long against Glinda.  Jinnicky sees Zim do a triple haumennan!  Zim casts a rare spell he knows from the Wizard Wam and wins, something he wished not to do, but the Munchkins in the crowd rejoice as they know they now have a wizard of their own.  Jinnicky congratulates him, saving he's the first to have defeated Glinda in 139 years.  But everyone else is dismayed when Zim reveals he can't disenchant her for a week!  Glinda understands, knowing she'd insisted on this particular test.  After several failed attempts to restore her, including the Belt, Zim brings from his home an ornate dollhouse she can spend the week in.  Tip shrinks down to keep Glinda company, while Zim promises to deactivate the trap around the location of the unique flower that Trot and Cap'n Bill gave Ozma for her birthday (The Magic of Oz).  Tip tells Glinda of Zim's good deeds with the Mangaboos, Rose Rulers and Rimmers, but leaves out his deeds as his various alter-egos.


The next day, Ship invites Tip, Ozma and others to sail on Lake Quad.  A swallow from Lurline intercepts Ozma, inviting Zim to Burzee to deal with Celestia.  In Burzee, Zim enters as Lurline holds court.  Celestia is brought forward and told to hold Zim's hand.  With that, her half-fairy powers are transferred to Zim.  Had she been unselfish, she'd have received her full fairyhood.  Zim himself has 1/4 fairy blood from Wam's grandmother who was a cloud fairy, which is how he's able to fly.  Now mortal, Celestia is exiled out of Burzee.  Zim asks about removing his fear of giants, but Lurline believes it's kept him humble.  He counters that his father was once defeated by Wizeram the Great and Koachlan who exploited that very same fear. Lurline says he must conquer his fear with the help of his friends.  He fears that Glinda will turn against him when she finds out what became of her friend Wam. He asks if he's done enough over the centuries to get him back, but she says he must do that which all mortals do.  After he leaves she admits to a knook that he or his sister must marry.


Glinda remarks to her friends how similar in some regards Zim is to Wam, as he had been her first teacher of magic, known then as Mr. Hadrakis, and who also had a fear of giants, which is why she insisted on the test.  Jinnicky thinks they're one in the same, but Zim is 275 years old, whereas Wam is over 3,000.  Wam used to foolishly teach anyone magic, and many of the wicked witches and wizards in Oz where once students of his.  After Zim returns from perfecting his spell, he disenchants Glinda and she returns to her normal height.  She then asks if he has gigantophobia, and he is forced to admit it.  He must then swear before the Pearl of Truth that he's not Wam, but his son.  He says his middle name is Hadrakis and he drained the Wishing Necklaces, which were his father's and enchanted to restore his power upon touch.  Glinda asks what happened to Wam, and he agrees to tell her the truth provided she rid him of his fear of giants.  The Wizard says Orlando is the key to that, and before he can object, Ozma uses the Belt to shrink him and put him before Orlando.  After both recover, they discover they've been cured.


Restored to his size, Zim explains he was created by Wam as a kind of scarecrow out of plants and vines.  Glinda recalls making the scarecrow's face, not realizing Wam's intentions with it.  So happy was Wam with his new "son" he created a sister named Fern.  Zim informed Wam they were going to wither and die, just as all plants cut from their rootstocks do.  When Wam saw spoilage, he had them bathe in the fountain to stave off rot, and in time began replacing the spoiled parts with new ones, yet after awhile, the power of life in them began to fade.  After many other attempts, Wam went to Lurline in Burzee, heartbroken.  She's moved by his love for them, and agrees to give Fern immortality.  Wam won't relent on Zim, and she asks him if he's willing to give his life for him, and he agrees.  Lurline weaves a spell that causes two Wam's to emerge from the one, who ceases to exist.  Fern gets Wam's personality, while Zim gets his knowledge and memories.  Fern is sent to a mountain in Oz to spread flowers and cheer.  Zim is sent to advise Celestia, whose newly been made Queen of the Rimmers.  Zim asks for a way to restore Wam, but if she tells him it won't work.  The only clue is that he or Fern must do something any mortal can do.  Zim makes her promise to tell no one, and flies for the first time to his father's house in the Forest of Fighting Trees, gathers his father's equipment and flies to Rimmersden.


Glinda tells Zim that no one has the right to judge Wam's sacrifice, and Jinnicky adds that many in Oz are far from natural.  Glinda adds that if Wam were around, she'd have removed his magic; a foolish wizard is as dangerous as an evil one.  Later that night, Zim shares his story with Scarecrow (who figures they're related), the Tin Woodman, Scraps, Jack Pumpkinhead, Dorothy, Betsy, Trot, Maggie, Robin Brown, Truro and the tomboys, Bungle and Tip's relatives.  Scraps is thrilled to know he's one of them.  Ozma realizes that since he had Lurline's blessing from early on, they were never actually illegal.


The next day, Maggie and Zim are awarded their magic licenses.  Maggie is appointed Good Witch of the North.  Zim is declared the official Wizard of Munchkinland.  At Lurline's behest (revealed by letter), Zim is to beautify the barren places of Oz.  Shippetarius is declared King of Lostland and Tip is made Prince Tippetarius of Oz, third only to Dorothy and Ozma, and Ambassador Extraordinaire.  Orlando, discovered to in fact be the fourth son of Enormous II, is then appointed King of Huge (Big Top) Mountain, where he must teach the other giants to live as vegetarians.  Restoring his ring, Zim offers to help him with this.  Zim reveals that Orlando had grown so large due to the giant-sized fruits and vegetables Wam had grown in the valley where he lived.  Orlando's mother is a Herku slave, and with Nick Chopper's help, they intend to release her. 


Later, Zim restores Cap'n Bill's leg.  Jinnicky insists he show them his technique, but it proves complicated, akin to the work of a physician.  Zim, conversely, finds the Wizard's proclivity with machines, astounding.  Several days later, they prepare for their trip to Herku, Townsville and Huge Mountain.  Orlando asks if Aleda will join them, and at last she agrees to stay in Oz, having agreed to become a hang-glider instructor at Wogglebug's College.  Ozma and Tip say goodbye as he embarks on a new adventure.


Continuity notes:

Cap'n Bill: Despite the fact that Zim restores Cap'n Bill's meat leg, it appears that Cap'n Bill preferred his peg leg after all, as he's later found to be sporting it.


Dating: The narrative is explicitly set in 1982.


Emerald City: The narrative indicates that the Emerald City is built on the ruins of Ozmara, the former capital (known elsewhere as Morrow); Oz and the Three Witches specifies that the old capital was closer to the Winkie border. 


Glinda: Glinda's given name is here established to be a contraction of Good Linda.  Etymologically, the name is believed to be derived from old Germanic, and was already in use by 1833.  It potentially means gentle or supple, and may hearken to the German linden tree (which has supple branches).  For the first time, it's revealed that Glinda's first magic teacher was the Wizard Wam (Wammerian Hadrakis).  When that training occurred is unknown, as he was born in 1774 BC.  Glinda is known to be old.


Jack Pumpkinhead: Tip correctly reasons that although Jack's heads each measure his level of intelligence, his personality is stored in his body.  He also ponders what Jack would be like with a watermelon for a head.


Magic: This story is the third of four stories that show the progression of Ozma's law prohibiting magic, which began in The Scarecrow of Oz, in which the original law banning magic was put into effect.  In The Law of Oz and Other Stories, Ozma was confronted by the overt stringency of the law by Tititi-Hoochoo, and allowed magically-natural beings like Yookoohoos to do as their natures intended.  By the time of this story, Ozma presents a more liberal policy in which individuals can petition to use magic, upon which they must first be tested as to their intentions and skills by Ozma, the Wizard and Glinda accordingly. The final relaxing of the law will come about in Edward Einhorn's The Living House of Oz.


Maggie: A good witch practicing in the Seven Blue Mountains of Oz.  As of 1982, Maggie is the new Good Witch of the North, appointed as such by Glinda and Ozma to fill a void in that region.  This indicates that not only has Locasta (the Good Witch of the North prior to Orin) has retired from her role as the Tah-Tipuu.  Maggie's parents and three sisters were wicked.  Her mother was Agamorensis the Wicked.  Her father was Folderol the Bad. 


Huge Mountain: The Oziana 1983 story, "Way of the Emerald City" confirms that the Huge Mountain of this book is essentially the copyright-safe name for Big Top Mountain, the original home of Nandywog in The Purple Prince of Oz. As of 1982, the kindhearted giant Orlando is King of Big Top (Huge) Mountain, and with the help of Zim, teaching them how to farm and grow the giant fruits and vegetables Wam created centuries earlier.  Thus, most of the giants in Oz are now tamed.


Rimmers: The history of the old hexagonal city of Rimmersden is given.  The Rimmers once raided Oz, and fought terrible battles with the Mudgers of the south (see The Cowardly Lion of Oz).  One group who sought to escape them was the Lostlanders who found their way through a mountain pass into Lostland many years ago. The Rimmers are a blonde-headed "Nordic" race, further indicating that the ancient peoples of Oz came from various places around the Earth.  Their rapacious nature was mostly dampened by the arrival of the half-fairy Queen Celestia, who the Fairy Queen Lurline placed there as ruler, alongside Zim Greenleaf, her advisor.  Celestia, however, failed to tame her own temper, let alone that of the Rimmers, and although they were forced to cease their raids (likely due to the difficulty that arose crossing the Jaggedlands into Oz), many remained warlike in their disposition.  As of 1982, Summer Saltin is their reigning queen.


Townsville: A Winkie town bordering the valley of Orlando.  The Wizard Wam had begun growing his giant fruits and vegetables there, which he intended to bring to the giants of Big Top Mountain, so they could stop eating people and horses.  After Wam left, giving the mayor (Mr. King) an Afghan Hound named Royal, Orlando's mother, the Queen of Big Top Mountain, moved in.  A year later, she gave birth to her son, who she left there.  The presence of giants so nearby kept the town safe from the Wicked Witch of the West.  When Orlando was young, he innocently crossed the chasm into Townsville, causing the fearful residents to shoot arrows at him.  He afterwards grew up with a terrible phobia of little people.  A hundred years later, he crossed the chasm for the last time, leaving behind the valley with his friend Aleda. 


Unknown Oz Books: The narrative notes two Oz books that have never been released in the Outside World.  The Four Wicked Witches of Oz tells of how the old capital of Ozmara is destroyed.  Ozmara would likely be the original name of Morrow. Some of this is told in Oz and the Three Witches from the Wizard's perspective.  The Red Sorceress of Oz tells of Glinda's defeat of the Wicked Witch of the South and how she became ruler of the Quadling Country.  This is likely the defeat of Angra, the first Wicked Witch of the South, after which Glinda became ruler of the Quadlings, an event mentioned in The Enchanted Apples of Oz


Wizard Wam: Wammerian Hadrakis, aka., the Wizard Wam was born in 1774 BC.  He once had the known the secret of immortality, but lost it.  He was short and fat and lived in a house in the Forest of Fighting Trees (which at the time was likely not named that).  He was known to have great powers, but was foolish in his administration of them, and although he was Glinda's first instructor, he also indiscriminately taught many of the wicked witches and wizards in Oz magic.  Wam, who had gigantophobia, left the Afghan Hound Royal (whose nose can detect whether one is honest or thieving, good or evil) with Mr. King of Townsville, where he had been experimenting with growing giant vegetables and fruits so that the giants of the land would have no need to prey upon horses and humans. Yet, due to his fear, he never got around to teaching them how to farm them.  Wam's fear also led him to run away from the stone man Crunch, which he brought to life (see The Cowardly Lion of Oz).  Wam created Fern and Zim Greenleaf as his children in 1706 AD, and after many attempts to keep them alive, went to Lurline for help. Wam's disappearance is noted by Glinda as one of the great mysteries of Oz.  Wam sacrificed his life so that they would not die, pouring his essence into the two children, Fern getting his personality, Zim getting his memories and knowledge.  When this happened is unknown, but is likely after 1742. 


Zim Greenleaf: 275 years old in 1982, Zim and his sister Fern were created by the Wizard Wam in 1707 with an early version of the Powder of Life, but one that was unable to sustain their lives for very long.  After 35 years and several attempts to stave off death, including testing a prototype Powder of Life on the stone man Crunch, Wam petitions Lurline (then in Burzee) to give his children permanent life.  This can only be accomplished through a sacrifice on his part, which he makes.









Bucketheads in Oz

Story: Day 1: In a house in the Gillikin Country, Tekrouri and Tisha Rae prepare for a visit from Wally the Wogglebug.  Tekrouri is a 58 year old troll who rejected his tribe's ways and studied at Professor Wogglebug's college years earlier. Tisha Rae is a four-horned jackalope (a rabbit with antlers) who lives in the tool shed behind the house.  The troll met Wally after he escaped a creature in the Gillikin River who had the body of a snake and head of a tiger.  After serving Wally his famous foghorn soda, Tekrouri accidentally knocks the wogglebug off the table into a crack between the floorboards. There, Wally retrieves a diamond ring with a woman trapped inside it.

In the Kalidah Woods of the Gillikin Country, the Kalidah Kericot catches an old monkey who pleads for his life.  Kericot asks him why the monkeys call them "patchwork" animals, and he explains that it's because they're patched together from the pieces of a tiger and bear.  Having never seen either, Kericot doesn't understand, but lets the monkey go anyway.  A grey dove flies down and tells Kericot that he's glad to see what he did, but will keep it a secret from the others in the forest. 


Half a year later, Kericot and her brother Randicot go hunting for the first time.  They come across an old bear, and when Randicot goes to kill him, Kericot wrestles with him and explains that he looks like a kalidah from the neck down.  They next come across a tiger cub, but again Kericot stops her brother, wrestling even harder with him, and explaining that he looks like a kalidah from the neck up. After snacking on a meat-growing tree, Kericot dreams that the dove appears to him, explaining that there are many more bears and tigers than kalidahs, and that if they left their woods the other animals would join together and destroy them.  Yet, Kericot is the strongest of the kalidahs. 


The next morning, the siblings come upon a Munchkin boy, Braxie, and his grandmother Quandera, talking to a passing turtle.  Although Kericot is hungry, she again feels reluctance to kill, and when she goes to stop her brother this time, the fight becomes a serious battle.  When Kericot claws across his face, Randicot ambles off in pain.  Kericot approaches the frightened Munchkins, but the older one points a stick at him, says some words and turns him into a turtle.  The dove reappears and scolds the former wicked witch, Quandera, for using magic, and explains that Kericot is a friendly kalidah.  She disenchants him, but argues that she only uses her spells now for protection, healing and housework.  After they leave, Kericot wonders what he can eat, and the dove says he should ask the other predators of Oz what they do.  Knowing he can't go back home, he's introduced to the turtle, Terrence Oldshell, who agrees to travel Oz with him, and suggests he give his name a tag, christening him Kericot the Considerate Kalidah.  With that, the dove bids them farewell.

When columnist Xaviera Elizabeth Thing cuts short her vacation in Mo, her companion, the Lazy Lion Leotryaton of Wycke (a duchy in the northern Nonestic) gives her a pinch of hooshoo (a rare magical element that promotes health and can effect transportations) and heads to the castle of the Purple Dragon.  En route, he's offered a ride by the Bubble Bird, F.R. Pheasant (Effer), who gives sightseeing tours of Mo.  The lion agrees and Effer encloses him in his bubble.  When the bird goes to the royal palace to refresh herself, the dogs chase her off, and she flies over the Deadly Desert into the Kalidah Woods, where they're attacked by Randicot.  But another kalidah arrives to fight him, and Leo uses his hooshoo to transport them back to their home.  Terrence Oldshell scolds them, explaining that because Kericot is unlike his tribe, they'll harm him.  Effer agrees to fly over to locate him, and Leo can use what's left of his hooshoo to transport them all away.


Packer (from Button Bright in Oz) visits Harley the Flying Hammerhead.  Harley trades him for the foghorn soda he acquired from Tekrouri in exchange for aromatic nathanielwood.  Packer tells Harley he traded Jack Pumpkinhead for an ivory walrus which gave him dreams of the sea.  He lets Harley try it that night, and he has similar dreams.


DAY 1: A week later, Harley flies off on a trip to see Tekrouri to acquire more foghorn soda and to return the ivory walrus to Packer (who forgot it).  He finds the troll along with Tisha Rae and Wally just as they're leaving for the Emerald City to show the Wizard the woman in the ring. 


Leo, Effer and Terrence, meanwhile, search for the Kalidah Woods when they're attacked by the creature with the tiger head and serpent body.  Leo tells him that he can't eat them because he's related to them.  The creature agrees, introducing himself as Magenta, and explaining that he'd been enchanted by a witch, though he can't remember any more than that.  With Effer punctured in the attack, they're forced to walk, though Magenta warns them of the dangerous bayou en route to the Kalidah Woods.


DAY 2: After breakfast, Tisha Rae spots a doll in the river, which Harley retrieves, but it's too heavy and realistic for a doll, and as they head towards the Emerald City, it comes to life and grows.  She asks them to make a bonfire, which she proceeds to dance in, explaining that she's Conflagra, a fire fairy from underground who crossed the Deadly Desert (which does no harm fire fairies) on a mission for Kaliko to summon Zim the new Wizard of Munchkinland because he can restore body parts.  Kaliko wants to restore all the many Nomes who've been torn apart in accidents, cave-ins, or by dragons.  She explains that fire fairies are a kind of female Nome, though unlike the Nomewives who resemble the males. 


The party invite her to join them, but she must first retrieve her fire baton from the river, as it revitalizes her strength.  Tekrouri goes into the river and sees it, but the hungry Magenta rears up.  Conflagra takes the fire baton lodged between the scales on his back, as Magenta demands to speak to the wogglebug. When he sees Wally, he realizes that he's not the wogglebug from his past.  When the others describe Professor Wogglebug, however, his memory comes flooding back to him and he remembers that he's really Professor Nowitall.  Tekrouri had been in his class, but the troll reasons that Mombi was washed out years ago, and she had to have enchanted Nowitall before then.  But Magenta explains that his son is also a professor. Mombi had demanded his magnifying screen so she could enlarge Jinjur's army to conquer the Emerald City. He refused, but knowing she'd get it anyway, he destroyed it.  Infuriated, she turned him into the creature Magenta and cast him in the Gillikin River, ensuring that no one but her could disenchant him.  He now laments that his wife is likely still grieving him.  The party promise to ask the Wizard about restoring him; he's been enchanted so long, he didn't even know the Wizard was back in Oz.


At night, the party rest in an old shack.  Tekrouri keeps the first watch and explores the shack.  He comes across a drink called the Solution of Dreams Awakened, which once belonged to Mombi, whose cottage he discovers they're in.  The drink grants wishes, and he wishes for an extra wish after the first.  But his wording says "I desire that which," which is interpreted to mean "I desire that witch," and Mombi is brought forth before him.  He quickly wishes they each had a wish, but Mombi isn't concerned with him, only Ozma, so the troll wishes them all away.


DAY 3: They arrive somewhere in the Gillikin Country, but before they discern where, Tekrouri picks a flower, which causes them all to shrink down into an enclosed flower.  There they're met by Ben Thos, guide to the Kingdom of Floretsia.  Brought before King Herb and Queen Frond, the Queen scolds them for picking the flower and sends them to the compost.  Conflagria tries wishing herself to Zim, but her wish (and Harley's) fails to do so.  The King then summons them, and explains that he's lonely, as his wife does all the talking.  They explain that they're on a quest to the Emerald City and to help Kaliko the Nome King.  As King Herb is in debt to him, he agrees to free the party and restore them to their natural forms.  Once outside again, Tekrouri notes that not only is he a few inches taller, but Wally has been turned into a Nome!  Wally wishes the king was before him, and suddenly he is.  King Herb corrects his mistake, and gives the party a Quest Shun.  He doesn't know how it works, but it's in the form of a brass box.


At the Royal College of Art and Athletic Perfection, Osborne Austin becomes incensed when Professor Wogglebug criticizes his painting.  Unable to take even the slightest criticism, he smashes the canvas on the Wogglebug and insults him, after which he leaves school to return home.  He rues the idea of admitting to his parents that he'd given up his education.  In the Gillikin Country the next day, he comes across the party led by Tekrouri, who recalls the insignia of his old school embroidered on Osborne's jacket.  After introductions, the party invite him to join them.


Cotrikar the Kalidah is surprised to see her first two cubs fighting in her den, but Randicot angrily leaves to tell the Kalidah Court of his sister's treachery. Kericot knows that if found guilty, she'll be scattered, a terrible fate.  She'd tried to fit pieces of a long scattered Kalidah together when she was a cub, but she'd never managed to find enough matching pieces.  The mouth had finally directed her to leave her pieces to the ants and birds so she'd be destroyed altogether.  Cotrikar urges her daughter to leave, recalling that the court hadn't found anyone not guilty since Great-Grandfather Brusterbruk fought both judges and won, and the judges all now have bodyguards.  Kericot, however, thinks she can sway them with news of how the other Ozian carnivores eat and are still beloved by all.  Cotrikar's newest cub, the six month old Daritrik, is surprised to hear of such a thing, and Kericot explains that she heard it from the Cowardly Lion himself, as well as Glinda the Good. 


Leo, Effer and Terrence reach a sign reading Bye By the Bayou, and enter the marsh of cypresses, pines, exotic birds and jeweled alligators.  A cobblestone highway leads to an alabaster city.  A Bye-cyclist pulls alongside, transforming his bye-cycle into a vehicle to fit all of them.  The cyclist, Toodah Lou, the official Bye-Ped, rides them into the city of bye-standers and passers-bye.  They're brought into a grand room, where a party is being held, and before the three rulers, the Bye-Partisans, Al Veederzane, Orrey Vuarr, and Cy Hennara.  The three fail to understand why anyone would ever want to leave Bye, and they invite them to feast at a park and flower garden.  Once seated, the Seer, Sage and Sorcerer of Bye, an old alligator named Cornelius Ulyssicus Later, arrives on the stage.  Designated the Protector of Bye, he welcomes the visitors and the banquet begins.  Entertainment follows, consisting of dancing maidens and men, singing mud turtles, a fat Bye-lander soprano, and more and more performances, singers and acrobats, finally ending in the Good-Bye Girl, Reba Deerchee.  The Honourable Alligator then performs magic, and the guests all put on bye-focals as Reba dances to music.  Later, the alligator explains to them in private that he has a license to practice magic in this kingdom, as he'd long been a beneficent sorcerer.  He maintains an invisible barrier of magic to keep the kalidahs from entering the Bayou, which he can spirit them through.  When they have Kericot, they need only think of the place and the bye-focals will bring them back.


At the kalidah courtroom, a large clearing at the foot of a cliff, the judges Honcho, King of the kalidahs, and Sardak the Elder preside over Kericot's case.  Three hundred kalidahs assemble to watch.  The charge brought against her is defending their meals.  Kericot brings to their attention the fact that there are so few cubs now than before everyone in Oz became immortal.  They agree, so she makes up a story about how Lurline had told only Glinda that those in Oz can make up their own minds to die if they wish.  Lurline also slowed down the number of births so Oz didn't become overcrowded, and all the new babies in Oz are formerly destroyed Ozians whose life forces were transferred into new bodies, and become true members of that species.  They don't remember the life they'd lived before.  Those who choose to die can be reborn as whatever they want, but none want to be a kalidah, so the new births are only from those who've been destroyed without wanting to.  Kericot explains that bringing them this knowledge is why she's come back.  The other carnivores ask permission first before eating anyone.  Honcho calls is a scam, but Sarjak names her to replace him as Elder.  Before he and Honcho go to blows, Leo and his friends arrive into the circle to rescue Kericot.


Tisha Rae, meanwhile, uses her wish to give everyone an extra wish, but the thirsty Tekrouri wishes Harley had a buckethead (instead of a hammerhead) to carry water.  In response, Harley returns the favor.  When they all begin arguing, Osborne wishes everyone, but Wally whose silent, to shut up, and they do.  They all hear growling, and in the valley beneath them they witness the rescue of Kericot.  Two kalidahs sneak up on them, but Conflagra flames up and scares them.  In the melee, the party slip off the hill down into the kalidah courtroom.  As Randi and Honcho attack, Harley launches his head against the former and Conflagra shoots down on them like a fireball.  Wally wishes everyone to normal, and they all vanish.  Honcho storms off, while Sarjak names Cotrikar his successor.


The two questing parties introduce themselves before discovering they're in the Kingdom of Normal.  Gatekeeper Normal Smith takes them to the Normalizer, where Tom Brown says to simply walk through the wooden covered arch.  Tekrouri goes first and finds his head back to normal and his speech restored.  The others follow, but Harley loses his wings.  He and Tisha Rae try wishing them back, but they come on upside-down, and Conflagra realizes that 2nd and 3 generation wishes are inferior in quality and power, and 6th don't work at all.  She remembers this from Ruggedo when he'd had his Magic Belt.  They spend the night in Normal and learn that though they're further from the Emerald City, they're nearer the Munchkin Country, where they can find Zim.


The Munchkin Boq and his wife Johanna prepare for the next day's anniversary of the day they met when Mombi appears in their yard, having fallen there due to a faulty broom.  Changing a doll's frock into a dress her size, she disguises herself and attempts to transform her old clothes into a cat.  What results is a farquette, a kind of laundry creature she calls Rags.  Johanna welcomes them in her home, but when she goes to bring them supplies, Mombi locks them downstairs. 


Tekrouri, meanwhile, wakes up with a stomach-ache and heads to the kitchen to brew up some foghorn soda.  But when he sees a girl walking a goat over a bridge, something comes over him and he bites into the goat's flank and eats the girl Virginia!  Kericot awakens too late to help her, but alerts the others who realize the Normalizer had turned him into a normal troll.  Kericot argues that behavior is individual and can't be defined by cultural standards, and Effer suggests that the Normalizer must base its standards on its own perception of normalcy.  Keri calls it one of the most sinister devices in Oz and Normal itself a subversive community.  Tekrouri drinks his soda and has a violent reaction, but it returns him to his former self.  Tisha Rae gives him the bad news, and he's grief-stricken at what he's done. 


DAY 4: In the morning, Osborne figures out how to use the Quest Shun box, as it points the way to the Seven Blue Mountains and the Fairy Ferry.  They follow it there, and greet the Ferry Fairies of the swan boat, who assure their sister fire fairy that it has successfully transported people over the Jagged River for five years.


DAY 5: After sleeping in an inn, the next morning, they make their way through the Blue Mountain foothills.  Getting lost, they come to Fantasque, where a sign says reason and logic will be left behind.  The path goes sidewise and upside down, and following it, they realize it's a magical place.  The floating trees, black sun and shifting colored landscape is phantasmagoric and difficult to navigate.  They meet a resident, Fodgasko, a Phantasy of Fantasque, who stretches, swirls and changes shapes and colors.  He tells them they can't get out and hurls the "island" they're standing on across the sky over other islands to another Phantasy and another, finally bringing them to a bizarre palace where the ever-shifting King-sometimes-Queen-sometimes-beast-Fantasia, swirls and enlarges and shrinks.  Osborne sketches him, but the sketch tries to leave the page, so the boy shuts the drawing pad.  The king kicks them into a great wind which buffets them all around.  Realizing that nothing's as it should be, Osborne draws a hole and pulls himself through it.  He arrives in a regular forest, where he's assisted by the red-haired Rooster, who pulls the others through, including Wally, who he needs a butterfly net to catch.  Rooster comes by the hole every so often to make sure visitors haven't gotten lost in Fantasque, as the locals know to stay out.  Osborne is shocked to learn that hole was already there, but it's yet another impossibility of the place, as is the still-shifting, but now un-alive grotesquerie that is his sketch of the king.  Rooster warns Wally that Zim eats bugs, then gives them directions to find him.  He then rushes off home, goes through a portal that leads to Zim's house on Mt. Azurite, and changes back to Zim.


The travelers come upon Zim as expected, and after introductions, Harley requests his wings restores, Tekrouri that the woman and Magenta be restored (failing to mention Victoria or Mombi), and Leo requests that Effer be repaired.  Conflagra then presents him with a gold mimosa tree with emerald leaves and a gold bird's nest on every branch with a different clockwork bird in each.  She explains that King Kaliko Kikey the Third needs help healing the broken Nomes.  He happily agrees to help.  On their way to his home, he assures Wally he never eats friends.  Zim inquires about the Quest Shun (which fails to acknowledge his presence) and they tell him of King Herb and Floretsia, which Zim would like to visit. 


Zim restores Harley's wings, but tells Effer that the Wizard is better at machinery-based magic.  He removes the woman from the ring, who turns out to be Ima Nowitall, the Professor's wife.  She was trapped in an interdimensional pocket set off from time and space.  Ozma and Oscar, he notes, will more quickly restore the Professor.  He then tells Tekrouri to tell him what he fears to.  So the troll tells him the Normalizer turned him into a bad troll, and only the foghorn soda could revive him, but not before he ate a girl.  Zim admits he can't restore someone whose been digested after a few days.  Even the Magic Belt and wishing devices can't effect a temporal reversal after a few hours, which only ever happened once before (see The Seven Blue Mountains in Oz: Book 1).  Tekrouri is dismayed.


DAY 6: The next day, Zim opens a portal to the Emerald City.  Omby Amby greets Keri and Terrence, who he'd met before, and Tisha Rae asks for an audience with Ozma.  Tomorrow is Disenchantment Day, so the city is preparing for a big celebration of the day Glinda disenchanted Tip and Ozma.  They bump into Rags and Mombi in the city, but don't recognize her.  She enters the throne room, and reveals herself, throwing a lavender powder on Ozma and Tip, and a different powder on everyone else, freezing them.  Mombi then transforms Glinda into a broom, and orders Ozma and Tipwho can't resistonboard.  Rags tries to get on, but Mombi scolds the laundry beast, who is saddened at her treatment of him.  After she flies off, Leo and the others come into the room, and are shocked to see what's occurred.  Rags tells them his "Mommy" had kidnapped Ozma, Tip and Glinda.  Harley has Tekrouri brew up a large batch of foghorn soda in the kitchens, and once complete, it works to un-freeze the court.  They then go off to Boq's house to stop Mombi.


Mombi, meanwhile, commands Ozma to return to the Emerald City to send all the children to an island in the Nonestic, and promises to turn Tip into a statue.  Osborne knocks at her door, pretending to be a roving artist who wants to paint her picture.  Mombi plays along, but is flattered by the attention.  While distracted, the others sneak away the captives, which Effer (now repaired and enhanced by the Wizard) flies back.  When Mombi critiques the painting, Osborne loses his temper and she pushes him out.  Discovering his treachery, she turns the glorf trees against them.  Conflagra uses her fire to stop them, but Mombi summons a storm cloud to rain upon her.  As the trees close in on them, they bring forth their secret weapon, Magenta, who wraps Mombi in his coils.  Mombi is forced to disenchant the trees, as well as Magenta, who becomes Professor Donti Nowitall again.  Mombi pulls out a flask to turn them all to stone, but Leo throws his remaining hooshoo at her, sending her somewhere she won't bother them. 


Zim appears to congratulate them.  Having just returned from the Nome Kingdom, where he restored the broken Nomes, he tells Tekrouri he has an idea about restoring the digested girl he ate.  All he needs is a bone, with which he can restore the missing body parts.  Finding a jawbone in his stomach (as troll stomachs are different than humans), he begins the process of restoring Virginia.  He even brings forth the goat and heals the bite he had in his flank.  Once complete, he scolds Terkrouri for failing to tell everyone sooner about Mombi, yet for his bravery Ozma's decided to make his foghorn soda the official drink of Oz.  As everyone is invited to celebrate Disenchantment Day, they return to the Emerald City.

Continuity notes:

Boq: Boq first appeared in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  He appears again in Father Goose in Oz, and with his wife Johanna in The Hollyhock Dolls in Oz and Bucketheads in Oz.  He creates Mortimor Mix to help keep the Road of Yellow Bricks in repair, in The Tin Castle of Oz.


Bubble Bird: Bubble Birds are artificial intelligences, constructed with genuine bird brains in the latest developments in bubble memory.  They were apparently created to give sightseeing tours of Mo.


Dating: Story is set in 1982, five years after the Fairy Ferry has been installed.  It takes place over the course of six days, though there are several prologues that begin earlier.  Chapter III covers the course of six months, and concludes at least several weeks before the start of the first chapter, as Kericot and Terrence need time to travel to and from the Emerald City.  Chapter V also begins a week earlier than the first chapter.


Death and Rebirth in Oz: Kericot puts forth an advanced theory and death and rebirth in Oz, which amounts to a chosen reincarnation if one chooses to die, or a random one if one is destroyed. He also claims that the carnivores of Oz, like the Cowardly Lion, ask their prey if they're willing to die, and won't kill them if they aren't.  Yet, it's important to note that on page 121, she says "She had come up with a story that she knew would not sound altogether plausible, but it would at least buy her some time.  And, for all she knew, it might actually have some truth behind it."


Fire Fairies: Another kind of Nome (see The History of Ruggedo and the Nomes/Gnomes), Fire Fairies are female Nomes who tend the furnaces and prepare meals.  They are unlike the Nomewives, who resemble their male counterparts.  It's unknown what duties the Nomewives perform (apart from the obvious).  This is the first time female Nomes are mentioned, though it accords with The Emerald Wand of Oz, in which Ruggedo's son features.


Grey Dove: Though not specifically mentioned, this "friendly dove" could be Ugu, who was transformed into a dove in The Lost Princess of Oz.  He not only aided Kericot towards becoming the considerate Kalidah that she became, but carried Alligator Sorcerer's application to practice magic to and from the Emerald City.


Harley the Flying Hammerhead: The origin story of Harley is highly suspect, as it portends that Glinda saw the friendship of Harvey Hammerhead and Ariel the Pegasus and decided to create Harley as a Hammerhead with Pegasus wings.  This seems out of character for Glinda. 


Intoxicants: Bucketheads in Oz presents an interesting look at both the euphoric and tormenting effects of getting high, depicting Oz as having its own natural methods of doing so.  The effects of Tekrouri's Foghorn soda, which appear throughout the narrative, appear to give its drinkers a buzz equivalent to alcohol, while the nathanialwood tree, when burned, gives people a potent lightheadedness equivalent to getting stoned on marijuana.  Conversely, the phantasmagoric Fantasque (in the Seven Blue Mountains) depicts the more unpleasant aspects of LSD, specifically a bad acid trip.


Kalidahs: There is a small discrepancy with what Baum states in The Emerald City of Oz that most kalidahs were "now nearly all tamed."  This must mean that the kalidahs of Kalidah Woods are one of the last remaining "wild" kalidahs in Oz, and in fact many don't know who Ozma or Glinda are, or that the laws strictly prevent their violent actions.  They only found out about Lurline 20 or 30 years ago from a winged monkey.  That they hadn't been informed earlier is a puzzle.  The text notes that 300 kalidahs were assembled at the trial of Kericot, and that these were "most of the kalidah population of Oz," but this has to be disregarded, else Baum's statement is rendered moot.  Also, there is the kalidah king Grumble who lives in the Munchkin Country (Father Goose in Oz).


Kalidah Woods: Sarjak is the Kalidah Elder in these woods which border the Gillikin and Munchkin Countries.  Honcho Warleybones is the Kalidah King.  They are the two judges that preside over the rare cases, which are not decided simply by strength.  Sarjak is also the grandfather of Kericot and Randicot, and the father of their mother Cotrikar.  He has been an elder since the time before Oz was made a fairyland, having inherited it from his mother. 


Kericot the Considerate Kalidah: Kericot appears again (and alongside the turtle, Terrence Oldshell) in Thorns and Private Files in Oz, in which he's heading to Gugu Forest, but has already come from the Emerald City.  This clearly must take place after chapter III and before chapter IV of this story.  However, because he's traveling with a turtle, and must go from the Gillikin Country south to the Emerald City (where occurs an untold story of him speaking with the Cowardly Lion and Glinda), then back up north again through the Winkie Country (where he ends up in Cyrune and the Mixed-Up Forest) to his intended destination, Gugu Forest, Chapter III must take place earlier than the first two chapters.  Kericot appears again later in Maybe the Miffin.  Kericot is an unusual kalidah for the Kalidah Woods, though most of the kalidahs in Oz are tame, according to Baum (see "Kalidahs" above.)


Mombi: While the resurrection of Mombi appears to be at odds with what is revealed about Mombi's survival in the Oziana #38 short story "Executive Decisions," there's no reason internally that Tekrouri's accidental wish wouldn't have brought forth the very alive-and-well Mombi that everyone only assumed was dead.  Her actions and powers seem to suggest that the wish restored her memory after Ozma removed it with water from the Fountain of Oblivion.  Interestingly, Mombi's actions aren't as harmful as they could be.  She temporarily freezes the court, threatens to turn Tip into a statue, and has Ozma send the children away to an island in the Nonestic.  This last act is the most curious, not only being she does no harm to Ozma (in fact, she seems fine with her being on the throne), but because she merely wants the children out of Oz. The reason for this is explained in the story "Sunday Visits," in the fourth issue of Oz-Story Magazine, in which Mombi is harassed by boys throwing rocks at her.  Even in this, however, she doesn't seek their destruction, only their exile.  Zim seeks out Mombi in a sequel to this story in The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3.


Professor Nowitall: Prior to Jinjur's Army of Revolt attacking the Emerald City, Mombi had demanded that Professor Nowitall give her his magnifying screen, which had enlarged the Wogglebug, so that she could enlarge Jinjur's army and take the palace.  When he refused and destroyed it, she transformed him into a creature with the head of a tiger and body of a large serpent, casting him in the Gillikin River with a spell that only she could undo.  There, as the creature Magenta, he forgot who he was.  Mombi also transported his wife Ima into a ring, what Zim calls an interdimensional pocket set off from time and space.  80 years later, Magenta meets Wally the Wogglebug, Tekrouri the Troll, Tisha Rae the Jackalope, Harley the Flying Hammerhead, and Conflagra the Fire Fairy.  They promise to tell the Wizard of his plight.  This history presents a seeming dilemma, as Eureka in Oz has Professor Nowitall alive and well for years in his quiet abode.  In this story, however, Magenta notes that he has a son, also named Professor Nowitall, who had taught at the Royal Athletic College, and it must be this Professor Nowitall Jr. whose represented in the latter story.  It was also likely him, using his father's magnifying screen, when the Wogglebug expanded and left for fame.  Professor Nowitall Sr.'s first name is revealed here to be Donti.  There is a question as to what Magenta was doing for eight decades, since no one has seen or heard of him until the events of this story, where he suddenly threatens everybody, and the simplest solution may be that Mombi had put him into an enchanted sleep up until this time.


Wogglebug: Bucketheads in Oz presents the first new wogglebug character that is not Professor Wogglebug.  Wally is not enhanced like his more famous cousin, but is a friend of the troll Tekrouri (under whose porch he was invited to live) and the jackalope Tisha Rae.


Wycke: A duchy in the northern Nonestic in which the Lazy Lion Leotryaton lives and is famous.


Troll: As with the ogres of "The Orange Ogres in Oz" and the goblins of "Betsy Bobbin in Yartralia," Tekrouri is a troll that is unlike his tribe in having renounced violence.  Tekrouri pursued education at Professor Wogglebug's School of Athletic Arts, and was chosen by a house in the Gillikin Country to reside.






Thorns and Private Files in Oz


History: Thorns and Private Files in Oz was written with an intended sequel, to be called: Dorothy and the Hybrid-Roses of Oz.  This instead became chapters 7-15 of the third book of the Seven Blue Mountains of Oz series: The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz 3: Zim Greenleaf in Oz


Story: Sunday: Private Jo Files and his wife Ozga the Rose Princess are thrilled to welcome their old friend Hank the Mule who they haven't seen since Nox the Ox's banquet three years prior.  As they share food and talk of their quiet lives, Hank says it's Dorothy's birthday and she and Betsy are taking trips in the Wizard's balloon.  Files is glad to hear Betsy's parents relocated in Oz (Betsy Bobbin of Oz) and says they'd like to have children of their own.  They spend the night recounting old stories, including tales from the book tree, which produces volumes of ancient Oz history, though he's since changed it (by repeatedly telling the tree it's a purple cow) so the tree produces novels and fantasies.  They admit they wouldn't mind having a small adventure, so Hank tells them that on his way, he got lost in an unusual forest where he saw a deserted castle in a lake, and they decide to explore it.


Monday: After breakfast, Ozga says she had a dream of Briar Rose, which is a story she'd never heard before.  The king invited twelve fairies to his wedding, but eleven drank from gold goblets, while the twelfth drank from a lead one.  Insulted, the Blue Fairy cursed them to never have children.  The Star Fairy modified it so that some event must first pass before they can.  Weeks later, a silver owl appeared to the queen, who cares for it, even after she conceives, but her jealous husband kills the owl.  Upset, she made from its feathers a blanket for the baby.  The Blue Fairy was excluded from the christening of Briar Rose, and as the owl had been her brother, she came to curse the baby to prick her finger on a spindle and die.  The Star Fairy modifies it so that she'll only fall asleep until someone who loves her more than life comes to kiss her.  The king destroys all the spindling wheels, but on her 17th birthday, Briar climbs up a deserted tower where she finds the Blue Fairy spinning thread.  Wanting to try it, she pricks her finger and falls asleep.  The Star Fairy casts a spell, turning all the people and animals in the kingdom into rose bushes, except for Briar Rose, and they grow until the whole kingdom is covered in thorns.  80 years later, the Blue Fairy bears a son to a king.  On his 19th birthday, he travels about inquiring about the legend of the sleeping beauty.  He comes upon the enchanted kingdom, crawls through the thorns, faces down a gryphon, ogre, snake and demon who let him pass.  He comes upon Briar Rose and kisses her, causing all the rose bushes to turn back into people and animals, and the two are married.  On their wedding day, the Blue Fairy arrives to curse Briar Rose and her family to rot, unaware that she'd just cursed her own son.  Briar Rose forgives her, and the curse is turned upon the Blue Fairy instead.  Yet the other fairies modify it so that she's turned into a rose bush.


Files takes them into Oogaboo where Salye warns them that Queen Ann had snuck into Files' orchard and taken some of the books from his book tree.  Due to Files' modifications, she thinks they tell the future.  Files tells her that the tree only produces fiction, but Ann wants to plant trees that tell the future.  Hank says he'll deal with her, and goes into Ann's manor, stomps on all the purportedly future history books, including the one she's reading: Queen Ann: Queen of Oz, telling Ann that she shouldn't know the future. 


Tuesday: The next day, they go to the castle, where Ozga sees overgrown rose bushes emerging from the windows.  Getting an idea, she runs her hands over a dying rosebush and it springs to life.  She can even take a cut rose and grow a new rosebush from it!  She realizes this is why the roses decorating her headdress haven't died in six years and why her husband could change a history tree book into a fiction tree book.  She shows Files and Hank her newly discovered powers and he gets the idea for her to create a plant bridge to one of the castle's window so they can cross over.  After four hours, it's done, and they enter the castle, which is filled with thorn bushes.  Ozga grows fruits and veggies for them, and they spend the night in an adjoining guest house. 


Wednesday: The next morning, they explore further and discover a filthy swimming pool.  Ozga wonders if the rose bushes are all enchanted people, but Hank says Ozma or Glinda would have known about it and done something.  After cleaning up the pool through the use of water lilies, Ozga and Files go for a swim.  After exploring the rest of the castle and cleaning up the throne room, they discover behind a tapestry a hidden door leading to a tower room.  In it is a library and numerous private files and folders.  Files discovers one about Prince Arnaude and the late Princess Nitschka, which includes a picture of the very castle they're in, a place called Cyrune.  Departing, they hear the growls of Kalidahs and decide to sleep again in the guesthouse.  Ozga wakes up later and goes outside to listen to the rosebushes calling to her.  But when she touches one of the thorns, she disappears. 


Thursday: Hank and Files later awaken and search the castle, concealed passages and grounds, but the forest is easy to get lost in.  When they hear Kalidahs, Files tells Hank to go back to the castle.  Files runs and trips over a tortoise as the Kalidahs chase him.  Then another one emerges and tackles the others.  After they run away, she introduces herself as Kericot the Kindly Kalidah.  The tortoise is Mister Terrence Oldshell the Wise Turtle.  They are on their way to Gugu Forest, and Terrence is teaching Kericot etiquette.  After they leave, Files runs into Hank, who'd also gotten lost. The pair come across a thatched hut, where they spend the night. 


Friday: In the morning, an old woman arrives carrying files and folders, and Files realizes she's been up in the tower.  She explains that this is her home and she's been trying to keep everyone away from Cyrune and the enchanted castle for many years.  He tells her what happened and she explains that his wife's likely been transported somewhere.  Suddenly, a gander named Benny bursts into the shack and warns them not to believe the witch, whose responsible for everything that's transpired and the Mixed-up Woods.  She yells at the bird and tells Files to go find his wife.   


Files rushes off and comes upon a sign announcing the Kingdom of Punton.  Unresponsive to his knocks, he climbs over the wall and finds a community that's larger inside than it should be.  To his horror, it is a town of living puns, and he encounters a hot dog, eye-scream, Lady Chatterly with no lover, fire-crackers, hard water, wing-nuts, a mys-tree, a caterwauling catapult that went catatonic, enlightening light bulb people who are light headed, and more.  When he asks to leave, Lady Chatterly turns into the man Curt and escorts him out. 


Happy to get away from a town where ones thoughts and actions result in actualized puns and determined to get out of the Mixed-Up Forest, despite that it erases one back tracks, Files walks for hours with no end in sight.  At last he comes upon the gander again.  The bird tells him that over seventy years ago, he left his flock as they approached the Atlantic.  He met some birds discussing the rift in the ocean that opened temporarily to allow passage into the Nonestic, which housed the Continent of Imagination.  Following a pelican named Oscar, Benny successfully breached this rift, flew over Yew, Meerth, the Deadly Desert and finally the Munchkin Country.  Splitting up, Beenny comes to Cyrune, which was then a happy place.  The young King Arnoud invited him to stay.  This was before or at the beginning of Ozma's reign.  The hermit was then Miss Nevou, a second-rate sorceress and resident of the tower.  With the former queen Nitschka dead, Nevou began running things over the following decade, insisting Arnoud grow older so she could marry him.  He aged from 17 to 22, but feared her.  When it became illegal to practice magic in Oz, save for Glinda and the Wizard, he urged her to stop.  One night, after a heated argument, she enchanted the castle and forest.  Benny was rendered unable to leave, and saw to it that anyone who did would forget everything that had occurred within the kingdom.  And anyone who knows too much can't leave at all. 


That night, as Files sleeps, Benny ties yarn around Files' head with a feather attached to it, that he tucks away under his clothes. 


Saturday: In the morning, Files starts hacking at the thornbushes, convinced they're responsible for his wife's disappearance.  Hank tries to stop him, but its not until he sees shed tears that he realizes he's made a terrible mistake.  Nevou arrives, terribly upset, and begins healing them.  Files angrily rebukes her, but Hank scolds him for being rude.  She explains that it's Rose magic and gives him a rose that will bring his wife back.  With a drop of his blood, he must petition the Rose Fairy Omiarr to exchange it for his wife.  The spell works and Ozga returns.  Nevou says they must run if they're to escape the enchantment upon the woods, and they soon see again the mountains of Oogaboo.  Hank suggests they tell Ozma and Ginda, but the moment they leave the forest, they forget everything that transpired within them. 


Monday: Hank stays with them an additional two days.  Nevou, meanwhile tends to the rosebushes, which are the former citizens of Cyrune.  Benny confronts her, but she comforts the largest rosebush, insisting she'll never let anyone take him away from her.


Continuity notes:

Book Tree: By telling his book tree that it's a purple cow (with orange triangles), Private Files changes his history tree book into a fiction tree book, which produces works like Little Golden Book's Dorothy Returns to Oz (1983; based on Disney's live-action film Return to Oz), Philip Jose Farmer's A Barnstormer in Oz (1982), Ann Hampson's The Shadow Between (1977) and Piers Anthony's A Spell for Chameleon (1977; the first book in the Xanth series).  It also produces one book that doesn't exist: Queen Ann, Queen of Oz, one that does and is a legitimate history of Oz, The Gardener's Boy of Oz, one that is not, Skeezik and the Mys-Tree of Oz (written in 1989, but not published till 1993), and one that has not been published at all, Fwiirp and the First and Foremost of the Phanfasms in Oz.


Dating: The story takes place over the course of nine days (they are in the Mixed-Up Woods and Cyrune for seven days, from Tuesday to Monday), and before Chapter IV of Bucketheads in Oz.  The year is designated in text as 1982.  The story appears to take place in the fall, likely October.  Its conclusion in The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz 3: Zim Greenleaf in Oz takes place immediately afterwards, when they go to the Emerald City, and are then sent to Zim in Corumbia.  There are some minor internal dating issues which fail to take into account the necessary compression of Baum's stories (see Appendices), so that most of the mentions of Hank and Betsy coming to Oz 70 years prior should be 80 years, as the earliest they could have arrived in Oz was 1909.


Kericot: This second appearance of Kericot the Considerate Kalidah with Terrence Oldshell takes place a short time after his first appearance in "The Guardian Dove" (Oziana 1990), which is Chapter 3 of Bucketheads in Oz).  Due to the information he expresses in Chapter 6 of this book and Chapter 14 of the latter, he left the Kalidah Woods with Terrence, went to meet the Cowardly Lion and Glinda in the Emerald City, and is heading after Chapter 6 of this story to Gugu Forest.  He and Terrence appear again in Maybe the Miffin.


Meerth: In Chapter 9, When the gander Benny describes his flight over the Nonestic Ocean, he mentions the Isle of Yew, and then a place called Meerth, which he depicts as uninteresting save for a castle in the center and big hefty trees around it, which is an accurate description of Meer, from the Warren Hollister and Judith Pike book The Moons of Meer.  As those authors are well-known Oz fans, and members of the International Wizard of Oz Club, this was a way to tie-in their story into the larger Ozian canon without infringing on copyright.


Punton and the Mys-Tree: This town of living puns was created by a boy's wish (specifically by Prince Arnaude when he was 15: noted in The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3: Zim Greenleaf of Oz), who brought it into existence by means of the Wishing Horn.  This might explain how some of the more fantastical communities in Oz came to be.  The existence of the Mys-Tree in this town may account for the anthologies such as Skeezik and the Mys-Tree of Oz, which is in the Parallel Histories section.  Another mys-tree appears in the Munchkin Country in The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3: Zim Greenleaf of Oz, and Zim begins growing one in his garden.


Sleeping Beauty: The story of Briar Rose in Chapter 2, which is a dream Ozga has the night before going to visit Cyrune (which is also overrun with the enchanted rosebushes and thorns of those who were once citizens), is a variant of the Sleeping Beauty story, based on Charles Perrault's "The Beauty Sleeping in the Woods" and the Brothers Grimm's "Little Briar Rose," both of which are based on early folk tales (including Perceforest, which dates to circa 1330-1344, and the 1634 work, "Sun, Moon and Talia," by Giambattista Basile).  The Briar Rose name comes from the Brothers Grimm in their 1812 collection.  The variant present here omits the cannibalism of Perrault's tale, and substitutes the prince's ogre mother for the Blue Fairy, tying it better to the larger narrative.


Spatial Distortion: On page 69 it's noted that due to the magic of Oz, communities can be considerably larger on the inside than they appear to be from the outside.  The phenomena is called spatial distortion.  It explains how so many large kingdoms exist inside Oz, which no larger than a small state in the United States.  This same concept is discussed as well in Maybe the Miffin.






The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3: Zim Greenleaf of Oz

History: Third and final book in the deuterocanonical Seven Blue Mountains series sees the end of the storyline developed in books 1 and 2, as well as the events of Thorns and Private Files in Oz and Bucketheads in Oz.  


Story: Zim, Tip, Royal, Scraps, the Scarecrow, Tim Woodman, Aleda, Orlando and Dorothy head off on the Red Wagon to Herku.  Zim tells Dorothy it was shameful that the Wizard sent her to kill the Wicked Witch, but she reasons that he was trying to get rid of them, and didn't think they'd actually do it.  Zim had intended to render her harmless, but hadn't yet found a way to overcome the protective charm of the Silver Shoes.  After entering the Winkie Country, the Scarecrow asks how Zim scared crows, and tells him his face is too friendly.  The Scarecrow asks for a scary one, and Zim paints a formidable face on him.


The next day, Dorothy uses the Magic Belt to send the Scarecrow to his former farm, where the Scarecrow so terrifies the crows they bring back the corn they stole.  The Munchkin farmer who first painted the Scarecrow is glad to see him.  Returning to the Red Wagon, the Scarecrow asks for his old face back, and after Zim  restores it, he presents him with a tracing of his scary face that he can use as needed.


The following day, they arrive at Herku and ask the Czarover if he has a giant named Tiborena.  He confirms it, and Nick explains that she must be freed.  Orlando argues that it was wrong to imprison an innocent giant.  The Czarover Vig has never freed any giants before, but since Tiborena has married Tibanto, he'd have to free two, and then all the giants would demand their freedom.  Scraps suggests they free them at night while the others are asleep.  Vig agrees to this, and two hours before dawn, the two forty-foot giants are brought out.  Orlando removes his ring and shoots up to greet his mother, who is happy to see him again.  She introduces him to her husband, who proves friendly.  The Czarover's servant gives the party eight doses of Zosozo.  Tibanto tells the Tin Woodman that there are other giants in Herku who are innocent like them and Orlando, and Nick agrees that it's wrong to keep them as prisoners.


At Townsville, Mr. and Mrs. King are happy to have Royal back, and Nick introduces them to Orlando, explaining that he's their former giant.  They're surprised, but glad to see things resolved.  Heading to his old home, they collect all the giant fruit-and-vegetable-bearing plants and gardening tools, which Zim shrinks down.  Tiborena used to bring some plants to her uncle Mog and his son, and wonder how they've fared since her capture 25 years ago.


The next day, they drop off Nick Chopper at his castle and head south to the Quadling Country.  They come to the Kingdom of Pinkaree.  When Tip falls down into a cave, Zim follows and encounters the silly Doonabeasts.  His magic compass indicates that the book The Collegiate Mother Goose is an enchanted person.  They take the book out of the pit, where Zim disenchants it back to Philbert, the chief magician of Pinkaree.  They bring him before the queen, where old misunderstandings are cleared up.  They next arrive at the last kingdom before Huge Mountain, the sprawling farmlands of Adiposa, where the fat, pink people feed them with a ten-course meal.  Princess Pelora explains that giants would make snacks of them were it not for the spell Glinda placed on the mountain that causes any giant leaving it to shrink down.  She's happy they've come to teach the giants to eat properly.  There's also a giant there who trades them food for furniture that he builds.  That night Pelora bursts into Aleda's room and takes away the chocolates, explaining they're magic and will instantly plump her up.


The next morning, Orlando's mother and husband head up the mountain.  After establishing lodging with Tiborena's uncle Mog, they bring the others, telling them to hide in Orlando's pocket, particularly since her late husband's advisor Mercador has assumed authority on the mountain.  Uncle Mog doesn't like wizards, but Zim provides a feast for him and his son, cousin Sheruth, whose happy to meet Orlando, his family and friends.  Mogeras explains that he'd tried growing a garden, but it failed.  Zim tells him that it's because it was salted by Gorn and other of Mercador's cronies.  Mercador is actually a Yookoohoo who makes food only for those he likes.  Mog has managed to get food from an unknown benefactor, as well as by trading with the Adiposans.  Mercador hates him because he won the hand of Sharetha, whose since vanished, and Sheruth believes Mercador's behind it.


The next day they begin planting, though Orlando and his mother remain hidden.  Zim uses a portal to bring instant plant growth powder from his arboretum.  Zim asks his queen bees for volunteers to take swarms to Huge Mountain.  Two agree, and Zim puts their hives in the windowsill where they're safe.


In the morning, Zim informs Mog that his magic failed Gorn, who had returned to pull the same trick.  He also notes that Sharetha was transformed, though into what he's not sure.  Mog gets to work using Zim's magic to make the plants grow.  A friendly giantess comes by asking questions, amazed at the growth she sees, and goes off to tell the neighbors.  The bees do their job, and an audience soon gathers as fruits and vegetables grow and ripen before them.  They're even more surprised when Mog brings out their former queen Tiborena and her son Prince Orlando.  He offers everyone fruits and vegetables.  Mercador's cronies show up, but they're invited to eat too.  Mog explains that they can all be free of Mercador and grow their own food.  So they gather seeds.  Mercador arrives himself to stop them, demanding the magician reveal himself.  Zim comes forward and Mercador turns himself into a hawk.  Dorothy uses the Belt to shrink the hawk, while Mog defends Zim.  The bees also attack Mercador.  Dorothy turns him back, but keeps him small.  Orlando takes charge and warns that any giant who harms a small person will get shrunk or sent to Herku.  Tiborena supports her son, while Zim takes Mercador's Yookoohoo talisman, an apron, from him.  Seeing the anklet around Orlando's leg, the people recognize that he's their true prince, and proclaim Orlando king. 


At Mercador's former dwelling they disenchant a trumpeter swan who turns out to be Mog's wife Sharetha.  Zim promises the giants to seek out potential wives for them from the small people who might be willing to become giants.  He sends Merador to Glinda, who charges him with illegal magic and cannibalism, and sends him to Herku.  The friendly giantess Greena admits to everyone that she's actually a Yookoohoo as well, and the one who left food for Mog and others who were hungry.  She volunteers to keep helping until everyone's garden grows.  As his friends prepare to depart, Orlando proposes to Aleda.  She declines for the time being, as she wishes to teach at Professor Wogglebug's college, but she promises to visit.  Several days later, Huge Mountain becomes abundant with giant fruits-and-vegetable trees and bushes, including macaroons, which the giants all love.


The Tin Woodman, Orlando and the Czarover come to an agreement.  From now on, they will only take in the bad giants.  If they reform, they can go free.  If not, they're to be shrunken down to man-size and exiled from Oz.  Thus, giants come to roam Oz again. 


A short time later, Tip is surprised to hear Zim say he wants to go on pretending to be five different wizards.  In order to do that, he must forget who he really is.  After each has gotten his license, Tip must touch their foreheads with his wand.  Brown Bleegum gets a third-degree license first, then Winkle, and Ganalan.  Vega is next, and he inquires of the Wizard whether he and Glinda are more than friends.  The Wizards says he looks too old for her and she is too old for him.  So Vega asks Glinda to accompany him to the palace ballroom.  When she says she's older than she appears, he counters that so is he.  Tip is puzzled by the uncharacteristically happy minstrel and watches as Vega conjures up music and dances with Glinda.  The Royal Conductor Baton is impressed and invites Vega to join the Royal Orchestra.  That evening, when Tip tries to touch the wand to his head, Vega grabs it and leaves, and Tip is forced to convince Vega that he's really Zim, and should do it himself to prove it.  To his relief, he does, and Zim returns home where he realizes that it's not Glinda that he prefers, but Maggie.  Vega returns to inform Glinda that while his affections are sincere, it cannot be, and Glinda agrees and gives him his license.

After consulting with Ozma and the Wizard and Number Nine, Ozga, Private Jo Files and Hank approach Zim, whose planting a garden near Corumbia, about having lost a week of time and finding a gander's feather tied to his head.  Zim undoes all forget spells on them.  He and Tip then bring them, along with Benny the gander to confront Nevou in the enchanted kingdom of Cyrune (see Thorns and Private Files in Oz).  Zim removes the spell over Benny, disenchants the rosebushes, restores the Mixed-Up Woods to the Verdant Forest, and destroys Nevou's magic abilities.  After consideration, the restored King Arnoud banishes her from Cyrune until she can prove beneficial to the community.


Dorothy, meanwhile, finishes reading of Ozga and Files' adventures in the Great Book of Records, and discovers an odd line about Nevou and Ozga causing Mombi's rosy enchantment to wilt.  While Ozma and Glinda are dealing with the Hoppers and Horners again, Betsy and Princess Trot are running the Emerald City, and Dorothy determines that the Book of Records might have a mind of its own and is trying to get her to solve the mystery (it is).  She had thought all of Mombi's enchantments were undone, so she summons Scraps and the Sawhorse to ride off to Cyrune. 


She's surprised by the beauty of the forest, which is as lovely as Burzee or the Black Forest, and the fact that after only one day, Ozga and the citizens have restored so much of the town and castle.  Dorothy tells Zim and the king what she learned, so they determine to find her.  A young girl named Sabine finds her and convinces her to return to Cyrune.  When asked about Mombi, she says it was she who turned her into a witch.  Nevou explains that that she'd once been the princess of a small kingdom.  The Wizard Wam had given her father a wishing horn that granted a wish a day and he used it wisely for his people.  On Harvest Day, however, he'd grant his son and daughter one wish each.  When she was seven and her brother 15, he wished for a playland where everything is fun and funny (creating Punton).  She wished for the most beautiful roses, and received a silver rose with a gold stem and emerald leaves.  A few days later, Mombi came to her kingdom with her four-horned cow, explaining that she was returning to take care of her nephew.  The silver rose interested her, as did her brother.  Days later, when her father went hunting, he was killed by Kalidahs.  Mombi showed up again, claiming her magic could help lower Nevou and her mother into a pit where the wishing horn lay.


Dorothy interrupts to inquire why King Arnaude is crying, and Nevou reveals that it's because he is her brother. Their parents were King Vounen and Princess Nitschka.  Arnaude is astounded and happy to have his sister Princess Ouneve back.  She could never tell him because Mombi threatened she would die if she did.  Zim assures her that Mombi's been rendered harmless.  After Tip goes to call Maggie on the Wizard's wireless phone (that he insist Zim carry), Zim's monocle confirms they're siblings.  Ouneve continues her story: Mombi lowered the queen and princess into the pit, where they find the horn and hand it up to Mombi.  She suggests that her husband may yet be alive in the cave, so they go to explore, but Ouneve's faithful dog Blarney arrives and joins them.  The caves prove deep and extensive, and are used by dragons.  When they arrive, Nitschka hides her daughter in a crevice, while they lead the dragons away, but the girl hears them scream.  Later, a baby dragon comes along trying to hide from its older cousins who he fears will eat him.  He leads Ouneve in the other direction, where they enter a cave of terrifying faces that scream and accuse Ouneve.  She faints.  On awakening, the monsters are gone, but Mombi is there, claiming to have been the baby dragon.  She claims the silver rose, saying it belonged to her, and uses it to turn the girl into a witch.  She departs, and after many days, Ouneve finds her way out. She discovers she's suddenly old, and thinks it means she was in the cave for years.  She discovers that she's also in Ev, and it takes her a year to find a way to cross the Deadly Desert, which she accomplished with the help of a magician who recognized her as a witch and taught her some tricks.  Once in the Winkie Country, she found her way to Cyrune, where she was unrecognized.  She could now read minds and used that skill to become the Royal Sorceress and Advisor.  But immature as she still was, she wanted to marry her brother.  Then Mombi returned, intent on marrying King Arnaude and claiming to have enchanted their parents, which she'd return to them upon their marriage.  Nevou overheard her brother agree to her demands, so when everyone gathered on their wedding day, she transformed everyone into rosebushes.  She knew she couldn't win a battle of magic against Mombi, but neither could Mombi undo her spell, so she left.  She then turned the Verdant Forest into the Mixed-Up Woods, and ensured that any who entered would forget upon leaving, and if they touched a thorn to try to undo the spell, they'd be turned into a rosebush also.  In this way, she thwarted Mombi's plans.


Zim understands that her actions were as that of a child's, and Dorothy assures her Mombi was melted after Pastoria was restored.  Tip, however, reveals that she was accidentally brought back by Tekrouri the Troll and that the Lazy Lion Leotryaton had wished her somewhere where she couldn't bother them.  Zim determines to know what she's up, and Dorothy, Tip and Ouneve determine to join him.  Opening a portal to Mombi's old hut, they enter.  Zim's magic compass indicates the the Wishing Horn and Silver Rose are east, along with Mombi.  Ouneve finds a book of poetry that Zim takes along.  In the Munchkin Country, they get new directions to go northeast.  Tip suspects she's hiding out in a mys-tree, an ancient hollow tree where stories and historical artifacts are archived (by the elusive Skeeziks). 


Inside the tree, they find an array of junk, but in a cabinet is an Erlenmeyer flask, inside which is a shrunken and unconscious Mombi.  Zim takes it, wishing neither to restore her, nor destroy her.  Zim also retrieves the Silver Rose and Wishing Horn.  Yet, as he goes about placing a forget spell on Dorothy and Ouneve (so the mys-tree doesn't lose its mystery), a Skeeziqu sneaks away the Erlenmeyer flask from him and brings it back to the tree.  Back in Cyrune that night, Arnaude surmises that despite Mombi's attempts to repair it, the Wishing Horn was irrevocably damaged in the kalidah attack.  He wants to have a proper coronation for his sister, but Zim asks him to postpone for six days until Harvest Day. 


Six days later, Zim appears at the coronation, casting a spell on Ouneve, removing her aged form that Mombi gave her, and restoring her to the seven year old she'd been.  Ozma crowns Arnoude king and Ouneve princess, but Zim then asks if he'd like to join his sister.  Realizing what he means, he agrees, and Zim de-ages him to 15 again.  But an even bigger surprise greets them when their mother Queen Nitschka and their father King Vounen appear, along with their dog Blarney.  Vounen takes back the crown, and the celebration begins.  Glinda arrives, along with Maggie, King Cheeriobed, Queen Orin, Prince Philador, Joe King, Queen Hyacinth, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Scraps, Dorothy and others.  But the arrival of Amouretto of Amouré surprises everyone.


She speaks with Zim in private, and remonstrates him for taking Mombi from the Mys-Tree without asking permission of the Skeeziques, who are good creatures who often "step in to warn others of impending disaster," and although the Erlenmeyer flask is back with them, she tells him he has a problem with imposing his judgment on others, just as Ozma had done when she took Ruggedo's Magic Belt, making an enemy of him for decades.  She also reminds him of what the dragon Hadasse would do if she could return to her former size, and tells him it was wrong to turn her and her children into slaves and pets against their will.  Zim acknowledges his failings.  Later he speaks with Tip about restoring Hadasse and her children, and Tip in turn says that Maggie has found a way to keep harmful insects out of the garden so that he doesn't have to eat them.  He agrees to employ it.



Eighty-seventh year of Ozma's reign: In the Emerald City, Zim reveals to Tip and the Wizard that he wants to bring the Wizard Wam back to life.  One potion will separate his father from him, and if successful, another will separate his father from his sister Fern.  They they'd combine the two.  But when Zim takes the potion, he instead breaks up into 31 tiny composite Zim's, each reflecting an aspect of his personality.  Dorothy and the Wizard are able to round up all but two, Cruelty and Love, the former who bit her before he ran off. 


Love, meanwhile, flies off to see Maggie in the north, and expresses his affection for her.  She flies on her broom with him to the Emerald City, where she learns that particulars of what happend.


Three days later, Cruelty found a way to grow to his original size, and torture and kill the wicked witch Bastenda and the wicked wizard Wormfest the Evil.  The Wizard and Tip determine they must capture him before he does more harm and before his other parts grow more extreme than they already are.  Maggie agrees to help and watch the mischievous pack while the Wizard lures Cruelty to the Emerald City with the ruse that it's been conquered by a villain.  Maggie volunteers for the role.  Intellect and Industriousness prove helpful, but the latter collapses from exhaustion.  Maggie meets Fern.  The Wizard with the Magic Belt departs with Tip for Zim's arboretum where they suspect he's hiding.


The two confront Cruelty and present him a copy of the Ozmapolitan showing the witch's conquest and threat to send everyone to the bottom of the Nonestic at seven.  They return and wait, while some of the little Zims volunteer to take Maggie's place.  She permits Dishonesty to disguise himself as her partner.  When Cruelty arrives at seven to destroy the witch, Maggie reveals her true self, and the Wizard, Ozma and the little Zims go on the offensive, shrinking him down and rendering him magic-less with the magic noose.  Courage nearly removes it in order to fight him, but they stop him in time, and decide it's safer to put Cruelty to sleep for a time.  When he awakens later, Anger berates him for ruining Zim's reputation and being worse than the villains he destroyed. 


Three days later, and no closer to reuniting the Zim's, the Tin Woodman arrives.  He takes an instant liking to Love, whose continued to woo Maggie, and asks to place him inside his chest to see if he could feel love.  It works, and he explains that while he has a kind heart, it's not a loving one.  Tip, meanwhile, suggests to the discouraged magic workers that the hippogyrafe was likely a combination of two different creatures put together with a spell.  Intellect then returns from a trip to the castle of Wormfest with a spell, confirming Tip's hypothesis.  Ozma says they usually destroy the books of wicked magicians, but Intellect argues that it's not necessarily the spell that's evil, but the way it's used. With his help, they combine all of tiny Zims' robes into the original one.  They next fuse Cruelty and Kindness, Pride and Shame, Love and Hate. 


Creating more powder, the next day, they combine Calm and Anger, Sloth and Industry, Hope and Despair, Honesty and Dishonesty, Trust and Suspicion, Courage and Fear; Intellect is then combined with Love/Hate, and then Sympathy/Apathy is bound with Kind/Cruel.  Finally, he combines all the Zims into the original eight-foot tall one.  Embarrassed and apologetic, Zim wishes to find a cure for the combination spell, as Wormfist had none.  The Wizard and Ozma agree, but in the meantime, they celebrate in the ballroom, with Zim and Maggie lead in dancing.


Three weeks later, Tip and Zim pick up Maggie on route to the castles of the wicked witch and wizard Zim destroyed in order to collect their books and restore any enchanted victims.  Maggie inquires of the medal he wears, and Zim explains he fulfilled a Halidom prophecy that said Wormfist would be ended by someone crueler than he.  They find several enchanted people in Wormfist's castle, including one person whose been an oak for two centuries.  Maggie flies them back to Halidom, where the king accepts them and puts them up in his castle until a home can be provided for them. 


As Zim and Maggie discuss their pending nuptials, Tim walks off to disenchant someone outside the castle near a well.  But he falls into a trapdoor upon a big box of pillows where he's confronted by the largest giant he's ever seen.  Introducing himself as Corfon, he tells Tip he must play a game called the Battle of Kipo.  If he wins, he gets set free.  If he loses, he must keep playing.  The game is similar to chess (but with wizards and witches instead of bishops).  After two games, Zim finally finds his location and enters invisibly.  He explains to Tip that he must win against the giant, whose also a victim of Wormfist, and had been placed in this limbo pocket, which is outside of normal time and space, over two-hundred years ago.  Zim departs to tell Maggie, who is anxious to play, but she first tells King Herald of the trap.  The giant informs them that they must win fairly, but can discuss strategy in between games.  Zim informs them that the Wizard Wam once had a strategy that never failed, but he struggles to remember it.  After many games, Zim takes away any magic that might be causing Corfon to win, but the giant discovers him, and forces Zim to play.  Finally, he remembers his father's strategy and gives it to Maggie who wins.  Good to his word, the giant releases them, and then appears with them, a normal-sized man.  He'd been punished by Wormfoot the Bad for having beaten him in Battle of Kipo four times in a row.  After restoring him to Halidom, Zim, Tip and Maggie look for other enchanted people, and in the end disenchant forty-six.  After visiting several other wizards and witches dens, and disenchanting more people, Maggie gives Zim a maybe in answer to his proposal.



Continuity notes:

Bastenda: The wicked witch Bastenda was tortured and destroyed by the composite part of Zim's personality called Cruelty.  Whether this witch operated under the Wicked Witch of the East, or in opposition to her (or both) is unknown.  The witch's name Bastenda is remarkably like Bastinda, the Wicked Witch of the West in Alexander Volkov's Wizard of the Emerald City, a re-imagining of Oz called the Magic Land.  Whether there is any connection is yet unknown, as the Magic Land exists in a different dimension than Oz.


Dating: The story is broken up into five sections, the first of which takes place immediately after the end of The Seven Blues Mountains of Oz: Book 2, in 1982.  The second part of that section, chapters 7 to 15, is listed as taking place in 1983, yet because it's inextricably tied to Bucketheads in Oz and Thorns and Private Files in Oz, occurring immediately after the latter, which are set in October of 1982, the internal date must be incorrect.


Incongruities: The Royal Timeline of Oz omits Chapter 3: "The Doonabeasts," contains references to characters and locales detailed in The Colorful Kitten of Oz, which due to contradictions with Eureka in Oz, is located in the Parallel Histories section.  See that entry for more information.


Limbo Pocket: Also known as a pocket dimension, this is a place where time and space operate different than normal.  It is essentially a dimension within a dimension, though called a pocket because of its relative small size in comparison to the larger dimension in which it inhabits.  The one that houses Corfon was created by either the Worm Wizard Wormfist the Evil or one of his ancestors.


Mombi's Fate: In the present day (1983), Dorothy assures Ouneve that Mombi was melted after Pastoria was disenchanted, which means that at this point she's unaware that Mombi was not melted but given Water of Oblivion to drink ("Executive Decisions"), a secret Ozma kept for years.  Zim discovers that Leo's spell (from Bucketheads in Oz) ended up placing Mombi shrunk and unconscious in an Erlenmeyer Flask in a Mys-Tree in the Munchkin Country (along with the Silver Rose and Wishing Horn that the Skeeziques must have taken from her hut).  Zim's attempt to retrieve Mombi from the tree fails and the Skeeziques put it back in the tree.  As Mombi is alive and well, and unaware of her past in "Executive Decisions," it must be they who restore her to Ozma, who again administers Water of Oblivion to her.


Ouneve and Mombi: Ouneve's tale of Mombi's transformation of her into a witch echoes closely the switcheroo spell she used on Tip and Ozma, as well as of Queen Orin and Locasta (which at this time was still unknown).  The witch she used to switch with Ouneve must have been a potential threat or rival of her or one of the Wicked Witches, and one who was old and who could read minds, as that is one of the powers that Ouneve inherits, along with her aged form.  There is an untold story here, but a magician in Ev recognized the form Ouneve wears as that of a witch and so helped her cross the Deadly Desert. It appears that Mombi had put Ouneve to sleep for a period of time, 25 years seems likely, as she notes that when she returned to Oz, the wicked witches ruled the land and Pastoria and his wife and daughter were missing [125], which would mean Mombi performed the switcheroo spell on her in 1871, the same year she first tested that same spell on Princess Viola (The Flying Bus of Oz) and enchanted the Royal Family, Pastoria I and II.  Mombi had earlier told the Princess and her mother that she had to return home to take care of her nephew (which seems to suggest Tip), but that must have been a lie, as she doesn't acquire Tip until 1892 (Jack Pumpkinhead makes it clear that Tip was with her for nine years), which is far too late in time (since Pastoria was already long gone at that point).  She does have a four-horned cow with her, which she did not acquire until after she had Tip with her (Oziana 1985's "Mombi's Pink Polkadot Vest"), but this must be a different four-horned cow.  25 years from 1871 is 1896.  Benny notes that Nevou was in Cyrune for 10 years, and that towards the end she and Arnaud would argue about Ozma's law forbidding magic except by a chosen few.  Ozma passed that law in 1905.  Mombi returned to Cyrune in either that year or the following (which would be the tenth year Nevou was there), demanding King Arnaud marry her in exchange for the return of his parents, whom she claims were not killed, but were enchanted by her.  He agrees, but in a rage against the woman who ruined her life, Ouneve (now Nevou) enchanted everyone in Cyrune to become rosebushes, preventing Mombi from marrying her brother or undoing the spell. 


Wormfist the Evil: Last in the line of Worm Wizards, the wicked wizard Wormfist was tortured and destroyed by the composite part of Zim's personality called Cruelty.  Wormfist had been active near Halidom for over two centuries.  His father was known as Wormfoot the Bad.  Wormfist is last in the line of Worm Wizards.  What powers the Worm Wizards had is not entirely known, though to create a pocket dimension would indicate they were powerful.  Wormfist the Evil and his ancestors appears to have preyed on the Halidonians.  A prophecy in Halidom said that he would be destroyed by one crueler than himself. 










Maybe the Miffin


History: Four editions of this privately-printed book exist.


Story: In the Royal Stables, the animals of the Emerald City tell their stories to entertain Ippie, Pippie and little Kak, Winged Monkeys on a tour of Oz for their son's education. After they're through, Kak tells his tale of being caught in a Whirligig Wind in the Winkie Country where he was saved by a Miffin, a creature similar to Snif the Iffin (Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz), but with golden fur and female.  This gets Snif's attention, particularly as he'd like to have children.


The next day, Snif departs for the Winkie Country to try and find the Miffin, but she's flown to the Gillikin Country for the first time, though for what reason she doesn't know, save that she's looking for something.  She spots four stepherders herding a flock of living stairs, including stairways, porch stairs, stadium stairs, and one peculiar stepladder who keeps trying to run away.  The Miffin inquires what's going on, and the stepherders, Stepfather, Stepmother, Stepsister and Stepbrother, explain that they sell their steps to homes that need them.  As money has been abolished in Oz years ago, money is only used as a trade item, and they also accept clothing or food.  But the stepladder doesn't want to be a stepladder.


The Miffin offers to trade four of her golden feathers and two tufts of tail feathers for the Discontented Stepladder.  The stepladder protests that he still won't be a stepladder, but she tells him when she settles down she'll need a bookcase.  He agrees and she renames him the Eager Bookcase, privately telling the rigid Stepfather, who won't sell the stepladder as anything but, that as a bookcase he'll be a stepladder to knowledge.


When Snif finds the Miffin's eyrie, there's a note saying maybe she'll return and maybe she won't.  He then flies to the Munchkin Country, where he hears a cry for help.  Diving down, he spots a kalidah on a raft caught on the roots of a tree dangling over the edge of a hundred-foot waterfall.  With him is a turtle, a book, and some flying fish.  One of them, Flighty, flies over and tells him that the kalidah is Kericot the Considerate Kalidah.  The turtle is Terrence Oldshell.  The raft is a trap with magic bait that lures the unwary to beneath the waterfall where dwell the Fall Guys.  Snif flies over to them for a chat, and inquires if they've seen another like him.  They answer honestly that they haven't, and he decides to help them.  Tossing Terrence a rope, he untangles the other part of it from the tree, after which he pulls it to the bank, where Kericot grabs the turtle and jumps to the shore.  He then goes back for the book.  Puzzled at why the Encyclopedia Oziana was so important, Terrence explains that he was once a student of Professor Nowitall, and is going to teach Kericot to read.  The book reveals that the Fall Guys are the ghosts of everyone whose ever jumped off a cliff.  The Wicked Witch of the East brought them into Oz from the Great Outside World as part of a booby trap.  Terrence looks up Iffin and Griffin in the encyclopedia and finds that only two members of the species have ever been reported in Oz: the Iffin of the Quadling Country, and the Miffin of the Winkie.  As he's heading to the Emerald City, Snif requests the book to report the Fall Guys to Ozma, and says goodbye.


The Miffin and Eager Bookcase investigate a plume of smoke emerging from somewhere in the Quadling Country.  They arrive at a subkingdom called Microcozmony, the former playground of the Good Witch Cozmony.  A sign warns of the Vile Isle.  The country contains several additional communities, including a Chinese Pagoda, Russian Castle, Haunt of Friendly Ghosts, Babylon Gardens, Arabian Knights pavilion, and the Vile Isle from which the smoke arises.  Flying over they see a shabby dollhouse, behind which is another building.  A Chinese mandarin explains that all the communities in Microcozmony were once dollhouses for a young Cozmony.  When she grew up, she gave them life and made them all large, save for the wicked dolls, who were kept small and sent to live on the Vile Isle.  Before she departed to parts unknown, she cast a spell so that any who reform will grow big and can leave the island.  Conversely, if a good citizen turns bad, they'll shrink and will be rowed to Vile Island by means of a magic boat.  Sang Hwong stays there because he's a head taller than everyone else, and Secretary of State to President Raskolnikov Rasputin, the shortest man on the island. 


Yesterday, Rasputin demanded Lovely Lulu's hand in marriage, but as she is in love with Stevie Two Feathers, she declined, so he threatened to have them burned.  Sung Hwong thinks that Cozmony's magic brought them there to save them.  After showing them a trapdoor leading to the Housing Project where the furnace is, the three arrive just as Lulu and Stevie are being pushed into a giant furnace.  The Miffin and Bookcase jump in to rescue them, but get trapped when the door slams shut.  Instructing the couple to climb up on the Bookcase, the Miffin grabs hold of the former stepladder and soars up through the top.  As per their request, he drops them off at the Haunt of Friendly Ghosts.


Snif, meanwhile, has returned to the capital, reported the Fall Guys, and gone with Ozma and the Wizard to undo the Witch's trap, rescue the earlier victims and return the ghosts back to the Outside World.  But unable to find the Miffin, Sniff falls into a depression and stays in the Royal Stables day after day, making notes in the Encyclopedia Oziana for the Wogglebug to fix for his next edition. 


Then suddenly one day, Snif is alerted to the fact that she has arrived.  Flying over to the palace, Snif praises her beauty, and determines she must have another name.  She chooses Maybe.  The Eager Bookcase gets excited when he sees the book in Snif's hand, which he then offers to him.  As the Bookcase sings about his very first book, Maybe the Miffin realizes she's finally found what she'd been looking for in Snif.


Continuity notes:

Dating: This third and final appearance of Kericot the Considerate Kalidah and Terrence Oldshell indicate that this takes place still early in their journeys, as Terrence is teaching Kericot how to read.  Given Snif's depression, the narrative might reasonably span a few weeks, though only a few days are depicted.


Ghosts: One of the few Oz tales to feature spirits of the dead, the narrative states that the Wicked Witch of the East brought the spirits of those who'd jumped off of falls or bridges, called Fall Guys, to Oz to be used as a snare, though it's unclear exactly how that works or why this was needed.  By story's end, Ozma sends the spirits back to the outside world.


Good Witch: Cozmony, formerly of Microcozmony.  This good witch turned her numerous collection of dolls into living beings, and grew their size (and that of their dollhouses) for them to live there.  She placed a spell over the domain so that any doll who was bad would shrink back to small and be sent off to the Vile Isle until they reformed, at which point they'd grow again.  The current whereabouts of Cozmony are unknown.


Iffins, Griffins and Miffins: Snif first appeared in Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz The Encyclopedia Oziana, written by the Wogglebug, indicates that only two griffins have been reported in Oz, the Iffin and the Miffin.


Money: By this point in time, money has once and for all been abolished.  It was noted that Ozma earlier abolished it in the Emerald City, but allowed the outlying regions to gradually dispense with it.  Now, it's used by some only as a trade item.  The Stepherders use it to make jewelry and even to play checkers with.


Spatial Elasticity: Called "Spatial Distortion" in Thorns and Private Files in Oz, it's again described here [17] as a phenomena of fairylands in which subkingdoms have more acreage on the inside than their boundaries would dictate.  This accounts for the relatively small space of Oz, in which some have crossed Oz in a relatively short time, despite the numerous amount of subkingdoms that exist in Oz.


Steps and Stepherders: The idea of sapient stairs fits in with the idea of living houses, as detailed in Neill's Oz books, such as The Wonder City of OzThis is the first time we've heard of a stepherder family that keeps a flock of steps, of different kinds, stepladders, porch steps, stairways and stadium stairs (which must be huge).  How these came to be alive in the first place isn't noted, and it may be related to the same mysterious means that brought the houses to life in Neill's books (see the forthcoming novella The Wizards of Silver and Gold in Oz).


Tornadoes and Whirligig Winds: It's believed that the Whirligig Winds are an offspring of the twister that first brought Dorothy to Oz, as the phenomena was never noted prior to her arrival. Other possibilities are possible, however, such as the King of the Wind Demons, S.V. Breezy, the Wind-Satchel Man, and the North Wind (Rosine and the Laughing Dragon of Oz; the North Wind also appears in The Hidden Valley of Oz), Fanny the Weather Witch (The Runaway in Oz).  The Whirligig Winds may bear some relation to the Trade Winds (The Ozmapolitan of Oz). The name whirligig is also given to a giant flying beetle in Ev (Ruprecht the Castaway King).







The Ozmapolitan of Oz

Book 50 in the Sovereign Sixty, as Royal Illustrator of Oz takes the role of Royal Historian


Story: When Dorothy goes to the office of the Ozmapolitan newspaper in the Emerald City to post a classified ad for Aunt Em, whose looking to teach embroidery, she meets Septimus Septentrion, or Tim, the seventh in his family from the Gillikin Country, who three weeks prior, came to live and work in the Emerald City.  Tim explains that the editor-in-chief is asleep because there's no interesting news to print.  This frustrates Tim who believes they should be going out to find stories.  Dorothy meets the Mifket Jinx who serves as the printer's devil and errand runner.  After Tim suggests they do an article on Em's plans to revive a vanishing decorative art, Dorothy tells him she'll speak to the Wizard about his ideas.  The Wizard started the paper years ago.  The next day, Tim is invited to lunch with them on the following day.


That Thursday, Dorothy informs Tim that the Wizard's approved his plan for an expedition, which she'll accompany him on.  The Wizard arrives and Tim proposes they distribute the Ozmapolitan with the peddlers who come every week to the Emerald City.  In this way, all four quadrants can have access to it.  The Wizard agrees, and tells him that if they journey west along the Winkie River, the Scarecrow can accompany them on his new boat.  He gives the young man an old camera and gives Dorothy a "speaking tube" to use to contact him in case of an emergency.  Later in the day, Tim interviews Aunt Em, who thinks he'll go far.


Early the next morning, Tim heads to the palace where Jinx awaits, insisting on going along.  Dorothy arrives and agrees he should come.  Then Eureka shows up and invites herself as well.  She and Jinx begin the first of many quarrels, but the four march proudly out of the Emerald City, with Jinx brandishing a banner for the Ozmapolitan Expedition.  They stop to eat outside the city.  When the cat and Mifket start arguing, a squirrel complains they've awoken his newborn, so the party apologizes, but a Trade Wind comes along, and they find themselves missing their travel gear and holding items that don't belong to them.  The squirrel explains that the Trade Winds literally trade items.   The party, however, comes across their own items as they encounter a woman and cow who have them.


At the Scarecrow's mansion, they look forward to going on the Scarecrow's new boat, made for him by the farmer who made the Scarecrow.  The houseman tells them that the Scarecrow took it in the morning to show the Tin Woodman, and should be on his way back now.  After freshening up, they decide to walk along the river to meet the Scarecrow on his way down.  Along the way, they come across a gingerbread houseboat.  Skipper Sally invites them in and reads their fortunes using gingerbread cookies.  They find the following mysterious fortunes: Fat Chance, a Silent Melody, a Blue Moon. 


Three miles later, taking a shortcut to the Tin Woodman's castle, they get turned around.  Eureka says a black crow with a gold chain has been following them, but they don't believe her.  They then come to a place called Art Colony, filled with paintings and artists working in a maze of corridors.  They realize the artists are living human-sized paintbrushes.  Their guide introduces them to his family who insist on painting them.  Dorothy concedes, but the travelers don't know what to think of the strange Modern Art representations of them (Cubist, Surrealist, etc.)  Tim takes a picture of them, but they soon realize they now all look like their portraits!  The painters are pleased with themselves, feeling they've improved them.  Tim insists on their old forms, but the painters refuse to paint "old fashioned... naturalism" styles.  Tim calls them frauds, and they attack.  The travelers get the better of the brush people, but when more arrive, they run out of Art Colony.  Dorothy looks for the Speaking Tube to call the Wizard, but discovers she's lost it.


At the main road, they determine to follow it east to the Emerald City to get their natural forms back.  A fat traveling sales man pulled by his burro Miss Annabelinda, introduces himself as Chauncey Chance, and Dorothy realizes this is the first of the fortunes: Fat Chance.  Dorothy inquires if he has anything to cure the enchantment of Modern Art, which turned them into Artistic Interpretations.  Chance finds a bottle of Muddle's Miracle Mixture, which does the trick!  Aboard his wagon, they head to the Tin Woodman's castle.  Eureka inquires how a dignified animal can pull a wagon, and Annabelinda explains that she doesn't work for Mr. Chance.  They're partners.  He gives her sustenance, shelter and an interesting career.  In return, she provides him transportation.  He's also easy to train and even has good ideas.  Approaching the castle, Chance promises to come every Thursday to the Emerald City to pick up Ozmapolitans, and the burro will visit Eureka.


At the castle, the housekeeper says the Scarecrow and Tin Emperor haven't returned from their boat trip, and invites them to spend the night.  After Dorothy falls asleep, Eureka goes for a stroll, but she spies the big crow talking with Tim!  The crow identifies herself as the Royal Watchbird, saying its her duty to spy on him for His Majesty.  Tim confirms his mission is progressing, but tells the bird to stay away so that this companions don't get suspicious.  Eureka determines to keep an eye on Tim, realizing he's not all he appears to be.


On saturday morning, Dorothy awakens to find Tim and Jinx have made them a small skiff and christened it the Princess Dorothy.  He's determined to take the south fork down the Winkie River.  Turning a bend in the river, they enter "Game Preserve," which is labeled private property.  Broad black stones prevent the skiff going forward, and as they drag the boat to the other side the stones carry the travelers to the bank.  An alarm bell brings forth the Game Keeper who says that although they're trespassing, they can follow the rules of the game, travel on the squares, and find their boat again at the end.  The stones are set up like a big game board and there are instructions on some pieces.  They're team #23.  Dorothy spins the arrow on the Spinner, a creature with sharp teeth, but they soon find out that the game can go on for a week!  To escape, Jinx kicks the Spinner while Tim removes it's arrow, which makes it lose its sense of direction.  They run to the finish line, where the Gatekeeper tells them they cheated.  Tim says he stole their boat, and won't return the arrow until he unlocks the door, which he does.


The river takes them into a cave, through a tunnel, down a corkscrew waterfall.  When they stop on the shore to eat, Eureka again spots the crow.  Back on the river, they pass into a larger cavern, where they meet two course-looking, but friendly Cave People. In the darker section, they're attacked by a Tyranicus Terrificus who snatches up Eureka.  She tells the dinosaur that she's poison, and he drops her as they sail through an archway.  But realizing he'd been fooled, the dinosaur threatens them.  In the cold, dark cave, they discover stairs going down to a frozen chamber where they rescue the River Princess, who was a captive of Tyranicus.  Bringing her to their boat, she revives and says her name is Melody, a River Princess, and cousin of Polychrome, but a river Elemental.  Her three other sisters are princesses of the Quadling, Munchkin and Gillikin Rivers.  The travelers recognize their fortune cookie, Silent Melody, as she explains that she feels bad for Tyranicus  as he's the last of his kind.  She swims off to rejoin her people.


Before dinner, Tim walks off, but Eureka sees him talking to the crow.  They return to find their food has been stolen.  Dorothy hands them Wogglebug's Square Meal tablets.  After making torches they sail into another dark cavern.  Frustrated, Tim says he'll be 16 by the time they get out, which is next week.  He's been putting it off, but his father won't allow it any longer, and before he comes of age, he has to prove himself.  Eureka confronts him and calls him a spy.  The boy denies it, but asks Dorothy to trust him and he'll explain everything later.  Jinx then tells them the boat is leaking.  Dozens of tiny holes are in the bottom and sides.  They bail out just as the skiff sinks and the empty hamper floats away.  After walking awhile, they settle to sleep, while Eureka scouts ahead.  She discovers a hidden passage, but before she knows it, she slides down the slippery slope, alighting upon a brighter cave with a stream upon which floats the hamper.  Unable to get back up, she christens it the Clever Kitten and goes for a ride down the stream.


Dorothy, Jinx and Tim wake up Sunday morning to discover all their supplies gone.  They go in search of Eureka, but the shadows from the torch conceal the passage she found.  After getting to the end of the cavern, they find no way out except by boat.  Jinx then leaves to find Eureka, and as they wait, Dorothy cheers up the dejected Tim. Jinx comes back, and after awhile, they hear two voices approaching.  It's the Tin Woodman and Scarecrow, in his seahorse-prowed boat, Blue Moon, with Eureka leading in her hamper.  They had been lost as well when she found them and led them up a water rise.


Tim leads them out the westward passage, but Tyranicus is waiting for them!  As he tries to eat the Tin Woodman, Nick hits him with the flat edge of his axe, but as he goes in for the kill, nooses are flung about him by a group of warriors under the command of Princess Melody.  After the River Men have tied up the dinosaur, Princess Melody gets the idea to put him in the frozen cavern where he'd placed her.  She figures that in a few thousand years he may better behave himself.  She then invites them to their Water Palace, and as they pass by the arch on the way there, Tim and Dorothy recover their stolen items which are hanging there.


Princess Melody upon her dolphin leads them to an enormous domed cavern with a circular skylight.  Within it stands an elaborate, crystal-like turreted castle.  Tim takes pictures as Melody gives them a tour, and they all enjoy the banquet of unique river foods.  As they depart, flying fish rise up on wings out of the river and circle the palace.  The Princess informs them that there are many caverns they'd have to traverse to get back out, but Tim suggests the flying fish take up their boat.  Six fish carry the Blue Moon over the cavern edge unto the nearest river outside, about a mile from the Tin Woodman's castle. 


On the trip back, Eureka quietly remarks to Dorothy that Jinx looks glum because he'll be returning to his old shed behind the Ozmapolitan building.  After saying goodbye to the Tin Woodman at his castle and the Scarecrow at his, the original party head back, bumping into Chaucer Chance and Miss Annabelinda again, who offer them a ride to the Emerald City.  Ozma greets them, along with the Wizard, the crow Cornelius, the Royal Watchbird, and a tall, sour-faced man, who is the Prime Minister of Septentria.  He explains that their kingdom lies in the lower range of the Gillikin Mountains.  Septimius will turn 16 in four days, and has succeeded in proving himself despite the obstacles Cornelius has thrown his way.  But before they can celebrate, he announces that the boy is unfit to rule!  Yet, Tim is thrilled, explaining to the stunned crowd that Septentria is a democracy and the royalty exists only for pomp and ceremony, which he hates.  He wants to be industrious, but as a royal, he's not allowed.  Now that he's proven himself, his eldest sisterwho enjoys all thatcan take his place.  With that, the Wizard lets Tim speak to his father by temporarily making the Magic Picture a two-way device.  King Grandioso is proud of his son, but Queen Elegantine is besides herself, and his six sisters lead her away.  The king confirms that he did not order Cornelius to steal the food and poke holes in the boat, but before the Prime Minister can punish him, Ozma comes to his defense, explaining that he was only being loyal to their traditions.


The Wizard announces that the Editor-in-Chief is stepping down, and he offers Tim the position.  The boy is thrilled, but even happier is Jinx, whose offered the Head Assistant position, along with a room of his own at the Hozpitality House.  After they go to freshen up for dinner, the girls conspire to throw Tim a birthday gala.


A week later, when Dorothy and Eureka go to see Tim and Jinx, the boy tells them of his plan to update the map of Oz by having the Wizard organize another Ozmapolitan Expedition, this time by balloon!  Dorothy, Eureka and Jinx all volunteer to go!


Continuity notes:

Animal Equality: The burro Miss Annabelinda explains to Eureka how the arrangements in Oz between humans and animals are no longer exploitative.  She partnered with Mr. Chance for a mutually-beneficial arrangement in which both use their skills and receive rewards.  She even considers him easy to train, an indication of the kinds of role-reversals that can and have taken place in a land in which humanocentrism has been done away with.


Dating: The story takes place over the course of six days, and then one day the following week. Internal evidence indicates it takes place in the spring.  No year is indicated, save that the presence of a Mifkit in Oz indicates that it takes place after The Scalawagons of Oz.


Eureka Error: Dorothy tells Tim that she found Eureka in Kansas.  Either Dorothy misspoke, or Martin made an error, as the kitten was found either in Australia or California, as per Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. Eureka in Oz indicates it was the former.


Jinx the Mifkit: Though not explicitly stated, this character likely first appeared in The Scalawagons of Oz, and if so, he must have forgiven Ozma her bizarre and unkind treatment of him (due to the fact that she wasn't herself). His work ethic is very similar to the Mifkit in that story, which appears to be an uncharacteristic trait for their race.


Magic Picture: This is the first instance of the Magic Picture being used as a two-way visual and auditory communication device, not unlike Skype, with the Wizard transforming a painting in King Grandioso's castle into a temporary Magic Picture so that the Royal Family and those in the Emerald City can see and speak with each other.  This demonstrates the progression of magic and technology in Oz, as well as the Wizard's seemingly ceaseless experiments.


River Cruise: The overall concept of a trip down the Winkie River is reminiscent of the unpublished chapters  of Jack Snow's original Shaggy Man of Oz story, in which the Shaggy Man, Ozma, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Cap'n Bill, Trot, Button Bright and the Tin Woodman are traveling aboard the ship, The Ozma, down the Gillikin River.  See the Summer 1967 issue of The Baum Bugle and the continuity notes for The Shaggy Man of Oz for more information.  The fact that the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman like to traverse the rivers by boat (despite both it being a potential dangerous endeavor for each) comes from Baum himself in his Little Wizard Stories of Oz short story, "The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman of Oz."


Telephone: The Wizard's Speaking Tube is essentially a kind of phone (the sorcerer Zim was given an unnamed but similar device in The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3). This invention has been around since Tik-Tok of Oz, when Ozma used one to contact the Shaggy Man, and it is a mystery as to why this device hasn't been in more frequent use since that time.  It certainly would've come in handy.  Most likely, the Wizard hadn't quite gotten the technology/magic right, or there was some kind of external interference he couldn't figure out.


Tyranicus Terrificus: This rampaging dinosaur is noted by Princess Melody, the River Elemental, to be the last of his kind.  This doesn't mean he's the only living dinosaur, however, and she's likely unaware of the existence of Quaddle, who lives in Lake Quad (from Trot of Oz), or even Terrybubble, who resides on Sky Island (from Speedy in Oz). Also, in Oz history, dragons are amongst the oldest beings alive, and technically more ancient than dinosaurs (or at least contemporary with them).


Winkie River: Tim correctly notes that not all of the Winkie River's tributaries are noted on the map.  Each of the four quadrant rivers of Oz have River Elementals which reside in them.  Melody is the Princess of the Winkie River. The Elementals are noted to be a kind of cousin to the fairies.  Melody has a large host of "river men" under her, who also appear to be River Elementals, and in fact all who live in the River are under her domain.

















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